Holla Forums Cofirmed for Tweeting False Rape Accusations @ Celebrities

Looks like they're creating fake female twitter accounts and making false rape/harassment charges against liberal celebrities so the media goes after them. Breitbart has a ticker on their front page with live updates of new accusers and accusations & they're just running with them without even looking into them.

It was discovered by a Holla Forums user who made a thread there, but mods (who usually NEVER delete a thread there, only anchor) deleted it instantly. user made a second thread and actually reported it to the FBI for trying to cover up a federal crime. Now the mods are shitting bricks and the thread is still up:

>>>Holla Forums926980

Mods there just anchored the thread.


I mean, someone said they should, but has anybody actually done it?

What's wrong Kike? Mad that your Commie Kike friends in Hollywood got exposed for disgusting perverted piece of shit dirtbags that they are? You're next

What did the brainlet mean by this?

He seems to think Holla Forums is some sort of communist jewish challah bread baking forum with ties to hollywood.

How did you find out I'm Steven Spielberg

He said kike, not cuck.

In the US at least, it's a federal crime to incite people to commit a federal crime IIRC.

who gives a shit?

Of course he did. He probably would've said cuck too.

How typical.

in all fairness, "gas the kikes, Nazi masturbation fantasy now" is a common saying over there so i don't think this counts at the most glaring example of incitement

That's because that saying is just nonsensical. The person saying that can't actually achieve it or even really try it. But the person who says let's make false accusations using twitter and lays it out: i.e. "Make it a female account" etc could possibly face repercussions.

There's a standard of reasonable expectation that the crime could be committed. Nobody expects nazis to take state power and enact final solution 2.0 but lying on twitter is easy as fuck and lot of people are too dumb to hide behind security measures of any kind when doing it.

It's looking more and more like the person accusing Seth Rogan is in fact fake. Possibly someone from Holla Forums, maybe 4/pol/

Holy shit why is Holla Forums so JEWISH

they literally do EVERYTHING they accuse jews of doing

[Rafiqposting intensifies]



Hey! It's me, Vinny…..Vinny Bumperino.

Was it comfy kino?

It's interesting because the jews are probably the only people with an actual ethnostate, which is what Holla Forums ultimately wants. They should see the jews as an example for success, rather than a foil to constantly spit on

Israel is not an ethnostate.

Just because they let house Arabs be second class citizens doesn't mean it's not an ethnostate


Everyone makes fake threats at everyone on Twitter.



By the protocols Chaim, the goyim are on to us! Hollywood is an indispensable institution and we must NOT allow it to be compromised. How else ARE the goyim cattle going be indoctrinated into communism?




Holla Forums just goes full circle and become it's own caricature of "the jew".

they Holla Forums watcha doin!?


thread says we're the boogeyman
sunrise sunset

fuck off rafiq

They always were.