Why wont you guys ever name the porky

Why wont you guys ever name the porky

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We have?

We hate all capitalists, jewish or otherwise. See me after class.

``Porky´´ is universal, and thereby criticizing him, you also criticize the all-encompassing system that rule our day-to-day lives unlike you nazifags.

We do all the time?

James A. Bell. Retired President, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Boeing Company. Served as interim President and Chief Executive Officer of the Boeing Company on March, 2005, following the resignation of Harry Stonecipher. He returned to his singular role as Boeing's CFO on June 30, 2005 following the appointment of Jim McNerney as the new President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the Boeing Company. He was appointed Corporate President in June 2008. Had a stint on the board of directors at Apple. Not Jewish.

Not Jewish.

48% of U.S billionaires are jewish


Delet this

87% of Jews are Irish.

Looks like u guys don't want to face the truth

Andrea Jung. Canadian-American executive, non-profit leader, and prominent women's-issues supporter. In April, 2014, she became President and CEO of Grameen America, a nonprofit microfinance organization founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus. From 1999 until 2012, she served as the first female CEO and Chairwoman of Avon Products, Inc., a multi-level marketing company. Jung was also the first woman to serve as Chairman of the Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association, and Chairman of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Jung joined Avon Products, Inc. in 1994 as the company's president in its product marketing group. She became president of global marketing in 1996 and executive vice president/president of global marketing and new business in 1997. Her responsibilities at that time centered primarily around market research, joint ventures and strategic planning. She then became president and chief operating officer, with responsibility for all business units of Avon worldwide. She has been on the company's board of directors since 1998. In November 1999, Jung was promoted to chairman of the board and chief executive officer.

In December 2011, Avon announced that it had initiated a search for a new chief executive with Jung helping to choose her replacement and continuing as chairman of the board for the next two years. Avon faced several controversies at the time of her resignation. The company's stock had dropped 45 percent in 2011. Avon's third quarter earnings report stated that sales targets would be unattainable and disclosed that there were two ongoing SEC inquiries. Net income in the third quarter fell to $164.2 million, or 38 cents a share (below analysts' estimates of 46 cents a share), from $166.7 million, or 38 cents, a year earlier. The results marked the fourth time in five-quarters that profit trailed analysts’ projections. There was also a three-year probe into an alleged bribery of foreign officials has already caused the dismissal of four Avon executives.

Jung has been on the board of directors of General Electric since 1998.
Jung was a member of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University from July 1999 to June 2003
Jung was a member of the Board of Trustees of NewYork–Presbyterian Hospital from 2001-2014.
Jung joined Apple's board of directors on 7 January 2008.
In 2013, Jung became co-founder and chair of the board for Venly, a Cambridge, Massachusetts distributed resource software and services firm that trains recent graduates and returning veterans to be community social media consultants for local businesses.
In February 2013, Jung was nominated as a member of the supervisory board of Daimler AG, part of the company’s plan to increase female representation.

Again. Not Jewish

100% of anti-semites get the wall


I could just keep going and going and going and going

Even if you think Jews have higher Autism Levels than other races, and even if you think their culture is clannish and degenerate, that still doesn't explain why they rise to the top of our society so easily. To fix the disproportionate Jewish presence in the upper capitalist classes you'd need to understand how the tendencies of capitalism to reward sneaky, dishonest, clannish behavior actually function, and you'd need an alternative to the capitalist political economic system that promotes those behaviors. In Marx's "On The Jewish Question" he addresses Jewish culture and how/why the Jewish bourgeoisie is so successful under capitalism. Jewish culture is to blame for their behavior, not Jewish genetics (although Jews tend to be stuck with pretty shit genes tbh). Link:

48% percent of the billionaires in the United States are jewish

Ajaypal "Ajay" Singh Banga (born 1960) is the current president and chief executive officer of MasterCard. MasterCard announced on April 12, 2010 that Ajay Banga, previously MasterCard’s president and chief operating officer, had been named by the Board of Directors to serve as the company’s president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2010. The company also announced that Banga would become a member of MasterCard’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.

On Thursday, February 5, 2015, President Barack Obama appointed Banga to serve as a Member of the President's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations

Beginning his business career with Nestlé in 1981, Banga spent the next 13 years working in jobs spanning sales, marketing, and general management. He later joined PepsiCo and was involved in the launch of its international fast food franchises in India as the economy liberalized.

Banga was vice chairman of the board of trustees of the New York Hall of Science and a board member of the National Urban League. He was formerly a business sponsor of Citi's African heritage network – NYC.

Banga has a keen interest in social development issues, and over the period from 2005 to mid-2009, he spearheaded Citi's strategy in the microfinance sector across the world.[11]

Banga is a regular speaker at various FinTech conferences and various leadership conferences. He also appeared on the Mad Money show hosted by Jim Cramer on Thursday, 6 Nov 2014[12]

Banga, was the keynote speaker at the NYU Stern 2014 Graduate Convocation on May 22, 2014, where he spoke about the importance of diversity in driving innovation and leadership

Again, not Jewish.

That's not the point being made. There's also a 52% that's not Jewish, that can be split into demographics and we can over analyze that all we want.

But that's not the problem. The structure is the problem. Not the identity itself. You are playing political mind games with yourself.

You're acting like Im saying all billionaires are jewish

Right, all porkies are bad. I'm not claiming that bourgeois Jews are uniquely bad, just that they're a particularly insular, classcucked group.

Good lad. Work for your cabbage you filthy Sassanach.

Chairman of the Board of Covidien Ltd. Mr. Reilley graduated from Oklahoma State University with a BS in finance in 1975. He began working at Conoco, Inc. in 1975 as a pipeline engineer and in 1979 was promoted to Executive Assistant to the Chairman. Mr. Reilley held many key positions at E. I. Du Pont de Nemours & Company, which purchased Conoco in 1981. He held senior management positions in DuPont's Chemicals and Specialties business including Vice President and General Manager of Special Chemicals. In May 1999 he was appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DuPont with responsibility for pigments and chemicals, specialty polymers, nylon and polyester. Mr. Reilley became Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Praxair, Inc. in 2000. From March 1, 2006 through December 2006, he held the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and through April 2007 served as Chairman. Mr. Reilley became Chairman of Covidien Ltd. on June 29, 2007. He is also a director of H. J. Heinz Co., Dow Chemical Company and the Conservation Fund. Mr. Reilley is the former Chairman of the American Chemistry Council.

Once again, not Jewish

We do, if we were to remove all jews they would be replaced by non-kosher porky. That you think Hans will treat you nicer than Schlomo shows what a cuck you are.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Andrea Jung🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 – we know really who controlled her.


There's nothing "uniquely" bad about it. The structure creates the niche which allows demographics to cluster, but that misses the point, like feminists complaining that there aren't enough women who are CEOs.

The anglo strikes again

But why are jews able to exploit capitalism so well

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The Dow Chemical Company. * Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President, The Dow Chemical Company – 2006 to present. * President and Chief Executive Officer – 2004 to 2006. * President and Chief Operating Officer – 2003 to 2004. * Joined The Dow Chemical Company – 1976. * Other Activities: Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation (Trustee), Tufts University (Trustee), United States Climate Action Partnership (member of. Board), The American Australian Association (patron), American Chemistry Council (officer), The Business Council (member), Business Roundtable (member), The Institute of Chemical Engineers (Fellow), The International Council of Chemical Associations (Chairman), The Detroit Economic Club (member), Economic Club of New York (member), The G100 (member), The National Petroleum Council (member), The Societe de Chimie Industrielle (member), The U.S.-China Business Council (Vice Chairman), The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (member), and World Economic Forum – International Business Council (member).

Not Jewish.

*Andrew N Liveris

Shut the fuck up, you're not helping. OP is under the impression that Jews have a disproportionate effect on politics and economics. I'm trying to explain to them, using Marx, why that is and why this demographic disparity is only representative of the culture of a specific group of bourgeois Jews and not due to Jewish genetics or whatever.

46% of Chinese billionaires have Irish spouses.

Ruth G Shaw

Retired, Charlotte, North Carolina. Also, Executive Advisor to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Duke Energy Corporation, Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, since October 2006. Previously, Group Executive Public Policy and President, Duke Nuclear, from April 2006 to October 2006, President (from March 2003 to April 2006) and Chief Executive Officer (from October 2004 to April 2006), Duke Power Company, and Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Duke Energy Corporation, prior to March 2003. Director, The Dow Chemical Company and DTE Energy Company. A director since 1990.

Not Jewish.

The individual capitalists are not the most important enemies they still deserve to die tho xd

The capitalist system as a whole is the enemy

I could get behind this

Jacqueline K Barton

Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology. Director since 1993. Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Hunter College, City University of New York 1980-82. Columbia University: Assistant Professor 1983-85, Associate Professor 1985-86, Professor of Chemistry and Biological Sciences 1986-89. California Institute of Technology: Professor of Chemistry 1989 to date, Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor of Chemistry 1997 to date. Named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow 1991, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow 1991, the American Philosophical Society Fellow 2000 and National Academy of Sciences member 2002. Named Outstanding Director 2006 by the Outstanding Director Exchange, Recipient of the Willard Gibbs Award 2006, Recipient of the American Chemical Society ("ACS") Breslow Award 2003, ACS William H. Nichols Medal Award 1997, Columbia University Medal of Excellence 1992, ACS Garvan Medal 1992, Mayor of New York's Award in Science and Technology 1988, ACS Award in Pure Chemistry 1988 and the Alan T. Waterman Award of the National Science Foundation 1985. Member of the Gilead Sciences Scientific Advisory Board. Director, GeneOhm Sciences Inc. 2001-05.

Not Jewish

There's plenty of non-Jew capitalists, OP isn't disputing this. He's just claiming that Jews tend to be disproportionately represented under capitalism, you stupid fuck. I'm addressing this claim, and you're shitting it up.


again, naming a few non-jewish billionaires doesnt change the fact that jews make up a disproportionate amount of billionaires

Let's see. A british man invented central banking, an italian family invented banking cartels, anglos pioneered mercantilism and industrial capitalism. Bretton-Woods was an anglo-american idea, the Fed was an anglo american idea. The Netherlands, Germany and the UK are the source of investment banking. The largest banks on Earth: Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon aren't owned by Jews. Every supposed crime of jewish porkies involves as many or more gentiles.

What is there to address? It's simple as fuck, the super structure creates what is allowed, the structure allows the problems of demographic clustering. To not look at the overall structure of the problem is to allow it to exist in whatever solution you so choose.


Philip Lader
Director, Marathon Oil

Non-executive Chairman of WPP Group plc. Ambassador Lader received a bachelor's degree from Duke University (Phi Beta Kappa), a master's degree from the University of Michigan and a Juris Doctor degree from Harvard Law School, with graduate studies in law at Oxford University. Awarded honorary doctorates by 14 universities and colleges, he served as U.S. Ambassador to the Court of St. James's from 1997 through 2001 and was White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, and Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration. Formerly President of Sea Pines Company and Executive Vice President of Sir James Goldsmith's U.S. holding company, he currently is non-executive Chairman of WPP Group plc, the global advertising/communications services company, which includes J. Walter Thompson, Ogilvy & Mather, Grey, and Young & Rubicam. Ambassador Lader is a Senior Advisor to Morgan Stanley and a partner in the law firm of Nelson, Mullins, Riley & Scarborough. He also serves on the Boards of Directors of AES Corporation, Songbird Estates plc (Canary Wharf), United Company RUSAL and Lloyd's (of London). Ambassador Lader is a trustee of the Smithsonian Museum of American History and RAND Corporation.

Not Jewish

Again, you're missing the point.

Pierre R Brondeau
Chairman, President & CEO, FMC Corporation

Pierre R. Brondeau joined Rohm and Haas Company in May 1989 as European marketing manager for the Plastics Additives business unit located in Paris. In 1991, he transferred to Valbonne, France to head the Technical Service and Development Laboratories.

Dr. Brondeau was promoted to director of Plastics Additives Research in 1993, and moved to Shipley Company as director of Research, Sales and Marketing in 1995. Since then, Dr. Brondeau has held top leadership positions at Shipley Company, including vice president, Operations and Technology (1997), and president, chief operating officer (1999). In April 1999, Dr. Brondeau was named vice president for Rohm and Haas Company, business group director of the Electronic Materials Division, and president and CEO of Electronic Materials.

Relocating to Paris, France in 2003, Dr. Brondeau took on the added responsibility of director for the European Region.

Prior to joining Rohm and Haas, Dr. Brondeau worked at Air Liquide in France. He earned a B.S. degree in Biochemical Engineering at INSA France (1980), a M.S. degree in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Montpellier, France (1981), and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering at the University of Toulouse, France (1983).

Not Jewish.

And is the problem really every single Jew in the world? Or is it just a problem with a small group of Jewish capitalists? (hint: it is).

But even if every Jew were in on a secret plot to help Jews rise to the top, you can't really fault the Jews for taking advantage of a system that rewards them for doing so. The system is to blame. Jews aren't even the only demographic doing this. The Irish and Asians do it too (and so do white supremacists for that matter).

Which one group is the most disproportionately represented in all of these porky pens?

The Irish

Gregory H Boyce
Chairman, Peabody Energy

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation. Mr. Boyce received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Arizona in mining engineering and completed the Advance Management Program from the Graduate School of Business at Harvard University. Mr. Boyce is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation. He has been a director of Peabody Energy Corporation since March 2005, and was appointed Chairman on October 10, 2007. Mr. Boyce was named Chief Executive Officer Elect in March 2005, and assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer in January 2006. He also served as President from October 2003 until January 6, 2008. Mr. Boyce was Chief Operating Officer from October 2003 to December 2005. From 2000 to 2003, he served as Chief Executive - Energy for Rio Tinto plc, an international natural resource company. Mr. Boyce was President and Chief Executive Officer of Kennecott Energy Company from 1994 to 1999 and President of Kennecott Minerals Company from 1993 to 1994. Prior to serving as President of Kennecott Minerals, he had extensive engineering and operating experience with Kennecott. Mr. Boyce also served as Executive Assistant to the Vice Chairman of Standard Oil from 1983 to 1984. He is a member of the Coal Industry Advisory Board of the International Energy Agency. Mr. Boyce is a Board member of the Business Round Table, Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED) and the National Mining Association. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association and a member of Civic Progress in St. Louis. Mr. Boyce is a member of the Advisory Council of the University of Arizona's Department of Mining and Geological Engineering, and the School of Engineering and Applied Science National Council at Washington University.

Not Jewish

Why would a non-jewish capitalist act against their own material interests when jewish capitalist clearly can act in their own material interests?

Why would a non-jewish capitalist choose a sub-optimal choice when jewish capitalists seem to be doing the optimal choices?

If you have trouble with first question, then you have second one pointing out the game theory aspect, while the first one gets closer to the atomism (atoms, molecules, forming complex systems).

If a scientific philosophy of matter in motion is too advanced for you perhaps you need to resort to idealistic metaphysical abstractions that are frozen in time.

The Irish are tbh. But the Jews do have a large presence relative to the percentage of the population that is Jewish. Really that's irrelevant though because it's retarded to blame an entire race for the actions of a small group of porkies.


Are you counting the alt-right money laundering "non-profit" schemes under this as well?

