So I visited Holla Forums, dont bully me I almost never do it...

So I visited Holla Forums, dont bully me I almost never do it, and there is this huge threads about "investigations" on vegas shootings or other current events.
Can someone explain me what the fuck are they doing?
IS this what pure autism looks like ?
It seems they never get anywhere and arent all this things being investigated by people who are paid good money to do it?
Im confused

They are inventing conspiracy theories.

We should be investigating it too.

Yeah scrolling trough this threads about vegas or (smoething)gate just make me believe that Holla Forums is the leading force behind making conspiracy theories

They got so buttblasted by Charlottesville that they're absolutely DESPERATE to prove Vegas was done by someone or for a reason that confirms their worldview. They've become so consumed by their own hoax theories that they no longer have any handle on what's real and what's not. Once it became clear there was no real motive (or one that we'll ever likely find out) we, the world and the news cycle moved on. But Holla Forums is obsessed with finding The Truth, which no doubt involves Paddock being a Communist Antifa Islamist Leftist Hillary-Supporting Liberal IS member.

Honestly I'd like to have more investigation/digging threads regarding current events here.


I kind of agree. I don't know why people are so harsh on those kinds of threads here.

Actual investigation (not just deranged conspiracy-spewing) requires money and effort though, that's why the media almost never does it anymore.

I disagree. Used to, but now we have stuff like Wikileaks, etc., I doubt even professional journalists went through that massive dump of data.

I remember the Wikileaks threads on Holla Forums last year. Was great fun. Why can't we have something like this again?

have you read this book? I think you would like

do you have epub or pdf?

Even though Holla Forums takes this crap to a retarded level we shouldn't just ignore the fact that government false flags exist just because of Holla Forumss autism

News flash brainiac, Sandy Hook WAS a hoax. Why the fuck does leftypol have such deep cognitive dissonance when it comes to huge complications of truth uncovered.

As far as I can recall, only 2 of Holla Forums numerous theories were right: Moot actually was a literal cuck, and Pierre Trudeau actually was a literal cuck and Justin really is Fidel's son.

Evidently there's a lot of hubbub about the LV shooting. They're saying that a lot of the details of the official story don't add up, rumors that it was some kind of FBI arms sale gone wrong, or something like that.

No, they literally do this EVERY time there's a white mass shooter and it should be obvious why. It may not stand to any rigorous credibility, but screaming loud enough about it might work as an effective form of generating false-consciousness.

They do, but it's exacerbated by the Vegas shooting having no motive and the police being very secretive about it for no apparent reason. They keep saying stuff had to be secret to protect the public. Basically nobody in a position of authority is making any effort to control this unstable "info" situation. The way things are going Las Vegas is going to be a major "false flag" for a very long time, and one that finds fertile ground is many otherwise normal people.

The world did not move on from Las Vegas though– this is the point of view of a star-struck person, gaze forever fixed on the spectacle. People will not forget Las Vegas. Why should they?

They are also right about the Lolita express and the elite pedophile ring, just wrong about it being run out of a pizza parlor.

Seems like Holla Forums actually cares about unconvering the truth while Holla Forums just believe what ever the media tells them

a) it doesn't really fucking matter, so I don't know why whatever scapegoat you're accusing would create a "hoax" like that in the first place. It doesn't change anybody's opinions
b) you don't have any evidence besides those two artifact-ridden images with two vaguely similar-looking people.

I get this feeling to, no hard feelings I don't frequent either often maybe to laugh at the occasional celebrity scandals.

Pretty much this aye, I come to Holla Forums to see if there's another perspective whenever Holla Forums starts spewing happenings on the front page but it's invariably

What the fuck happened to the left being subversive and all that good shit?

going on whacky tangents about satanic ritual massmurder isn't uncovering the truth, it's being a fake "woke" retard on part with Francis E Dec

When did we have Wikileaks threads last year? I was here but not very active. I distinctly remember wishing Holla Forums had some Wikileaks digging threads back then.

This. Why would we leave something that important in the hands of Holla Forums?

Because porky never lies. Why would porky have so much money and have people investigating >people who are paid good money to do it if they were liars?

Money talks, bullshit walks. All hail porky for they have the most money.

I don't know if the media is telling the truth and frankly I don't care. Why should I? What does this have to do with revolution?

Because we don't go full autismo and start blaming jews. Most of the shit is pure spectacle.

Ah yes, jpeg infographs with easily debunked conspiracies and political illiteracy count as """""truth""""""

Don't attack the leaves, attack the trunk.
Critical theorists are respected more than conspiracy theorists because they do more important work.

Wikileaks is shit, Assange is a reactionary. We need real investigative journalism CONDUCTED BY COMMUNIST PROPAGANDISTS.

Without Holla Forums how else would we know that the largest human trafficking network in history is a collaboration between the Democratic party and Dominoes Pizza? Also are the Jews in cahoots? Is Satan involved? If Holla Forums dosn't ask these question then who will?

Well yeah but everyone but the normiest of normies knew Porky porks kids. Holla Forums managed to fuck up what could have gained steam by saying he does it out of a fucking dinky pizza place.

"Holla Forums investigations" predate Charlottesville by years why are you such a liar?

The cuck shit was just an example of spray and prey cuck posting they were right by chance. The porky pedo stuff is much older than Holla Forums.

never mentioned sandy hook m80, i was talking about vegas. you're projecting.

I'm fairly sure the cuck meme only caught on after Moot was discovered.

one of the people who survived the shooting posted that there were at least two shooters on a facebook post. she just died of "natural causes" at age 28. also a vegas hotel security guard was set up to do an interview and he disappeared. no one can find him.

nope they never get anywhere. been there saw that.