Perth Comrades

Any comrades in Perth Australia? Curious if there are many of us here besides Socialist Alternative who are all Trots.

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me. did you make that flag?

holy shit that was fast. Yeah I just threw it together

asked because i designed an almost identical flag 4 years ago


isnt Bat'ko from Perth or am I misremembering?

Ahh okay. It's pretty simple design, ancom flag + black swan symbol, just wanted something to grab people's attention

I never really considered it considering how low populated WA is but I guess it is possible

Perth leftypol rally with some unions or some shit and start burning CBD to the ground for smash fun when?
Wouldn't mind being an anarkiddie for a day
btw know two people irl who browse here


Stop stealin our names

heh? What are you going on about?

sounds fun, let's do it when milo lands

Western Australia isn't even relevant, secede and fuck off cunts

t. Queensland

WAxit is a stupid idea. They've only really got the mining industry going for them and it's pretty much controlled by the Rinehart family. Gina the Hutt would probably take over WA and enslave everyone in her coal mines.

and then we revolt and make a glorious worker state

Good point.

Apparently some lifestylists are organising a protest against milo yianopolis when he comes to perth, they actually oppose trying to deny him a visa just so they'll have the opportunity to LARP

howyagarn cunts

does anyone north of the river wanna sell me a stick,_Scotland

pretty sure we settled Scotland so you stole our name mate

pretty fucking alienated roight now cunt

name your suburbs lads I'm just curious


Shit my life has been a lie.I'm going to get into a fight with an imported kangaroo so I can die with honour.


Out of curiosity how does it feel to live in Nopeland?

I'm probably quite odd like this but I love it. Sure it sucks being disconnected from the rest of the world but this place is home but what you get in return is constantly living in beach paradise.



nah Armadale WA not Vic

Canberra here. The seat of power.
In reality it's a fucking tediously boring "city" that could barely be classified as a city, more just half a million people living in endless low density suburbia with a shopping mall every dozen kilometers or so.
Honestly this city feels like prison, I so fucking miss living in Melbourne.

Filthy melbournecuck, reporting in

Please tell me you're in government, we need an inside guy

APS is "non-political" and I'm not really privvy to anything anything because I'm just a office drone.
That /u/tightassbogan is a very high level APS person though in Parliament house who has always fucking leaked shit on Reddit about behind the scenes stuff.

I strongly believe that canberra should be razed with hydrogen bombs and the capital moved to either melbourne or sydney

north side?

fuck, you live close to me.

reporting in cunts.

wouldn't be that surprised from the way he talks, but it'd be cool if he was.

Also Melbourne

I'm outer north

I'm a Asserite in Perth can I join your club

That means you take it in the ass right?

Kek, fucking word filters.


closest thing to that I can find is this:

Its $trasserism

thought I was the only perthy here tbh

shit I have a friend who looks exactly like this, except for being a frog obv

now I'm mildly confused and concerned

there's quite a few of us apparently. If you're looking to meet up with like minded people socialist alternative have weekly discussion groups in Perth, they're pretty chill

yeah i dunno man. i've been at a few demos in the cbd over the last couple years where socalt have showed up and they were really pushy and annoying. they looked like mostly uni kids so you expect a bit of that but the people there seemed like the deluxe version of the student activist stereotype

are they usually a bit less full on at these meetings? and are there older people as well or just the usual young students?

I think the world needs more working class skins. No more idpol or college campus bullshit.

That's probably our single best chance to attract working class whites too. So much potential as an outlet for raw class hate.

yeah ive been warning that guy to watch himself. How does he get away with it? Guess it goes to show the government really isnt paying attention to all our shitposts.

Any Adelaide comrades out there?

SAlt are the very complete opposite of chill. Did you mean to say Socialist Alliance, Socialist Party, or literally any other leftist group in the country? Because SAlt have a well deserved reputation as being cooked units.

Think he's from Melbourne or somewhere in Vic

I thought the same but after talking to them they turned out pretty cool. A few brush off as not having read much but talking to them I've learned a lot.
There's a few older people who seem to run the administration side of things but most of the people who can make it to the regular things are students because they have the time. The discussion night will mostly be uni students but the 'event' nights have a wide mix of people.

I wouldn't even say that. I think it's more of an image thing than anything. We just need more 'regular' people. Leftists politics would be eaten up if presented through a trusted source.

I've heard about this before but I've never had any troubles. I think it might just be an eastern states thing. What's the drama?