But I'm right, it's the Irish

Good Sassenach!

Keep trying Jew. We know the truth.

The Irish run the world? LOL

It would seem so.

hehehe, good sassenach

Of course the Irish don't run the world, you fucking idiot, but they are the most represented demographic among CEOs in the world. The entire point of the people saying the Irish run the world is to make fun of the idea that the groups of people at the top of capitalism come together and make plans about what they're going to do. They don't actually have a plan, and that's scary as shit.

If the world were really run by a cabal, would they really let the climate/environment go to shit like it has?

How do I try Jew? Or did you mean to say: "Keep trying, Jew?" Could you ask the Jews to control your keyboard as well?

I wonder who is behind this post

Yes because they want to offer mass sacrifices to ba'al

Lmao his name is Ball

throw all non-profits in, you know it's true either way

Imagine being sacrificed to a demon who's name is pronounced Ball. How embarrassing

It'd still be the Irish

Wew, and you think that all of the other capitalists are just cool with them doing this for shits and giggles? Or are you on some Illuminati type shit?

If I were in the Illuminati I'd chose a demon with a better name than Ball.

It was a joke m8, we really need a way to separate sincere jokes from sincere stupidity

What EXACTLY did the Irish mean by this?

The very real possibility of the extinction of the entire human race (including themselves) is pushing their zeal a tad bit, don't you think?

Why do Silicon Valley tech corporations almost universally migrate to Ireland after they make bank?

It's them Jews you ought to be worried about, sassanach.

No reason, no reason at all ;)

Into the flames you go

Wtf im red pilled now.

Once you learn to spot Irish features you'll start seeing them everywhere in the media!

Holla Forums needs to watch this movie in a stream or something, its so relevant to our memes

The Irish were always good at hiding their gold (just think about the Leprechauns!) so its natural that the richest companies are fooled by the Irish scheme. The Irish says to the poor guys at Google, "Come, give me your moneys, I'll protect it!" and this is how the Irish corrupt a perfectly good company like Google. After this they use their (stolen, basically, and tainted) Irish money to gather more money (Microsoft, etc.)

You see, this is why the final solution most be killing all the Irish. They won't rest until they corrupt all the otherwise perfectly fine companies, like Apple, Microsoft, and Google.

The media, Hollywood, newspapers – all owned by Irish.


the anglo



You know that 🍀🍀🍀they🍀🍀🍀 were behind both capitalism and fascism, right? Capitalism and fascism are just two sides of the same Irish coin tbh

Plebus maximus



Oh come the fuck on, most of the people there are clearly Irish, you dishonest fuck.And the chart you listed at doesn't even give the percentage of Irish who enrolled/graduated. I'd like to see the sources for either of these, because they seem like some mick bullshit to me.

pic related, in fact everything you could possibly post pic related

Stop posting fucking Hibernian propaganda

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween at one point was going to be a series of anthology movies with a different premise each time. But they made another first with Michael Myers anyways, so by the time they got to it in 3, people were expecting more Michael Myers.

What they got was a different movie entirely, about an Irish witch/pagan cult who want to make child sacrifices during Halloween.

They're a mask making and entertainment corporation, who are making masks with a computer chip in them with Pagan ruins, that, when watching a certain frequency (Be sure to turn to this channel on TV while wearing)your masks kids), the children's heads will explode into a gristle of snakes and crickets and insects and viscera.

Their plotting to bring the Old Irish ways of Druidism and Witchcraft in Halloween celebrating nations as a fuck you for bastardizing their time of ritual to appease the Gods.


Good on you user but would you want to see all capitalists purged or all jews?

He might be nazbol if he suggests that the two are one and the same. Of course, we know what side the """Holla Forumsyp""" is on

who's behind this post?


Same reason rich people can use more tax loopholes than middle class people. Under a certain amount it isn't worth it. But multi-million dollar corporations you can afford an empty office to avoid taxes.

It's an amazing terrible, brilliant movie you should watch this Halloween.

They kill a kid by making his head explode into snakes and bugs


The double Irish…………………………………..sounds like a fucking degenerate drink to me

Those low score mostly come from people dissapointed there was no Michael Mayers

That's exactly what 🍀🍀🍀they🍀🍀🍀 would like for you to believe, user.

It's a cult movie. Sure, it's kinda bad. But it's so batshit that it's entertaining. It has its own cult audience its built up over the years who watch it every Halloween. It's kind of even appreciated now.

People shit on it at the time because they kept expecting the movie wasn't what it actually was.

Obviously Den of Geeks are the only people with a high enough Autism Level to appreciate the subtlety of Halloween 3.


Irish are white. We don't break "black" up into Kenyan, etc. either. You know jews are disproportionately represented, it's odd you won't admitit.

it's odd you won't admit this isn't true

Mick shill detected

Everyone I'm friends with chills out to watch Halloween 3 every October, don't know what shitty friends any of the rest of you have. The movie is Leprechaun gold

Using a spurrious correlation to disprove all correlations: the thread

What EXACTLY did he mean by this?


Yes my friends are also very intelligent. These guys just don't get it.

Fuck your irony a child's head blows up into bugs and snakes in front of his own parents

The number of kgs of zoo animal feed consumed each year in the US correlates very strongly with the rise in global temperature. Obviously nothing is behind the rise in temperature, it's all spurious.

It isn't wrong, the Irish are over-represented in the gov't and in business.

You know for a fact he is going to continue assuming that his pathology is a natural corollary to his jpg charts, there's probably no dissuading him

That part is where we knew we should be taking notes. Brilliant. I'm fucking witchu dude me and my SO will probably watch it on Halloween

wtf im in PETA now

Do you ever wonder why an event as small as the potato famine gets so much time in lesson plans? They wouldn't want us forgetting how hard they had it, would they?

I almost feel sorry for you.

but, goy, you have to split up white into every european country and split up asian into every asian country and split up black into every african country

Or you can just admit the Irish dominate our lives.

Notice which 🍀🍀🍀group🍀🍀🍀 was conveniently left out. Really makes you think, doesn't it, mick?

Your fantasies, rather.

But the succes of jews can be easily explained by their genetic superiority.
Suck it up goy, you are just a useless ape.

Can I get some proofs with that?

Let at this infograph.

Every time I do it makes me laugh

Don't provoke the angry """white""" man

here you go



The fuck's up with right tards and gas masks? I knew like 3-4 tards who owned one.

that niggas head is small

And what % of Jews aren't billionaires?

Floofy clothes and a restrictive facial apparatus does that to a dude - also he just generally looks dumb

Since the great mass of Jews constitutes a unified Nation, they all partake in one another wealth, thus they are all billionaires

I guess the jewish homeless people weren't notified of this.

Woah, RMMT

We're all apes or reptilians.
Yes, they work together to steal from everyone else. Which isn't wrong, what's wrong is not gassing them.
Jewish genetic defects are a whole field of study.

You have the numbers. Do the math.

I have a feeling all American nazis are Irish and butthurt about the truth being revealed about them.

Irish people and Anglos have similar genetic problems due to their island isolation.

Mendelian Genetics is a discredited Jewish science and should be discredited, user. You do realize that Mendel is a Jewish surname, right?



Proof? You don't need a population that large. Jews have a problem for the same reason other arabs have, they're all inbred.

Surely you're aware it was the Soviets who opposed genetics and instead backed bullshit that was more in line with their holy book?

Just like the Irish

Yes, right next the study of the squiggly chocolate patterns on top of Mars bars.


You do realize that Lysenko only used Leninism to justify pushing his own theories as official state doctrine, right? And you do realize that Stalin was the only reason why Lysenko had a position in power, right?

Moron, the truth is that Lysenko was a mick puppet, who pushed the USSR towards famine so that communism would fail.

Why can't you people just leave us alone?

