Can someone tell me what the fuck on EARTH they mean by this?

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That's cool OP, but is there an economic system stronger than Madara Uchiha?

Were there any communist factions in Naruto?

Another example of a failed ideology from the 20th century. It did some good for Yugoslavia but it didn't last nor set of lasting legacy like the rest of the countries that tried to implement their certain. flavor of socialism.
Main reason I'm a DeLeonist now but I do like the Yugo flag and aesthetics

They were not true communisms obviously comrade-chan.

But I thought Madara's super power was always being second best. Is this a metaphor for gommunism?

Market socialism isn't socialism but it isn't capitalism either. Imo it's good as a transitory stage, especially for developing countries because it develops the economy in a way similar to capitalism without the creation of an elite class. Furthermore the tendency towards oligopoly actually works in favour of developing socialism since it creates large worker controlled industrial combines that can more easily be absorbed into the structure of a planned economy. On top of all that it will be far easier to sell the idea of market socialism to classcuck than trying to explain the benefits of planning. All you need to do is make appeals to the inherent western attraction to democracy.

You don't need market socialism for an oligopoly to form. Actually existing neoliberalism does that on its own sufficiently enough. That's because the history of commodity production and markets is one of centralization. Yes, the world is actually getting more centralized as we speak.

My second contention with your post is that you seem to think that market ``socialism´´ is a transitory stage – it's not. It still shares the most important factors that define capitalism, that is – markets, commodity production, private property etc.

It means that markets emerge organically even within supposedly egalitarian societies. Rather than fill the prisons with talented ambitious mavens it's better to lend them positive reinforcement.

Wrong. Actual egalitarian systems don't have commodities.

worker control?

It's a market in the sense that you can type in what you want(like ebay) and hit "swap labor vouchers" and in 3-5 days you get the item you want

No they don't. Read Graeber


What do they have instead?

Naruto was a


Finally someone who understands. Hayek was completely wrong about capitalism being decentralized.

I love these black-or-white, forced-choice political memes. It's the same type of reasoning that makes you think the political spectrum only has two dimensions.

Read some Marx and understand that capitalism is a relationship to means of production. Then you'll get it.

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Does someone get paid $0.01 every time someone says this? I swear to god I see someone telling someone else to read marx 10x a day on here at least.

what do you want to discuss instead?

No, but Madara would probably root for Big Brother in 1984.

Generalized production for exchange = capitalism

Markets aren't Capitalism, everyone needs to stop repeating this meme. It's just a flawed method of allocating resources that could exist under a Socialist system.

Tell me something that I don't already know…?

you are missing exchange for profit there buddy

If you don't understand what generalized markets imply, then don't post.

Madara was




Me: Capitalism is bad
Market socialist: I agree
Me: Ok lets get rid of it then. We need to get rid of the internal logic of market exchange, money, private property, wage labor…
Market socialist: Nah lets just have the workers vote on how best to exploit themselves

Shitposting flag, if that wasn't obvious already.

Marx defined capitalism as "anarchy in production" however we can understand that capitalism also has a hierarchy in consumption, the consumption is determined by the domination of the ruling class over the proletariat and lumpenproletariat

It is easy to understand how, in order to eliminate the law of value, we do not need hierarchy in production, but anarchy in consumption

whatever your definition of markets is, it's wrong, markets implies an exchange of goods and services

let's not forget, planned economies exist under capitalism too you dumb autist

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Socialist Alternative sells bound copies of Marx's writings.

Then what are you waiting for?

The entire field of economics deals with the question of what to do when unmitigated consumption becomes unfeasible.



the word "market socialism" is very misleading, it should be called "market anarchism".

Trade among hunter-gatherers:

According David Graeber the problem with markets is the supposed correlation with state violence: