Soviet art thread

No "socialist" realism allowed

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Unoriginal propaganda trash

wtf is that pic supposed to mean?

It's a movie poster.

OP I love the ManMovieCamera poster but it's low res af

Soviet art movements included Constructivism, Suprematism and er I can't think of any others. Google these terms with the word 'future's in front of it for examples. They're generally apolitical but still really great artistically speaking.

I don't think art can ever be apolitical

El Lissitzky is my art bae. also is right It can't, there might not be an explicit political comment, but existing in a political society makes everything inherently political

You're actually completely right, I worded that poorly. I probably should have said overtly political, like Socialist Realism.

I love you all anons, but the art being posted on this thread is low res af. Use search tools to get it higher res, like limiting search to large images. I would do it myself but I have limited internet and I'm phoneposting.

Lissitzky is god-tier.
stop dissing socreal tho

Socialist realism is just Stalinist propaganda, also a regress in art development for about 200 years, it sucks, and the only people who like it are larpers.

I ain't dissing, just kind of sad we didn't get to see a lot more of the avant garade sort of stuff, cause some bureaucrat decided it was bourgeoisie. But that's my preference.

I share that pain.The rationale behind the decision (a majority population that just received literacy as adults wasn't interested in modernism) was legit tho.

Art should always be approved by a majority of the population, otherwise it should be banned/suppressed

Nice utilitarianism comrade

What are all those cossacks doing in berlin?

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The Soviets produced the greatest animation of all time IMO.

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Art like this shows how advanced the soviet mindset was. Think about it, imagine if it was still around, people there would be experiencing a second renaissance. We would already be on mars. Now Russia is nothing but a bunch of bitter Holla Forumsacks, and alcoholic assholes.

"All art is political" kind seems like a braindead thing to say. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that everything has a political context? Just seems reductive to say a piece is always political whether it's the intention or not. Like you're diluting both the art and the word political.

Maybe I just don't get it though. I also don't like anything posted in this thread so maybe this is a socialist thing.

more constructivism pls

soviet congress. bordiga is in this one

where the fuck did I imply that I agreed with the decision?


This looks like concept art for a video game lel

that's pretty cool






soviet era (i think) portrait of marx



The eternal trot, always scheming

yeah, every distinguishable person in that painting was a real person. i could at least recognize a dozen or so.


Damn the first picture is spectacular, is it oil on canvas?


I'm no fan of the Bolsheviks or Soviet Union, but constructivism and suprematism are GOAT.

Sorry about your thread, OP. Socialist realism always drowns out the rest of the Soviet arts because people can't get enough of muh propaganda.

Funny about your second pic tho, I posted it in an imageboard far away not long ago, it's weird seeing an obscure poster like that again so soon.

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That third pic is pretty metal, but this is the most metal gommie art.