Just bantz m8

32 county republic, or death friend

It's a joke, making fun of Holla Forums's obsession with jews

Is it wrong that now I want Finn Balor to form a stable with 3 other Irishmen called the Irish World Order? They can be their own Bullet Club in WWE.

"The classes and the races too weak to master the new conditions of life must give way. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust."
who said it

wtf I'm converting to Judaism now

No one as Karl never said that and it's a fake quote made up by neo nazis you fucking retard

But in all seriousness, the reason there are is a large number of wealthy Jews comparatively to their population is because usury and a few other banking related things were illegal during the merchantial era for christians as mandated by the catholic church. So the local jewish populations, who at the time ran mostly small merchant ships as they were barred from other work and whom the statutes didn't apply to, took up the role of money lending at a time capitalism was starting to just develop. The stereotype of the thrifty merchent aleready kind of existed and only grew as more people used jews to exchange money and take loans with royal families even going as far to keep "court jews" due to the preconception that since the jews were acting as the middle man for transactions, the population must be inherently thrifty and should be used as such. This put certain (note certain) families in a positive position as capitalism began to emerge. Most jews were less lucky however and were thrown under the bus by the royal families and locals, that had both used them and pigeonholed them into the position to begin with, when economic downturns hit. The whole thing is like if you were to hire black people to be explicitly bodyguards and bouncers because you thought they were brutish nigger apes whos only good quality was to act as meat shields and then be suprised when almost all your bouncers are black.

We do.
It's the bourgeoisie.

worst aspects of the bourgeoisie, to be more specific.

We do.


Because you get banned for discussing it effectively. This is not 2015-era Holla Forums.

Shut the fuck up, tripfag.

So you're saying that medieval Jews had a worse position than the general population in Europe which was mostly made up of serfs? Or are you just running out your social conditioning which tells you how to address these issues?

The latter reference [5] is from Roth, N. (2002). Medieval Jewish Civilization: An Encyclopedia. Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages 7. London: Routledge. ISBN 0415937124.


Solid argument.


Let me get this straight, the religious texts of Judaism (Torah and Talmud) literally encourages financial usury, but if you draw the conclusion Judaism is responsible for said usury you’re an evil nazi? There’s not a leftist group on this fucking planet that won’t freak the fuck out if you take the conversation to that topic. Strange how leftypol can be so right, and at the same time so wrong.

But you never discussed it effectively. lel

Reminder to filter all tripfags, they have nothing insightful to say anyway.

I just did:



fuck off

Great documentary, I especially liked the part where they discussed Hitler's little known aspiration to become a professional skater, but he sadly gave it up to become the Chancellor of Germany during the Third Reich.

Actually, the Inquisition were among the fairest courts in Europe during that time period. The centuries old belief that the Inquisition was particularly barbaric was Protestant propaganda, back when the Protestants controlled the narrative that they were the biggest victims of the Inquisition. Not surprisingly, Christians are a lot like Jews.



Even if you throw the protestants in, this laughable.
Your standard of fair must be pretty fucked up, friendo

what a fucking loser, as if being a failed painter was not enough

Nothing having to do with Abrahamic religions is typically fair, whether they are Jewish, Christian, or Islamic. You have to put everything in its historical context. If you were to compare the Spanish Inquisition to what the Catholics were doing in Southern Germany with their Witch Trials, it was day and night.


You can read the article I sent or watch this documentary, and then take up the discussion from there, or you can toss out one-liners. The ball is in your court.

I unironically like a lot of hitler's paintings tbh

No I don't, because I'm a modern man. I live by my own standards so I have no reason to adhere to what was fair to some ghosts of the past.

I don't care about what the level of brutality was, you silly sod. lol
You're arguing peripheral.
The point was that there religion still left them in a precarious position in society overall. What power they had was still only afforded to them by the monarchies. Or do you really believe every single jew at the time was lucky enough to be one of the wealthy, muh privileged, money lenders? Aside from that, you have pogroms that forced them to flee a lot of the time. If they had enjoyed a period of general prosperity, it was often short lived.

