That's a nice union of soviet socialist republics you got there

that's a nice union of soviet socialist republics you got there

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Gorby is passive figure. It's Yeltsin and his backing that is more responsible.

*Yick* Really… Really fucking nice indeed *yick*

though I think it's missing one thing you know what that thing is comrade yeltsin ?

pizza hut


Those are some really nice public services and industries you got there, Yvgeny. Would be a real shame if somebody just came along and privatized everything.

What do you mean by "they don't serve booze in pizza hut"?

Gorby, Yeltsin, and Putin should of been shot in the crib by Stalin

Why didn't they purge him a decade ago?

I still get angry thinking about that fucking spot. What the fuck was gorb thinking?

Hey russian famrade, whatever happened with that one guy you were talking about who was trying to organize a revolution? Whatever happened with that?

Vyacheslav Maltsev. He is planing revolution in 2017-11-05. The revolution is supposed to be Informative revolution and organised online.
He has youtube Artpodgotovka channel where he has series called bad news. He is still planning revolution.

These videos wouldn't happen to have english subs would they?

They are life.

What's the deal with the accusations of racism and anti-semitism? Apparently he has some "national socialist" as a guess often?

No idea. His previous partner was Armenian.

He calls himself national democrat(direct democracy supporter)

I'm talking about this guy
Apparently he has him on his show often (or at least according to wikipedia)

Holy shit™

That would be evil authoritarian stalinism :^)

Oh. I don't know about Dmitry. But I think he is some kind of nationalist that hates immigrants.

tbh having Russia as a competing imperialist power to NATO probably means capitalism is less stable than it would have been if it had successfully been transformed into an American puppet state, so Putin is probably better than what the alternative was

I read Gorbachev's memoirs and I really want to have sympathy for him. I really want to tell myself that he did the reforms because of a romantic if inaccurate view of civil liberties. He may have been misguided in how to improve the lives of the average Soviet citizen, but he was a hell of a lot less power-hungry then Brezhnev or Andropov.

Then I remember that fucking commercial and I wish Gorby was never born. He never believed in socialism to begin with.

Andropovs reforms were dank as fuck though

did the pizza salesman do anything that wasn't shit?

glasnost was ok albeit idealist

Tbf now that russia is a competing capitalist power it should help break the U,S unipolar world order and help destabilize capitalism

God, the 20th century was so fucking weird…

actually the more to globalize the markets the more unstable capitalism becomes, and its contradictions grow ever larger

Favourite post-Stalin head of the USSR?