Mad Killers of the Brabant / Nijvel Gang

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Spooky. Maybe something to do with Operation Gladio and the Westland New Post far-right group.

Belgium has a pretty bizarre history with this sort of stuff. Unsolved assassination of the leader of the communist party, Belgium deep state using nazis to create a Maoist-NazBol party to split up the far-left and an attempted coup.
So it wouldn't surprise me if the Belgian deep state is behind this.

I wasn't aware about that. Are you sure you're not thinking of the Italian Nazi-Maoists associated with Franco Freda?

Where were the Germans during all of this?

Source comrade. Radio war nerd has talked about the weird Belgian police and it's quite interesting. They claim that Belgian intelligence services probably have had a deal with the local Jihadi terrorists that they can plan operations in the country provided that they don't commit terror attacks in Belgium.

During the late 90s the Belgian police was also completely incapable of stopping loads of pedophiles

It is a weird country

No this is something different, look up the 'Parti Communautaire Européen' but note that the newer 'Parti Communautaire National-Européen' might not be connected to the deep state. Interesting coincidence with Franco Freda though.

I'm going to be honest; I got most of this stuff from wikipedia as I can't read french to understand the original references. A lot of this stuff is speculation and the source are rather scarce. Just look up 'Belgian stay-behind network' and 'Operation Gladio'
I remember looking up those weird Belgian paedophile stories and how one of the girls kidnapped described being given to men in suits for services who she described as 'politicians'. But she was just written off as a loon and deluded.

I'm not the biggest believer in conspiracy theories but Operation Gladio is real and all the shit that surrounds it are too coincidental to brush off entirely.

Just weird that Gladio would have an effect so far to the west.

Just so you know the thing about intelligence agencies doing under the table deals with terrorists is quite standard. The IRA could operate freely in France, just as the Algerian terrorists who struck France could operate freely in Britain



If the real reason is this retarded it would be the perfect tragic comedy.

It fits the era perfectly. Disillusioned youth of the 70-80's see the incompetence of the USSR and the impossibility of a revolution in the West, so in their panic they try every unconventional and crazy idea
as praxis they can think of.
Just look at this shit:'_Collective

It's highly unlikely. Indiscriminate killings with no political claims associated with it doesn't fit the modus operandi of '80s European armed leftists at all. The Marxist-Leninist Communist Combatant Cells were conducting bombing campaigns around the same time in Belgium and they took great care to ensure no one was hurt by littering the area with leaflets propagandizing their rationale and warning everyone to evacuate.

I have critical respect for the SPK tbh. They indeed were a bit eccentric in certain aspects, but their attempt to spread socialism beyond the conventional confines of the regular working class while keeping in mind the centrality of class struggle was remarkable. In an era marked by the increased prevalence of depression and anxiety, we might want to hear what they had to say back then.

it fits the far-right 'securitisation of nation' terror agenda, at least according to what you've written here
MO is similar to the Bologna bombing

Why the fuck is Belgium so weird?

Even the regular Belgians I've met are a bunch of weirdos.

its not even a real country
wallonia to france
flanders to the netherlands
brussels as an european capital zone

There is no such thing as a "real" country.

I resent this remark.

Also, yeah, it was a CIA/Belgian Far Right plot to scare the masses into submission during economically trying times.

Got any evidence to back that up?

not a shred :^)

If you're a Belgian then that just reinforces the point, weirdo.

true, but even in the sense of 19th century European country-building it isn't

onani-san, you literally reinforce the remark

Not this guy, though I have to confess I am Belgian (through no fault of my own!). I hate conspiracy theories, I think they're a dumb way to try and understand world events. But in the case of the Brabant killings, it's really not that far-fetched to claim the deep state and affiliated right-wing cells might have played a role in the case. '80s Belgium was gritty as fuck, à l'italienne.

That was the whole point of Gladio though, to stop communists in western European countries through clandestine means. It was basically Operation Condor, but for Europe, and more secretive for public and international relations reasons.

The Dutroux Affair as it is called was just another case of pedophile porkies being covered up in typical porky fashion, just like in Omaha, Nebraska, and the British pedophile stuff that's appeared in the news in recent years (which go back decades). It's not just a Belgian thing.

The so-called "Pink Ballets" rumor which implied there was a pedophile ring operating in Belgium which involved important public figures including but not limited to the fucking King was never proven with a single shred of evidence.



Colonialist exploitation was widespread at the time. That a European head-of-state would be involved in such activities be they incredibly cruel even by imperialist standards was hardly surprising. To claim without evidence that the King took part in a pedophile ring is something else entirely.

There's "no evidence" in the British case either, because everyone that ends up with the mythical dossier winds up dead very quickly.

I'm unfamiliar with that case. