Daily News Thread 10/13

Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, imposes 'tough sanctions' on Revolutionary Guard Corps

US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration will not certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear agreement and deferred it to Congress to establish new conditions on the deal. He also announced new US sanctions against Tehran.

Russia says Trump's 'aggressive' stance on Iran doomed to fail

Russia’s foreign ministry said on Friday after U.S. President Donald Trump imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran that there was no place in international diplomacy for threatening and aggressive rhetoric, and such methods were doomed to fail.

'We've buried many like Trump': Iranian general warns Tehran knows how to 'fight against US'

The senior commander of Iran's Quds Force has reportedly warned that any action against his country will be "regretted," stressing that Tehran has "buried many…like Trump" and knows how to "fight against America," according to Tasnim news agency, as cited by Reuters.

Catalan Leftists, National Assembly Members Want Puigdemont to Declare Independence

Catalan National Assembly members are meeting with Puigdemont to formulate a response to Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Iraqi Government Affirms it Won’t use Military Force against Kurdistan

The Iraqi government also said it would not hold talks unless the Kurds commit to “Iraq’s unity”.

‘Mass Hysteria’ not Sonic ‘Attacks’ Could Explain US Diplomats' Cuba Incidents

“If it is mass hysteria that would clarify all the mystery – and presumably normalize U.S.-Cuban relations again,” Mark Hallett, neurologist.

ISIS now controls less than 8% of Syrian territory – Russian General Staff

The area controlled by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria has been reduced to less than 8 percent as Syrian government troops, backed by Russian Airspace Forces, continue their successful advance in Deir ez-Zor Province.

SA President Zuma must face corruption charges, court rules

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma must face charges of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering, the Supreme Court of Appeal has ruled.

Trump's Latest Obamacare Killer Will Cost Uncle Sam $194 Billion

President Donald Trump is halting some Obamacare subsidies. The move could mean that the government will end up spending almost $200 billion more on health insurance.

San Francisco’s Air Quality Matches Beijing’s

Air quality in San Francisco sank to the level of smog-choked Beijing this week, as soot from more than a dozen wildfires in California’s wine country blanketed the Bay Area.

NFL: League not seeking mandate for players to stand during anthem

The NFL said on Friday it has no plans to mandate players stand for the U.S. national anthem, but will rather present a possible solution on how to end the controversial protests when it meets with team owners next week.

Lawyer and LGBT Activist to be Uruguay's First Transgender Senator

Michelle Suarez, Uruguay's first trans lawyer, will use her position as a substitute senator for the Communist Party of Uruguay to fight for LGBT rights.

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How the Pentagon Spun Hurricane Maria

U.S. officials inadvertently included a Bloomberg reporter on an internal email list. Here’s a glimpse into their bid to put relief efforts in a positive light.

Bernie Sanders Isn’t Winning Local Elections for the Left

As social democrats break through in "red" places like Birmingham, the national media is getting the story all wrong.




AN INTERNAL HANDBOOK obtained by The Intercept provides a rare view into the extensive asset seizure operations of ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations, an office that trains its agents to meticulously appraise the value of property before taking it.

EU defends Iran deal; Israel, Saudi Arabia hail tough U.S. stance

Russia on Friday criticized U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to end the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and the European Union defended the pact as Israel and Saudi Arabia hailed Trump’s confrontational stance toward Tehran.

Iran knows that ultimately the US is fucked if it attempts a war. There is no good end for Burgerstan in that conflict.

So much for canceling WWIII

Cant wait for Trumps two front war against Iran and N.Korea
I wonder if the blunders of the Spanish government in the whole Catalan mess affected this decision?
Wonderful. I wonder what will happen when they inevitably go underground?
Thats nice

do you into global politics fam?

Its ironic that USA supported ISIS to get rid of assad but now their last stronghold is in allied country Iraq.

Hey newsanon , is thay an actual manga? cuz it looks really cute

It is Kutsuzure Sensen

I wonder why people aren't taking us seriously

This is why your party needs minority caucuses. Otherwise you main committees will get ruined by crazy people.

Why have you posted a picture of a random American?

That's her.


I like it already

Her primary concerns are trans rights. She's an idpoler like most trans activists.

I'm really getting douche chills from every time I heard some dumb fuck actually tell me that Clinton was more of the war candidate than Trump. I said, that's bullshit, both of them are going to end up getting us in wars. There's literally no possible fucking universe where someone like Trump doesn't end up in a fucking war. And all I got was "Nuh Uh Hillary's gonna get us to war" which is besides the point because I said that already.

