Are Leninists Blanquists?

"The Blanquists fared no better. Brought up in the school of conspiracy, and held together by the strict discipline which went with it, they started out from the viewpoint that a relatively small number of resolute, well-organized men would be able, at a given favorable moment, not only seize the helm of state, but also by energetic and relentless action, to keep power until they succeeded in drawing the mass of the people into the revolution and ranging them round the small band of leaders. this conception involved, above all, the strictest dictatorship and centralization of all power in the hands of the new revolutionary government."

Are Leninists/M-Ls Blanquists?

No Lenin was a Taylorist.



So now this raises the question: if Leninists are Blanquists, then are they still Marxists? Marx and Engels criticized the Blanquists for their "dictatorship of the minority," as opposed to the Marxian "dictatorship of the proletariat."

No they are not.

From a councilist point of view, I'd argue that ML's have more in common with Blanquists than classical Marxists.

Really wanna hear some Leninist/M-L perspectives on this if possible. I'd to get a discussion going.

>not only seize the helm of state
No, Lenin understood that you can't just have an election or a coup or whatever to establish a proletarian dictatorship. Read State and Revolution FFS, he was in complete agreement with Marx and Engels that it was necessary to smash the bourgeois state and replace it.


then why didn't he do it

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He did you fucking idiot.

He didn't, and NO U.

he was a control freak who didn't trust people to do communism right without him

Daily reminder that there is nothing wrong with Blanquism

He did.

There is litterally no contradiction between proletarian diactatorship and indivual diactatorship. just like there is no contradiction between bourgoise diactatorship and individual diactatorship.

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But isn't revolution just another method of seizing the state?

No the revolution were to destroy the State, not become one!

No, it's the other way around. The communist revolution consists in abolishing property.

How is the Leninist party dictatorship different from the Blanquist dictatorship of the minority?