Not a question of adherence, but if you want to judge the events of a historical period, you need to know historical context.

No, their religion gave them a huge advantage over the native population because of Christian restrictions on money-lending, thus giving Jews a monopoly on this lucrative profession that made them far wealthier, on average, than Christians of that time period.

Yes and no. The reality is that everyone was subject to political power, and that included monarchs who frequently died of unnatural causes. This was not an easy time for anyone.


What you are doing now is making stuff up in your head re historical periods you know nothing about because it is easier to believe this than to stray too far outside of the Overton window and have contrary thoughts on Jews, a protected class in contemporary Western thought.

You can't even speak freely on an anonymous image board. How does that feel? If you can't free your own mind, how can you expect to find freedom out in the real world?

you can post whatever you want, just don't expect us to not call you a dumb autist when you say dumb autistic shit

That was more or less the M.O. of the American South's ruling elite: make poor whites think they already were part of that elite too merely by being white and theoretically able to buy a slave.

Abrahamic religions are literally the worst ones tbh

Among a select group of jews.Again, do you really think every single Jew was able to do this?

Not a strawman.
It's an actual question.

lol do you want me to run down a list of pogroms for you from Medevial Europe?
It's one of the reasons many of them ended up in Poland.

If you mean by war or poisoning, that's still beside point. All power was vested in them and this was the order of the day.

No, it's an absurd strawman. Are you going to claim now that the European nobility back then was irrelevant and there was no formal class stratification because some people of noble blood were paupers?

I know the history better than you do. You think that because you can show a pogrom, that it would demonstrate Jews had it so terrible, because you can't see historical context.

If I point out the King Edward II died an extremely cruel death of having a red hot poker shoved up his ass, it doesn't mean that kings had no authority.

Until they were expelled from different Catholic nations, they mostly maintained their monopoly on money-lending, hence giving them enormous economic clout relative to Christians on a per capita basis.

I will post this again, since you didn't seem to get it.

The latter reference [5] is from Roth, N. (2002). Medieval Jewish Civilization: An Encyclopedia. Routledge Encyclopedias of the Middle Ages 7. London: Routledge. ISBN 0415937124.


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The OP has been proven right.

True, but why is pointing out the disproportionate amount of jews in power (in the west) such taboo on the left?

No, because I'm not the one equivocating them to nobility because of their standard of living over a short period of time.

Do you want me to repeat myself? I'm saying the Jews were in a precarious place in society. Their repeated expulsions demonstrated this pretty well. Just what do you think "precarious" means?
I mean, if you want to equate the Jews to the literal monarchs at the time, be my guest. Not seeing how it helps your argument.

Except Christians literally maintained theocratic rule over them. If there was any "clout", it would have been among the money lenders. Most of them wouldn't have had the capital for that. Christians had a monopoly on the levers of state power, after all.Likewise, of course, the Christians that had any power were a minority that ruled over the peasantry, by comparison.

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Learn to read.

In the Medieval period, everyone was in a precarious place in society.

Your problem is less your ability to read and more your ability to handle abstractions.

What many will miss is that Egypt and Jordan receive so much aid as a payoff to leave Israel alone, an arrangement that is the status quo since the Camp David accords of the late 70s.

You'll also note that with posts like that they are not really interested in learning anything.

Actually, forget it, I see the thread has been anchored, you're not interesting enough to talk to without an audience. I was basically going to run down through what was going on in Europe during that time. The Rhineland massacres killed several thousand Jews and served as a foundation of their identity as an "oppressed" group over the centuries. Meanwhile, the Albigensian Crusade alone killed between 200,000 to 1,000,000 Christians living in Southern France. The Massacre of the Latins, where the Italians had special economic muh privileges in Byzantium, affected 60,000 Italians who were either killed or forced to flee Constantinople.

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