Now fucking months into our administration and we're already getting into war with Iran.

Trump was the candidate of peace!

How do you know it's her primary concern and not one of her concerns.

Newsanon……….you're better than this……don't link us Jeet……

It's obvious, just look at her

So your cited source that all she's going to implement is transgender legislation only is a picture.

That's like saying I know you're only going to echo Holla Forums by wearing the tank flag.

She's a human being dude

Because Iran's a piece of cake compared to fucking Russia, which was the Clintonian alternative in the "rogue states for the US to mindlessly fuck with" area because muh stolen elections

If you look this person up, you're not gonna find anything that links her to communism. If you read the article, you're not gonna see that she's planning to do anything to improve the situation of the labor class, or do absolutely anything to even come close to achieving the goals of communism. Yet, she's a delegate for the Communist party.

If she was an actual communist, I couldn't care less but she's not and she's just making the rest of us look like a bunch of degenerates just like the right-wingers portray us and that definitely doesn't help to make communism look like a legitimate political option.

Would Clinton really have war with Russia easier than Trump having war with Iran? Obviously war with Iran is less bad I just think it's way more likely to happen than the alternative would have been

Are you really still on this high that Donald is the president of peace

You do realize that Russia and Iran are extremely close with each other when it comes to foreign relations right?


Trump was always a gamble. Clinton was a 100% certified warmonger.
You've been reading too much liberal opinions.
Also "war with Iran" is extremely exaggerated.


He literally wasn't. Anyone could have seen this bullshit a mile away and you're a naive little fuck for thinking otherwise. Both candidates



"Yes" is a retarded answer. Russia would absolutely be more reticent to escalate with us than Iran is, and the two countries are linked anyway. The other posters are going way too easy on you for being such a brainlet

All I was saying that whatever happens with Trump messing with Iran will be less than whatever revenge Clinton had planned for Putin attempting to "steal" the election - i.e. pulling a Kennedy and creating Cuban Missle Crisis 2.0 because she's an insecure lightweight with substance abuse issues

It's not the same poster user. Again, what do you think President Clinton's response to "Russia messing with ARE ELECTIONS" would be?

The whole "MUH ELECTIONS" thing is just a desperate excuse to dismiss calls to change any DNC organizing or structure. The idea that her response would be unchanged if she won is predicated on the Russia thing being real and on her giving a shit about anything other than getting into power in the first place. Mostly I see people talk about "WAR WITH RUSSIA" when they can't articulate good critique of Clinton without it, which is hella embarrassing for anyone on the left

You're not going to be saying that when Russia, China, North Korea, and plenty other allies that the US has been enemies with start militarily backing Iran up. That oil is way too economically important for them to lose and we will end up in a similar situation.

Anyone could have seen Trump ran an unorganized and inexperienced campaign with zero chances of winning the presidential election.

Trump was an opportunist and embraced the anti-war position much better than any other candidate. That's how sad US politics is. After winning the election, the anti-war position proved too much of a hassle to maintain and after kicking out Bannon, the sole person who had any ideological consistency on Trump's team, he's fully embraced neoconism. It was forseeable but not guaranteed.

If you paid any attention to Russia you would see that Russia had been largely holding back after Donald's successful election out of hope of relationship repair.

Yes, because Russia is largely a rational actor, and that rationality doesn't get tossed out the window just because queen bitch is in charge

He flip flopped on it so many times if you didn't see it coming you're stupid

Yes, and counterescalation from Russia is completely rational. You must understand it is America's foreign policy/imperialism that is completely irrational. The fear of war with Russia with an elected Hillary comes not from possible Russian aggression but US aggression forcing Russia to respond in kind.

I saw it coming but like I said, it wasn't guaranteed. When you flip a coin it eventually lands on one side, either heads or tails. Take a probability class.

"Russia is manipulating our elections", regardless of how cynical/opportunistic the assertion was, was never going to be something that Clinton could dismiss easily if she had won the election. This isn't even touching on the growing Russophobia on the Beltway circuit after everything that happened in Ukraine.

Clinton seems like she's insecure enough to attempt something stupid like escalating tensions with Russia to show that she's "one of the boys too"

Well no, I'd be hiding under the table when Madame President declares a "red line" in Ukraine/Syria that's backed with murrika's nuclear arsenal

We are 100% on the same page about this, the disagreement is that the likelihood of neocons pushing for war with Russia in the Hillary case being equal to the possibility of them pushing war with Iran in the current case. They've been pushing for outright war with Iran since before Bush II for god's sake


Dare to leave your media bubble.

Yes and they've been pushing for war with Russia recently ever since the happenings on the Ukraine, early 2014. Clinton had repeatedly criticized Obama of inaction in Syria/Ukraine and had repeatedly proposed no fly zones where Russian planes were operating in Syria.

Is english not your first language? I did not say that the possibility of war was exaggerated, but the fact that we are "currently headed" towards a war with Iran is.

Russia has never been on the neocon short list and outright war with a nuclear power just isn't in anybody's material interest no matter how rich. It's simply facile to say that the two cases are just as likely

Indeed comrade, caring to win the proletariat over to the cause of revolutionary socialism is spooky! m8 idk if you've read stirner or not but I have and the revolution is my fucking property so I'll make fun of who I will


Trump is already on dismantling the nuclear deal. Even if the war isn't just around the corner we're definitely headed in that direction.

Did you just stop reading the news in 2014 or something? Neocons haven't exactly gotten over that whole Ukraine thing

Then you are working with outdated information because Russia has definitely been on the short list since 2014. This is how fucked in the heads neocons are. If you would like an example, McCain called Rand Paul an "agent of Putin" after Paul objected to admitting montenegro to NATO. Nobody stood up against McCain to defend Paul, when he had clearly broken Senate rules in doing so.


He is making the appearance of dismantling the deal, not actually dismantling it. There is something called "reading" I suggest you try it sometime.

Russia has never been anything but posturing and "muh red line". Clinton saw a way to appear "tougher" than Obama on the issue and may herself be batshit crazy but the same generals salivating over Iran don't have nearly the same opinions on Russia. The possibility of trouble with Russia certainly wasn't zero, but it was nowhere near what we're facing with Iran now. All everyone here is trying to convince me of is that the US is retarded and provocative, and was going to pressure Russia (all true) but no one is willing to just outright say that the issue was AS BAD as with Iran now.

Also a lot of the neocons we're presumably talking about are pretty delusional when it comes to Russia/Putin. There's a significant number that honestly seem to believe that the Putin regime is a paper tiger that will collapse at the first sign of American prodding.

After all these are the same geniuses that brought us such great ideas like "Iraq can become a functional Westernised democratic state if we just overthrow Saddam and help them transition for a few years"

So those generals are perfectly rational realpolitik players on Russia, but become batshit insane loonies when they deal with Iran?


Yes, because it was worse. The issue with Iran is currently still at the sanctions phase, whereas during the election the US had already PASSED sanctions against Russia, were planning to pass MORE, and were actively planning and talking about shooting down Russian planes in Syria and intervening on behalf of Ukraine to fight off Russia.

Don't forget John "Its time we punch the Russians in the nose" Kasich

The ONE constant with US foreign policy meddling is that they stay away if you have nukes, which is why Kim Jong Un is behaving the way he is now and would be entirely correct to continue pursuing a nuclear program. Iran right now does not have nukes and the US is absolutely itching to go in before that situation changes. The idea that any US foreign policy is because of lunacy or just because they "hate" certain countries is pure idealism. They have adequate enough reason to tear apart the country to whatever degree they can manage.

Yes, which makes the neocons and Clinton that much worse because they were very supportive of breaking that constant. makes a good point of how they all thought Russia was just a paper tiger that would just roll over if confronted.

Things are going downhill fast


Pizzagate rides again!

Gonna be honest. If you let your body decay to such an awful degree, it's a clear symptom that you're not in full control of your mental faculties. It's one thing when it's obesity caused by shitty, overprocessed food. This morbid obesity can only happen in a person with serious metabolic issues, which are extremely rare, or mental issues, which are extremely common.

It's kind of worrying how much important information only came to public because of links, accidental or not, instead of actual investigative journalism.

Oh yeah, also parts of Puerto Rico are worse off than the most delirious accusation against Venezuela's crisis. In some parts, they're having to go to the river to bathe.

Trump is just one man. One man cannot stop the momentum of US foreign policy, from which it derives its power. The deep state was going to subvert him eventually. We've been expecting this. At least I was. I may not read a lot of theory, but I am very much into realpolitik.

The US stays away because China does not want a unified, US-aligned Korea on its door step.

-t. Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong


I dunno man, NK has only become more and more of a liability through the decades. I think it will reach a point when China will cut their losses and let the world have at them. Besides, look at the absurd disparity between the two Koreas. To this day, East Germany is still a bit behind the rest of the country, and the difference between East and West Germany was nothing compared to North and Sourth Korea. It's almost like time travel or some shit. North Korea being liberated would already generate a humanitarian disaster all by itself, and annexation would completely bankrupt the South and bring massive social upheaval there too.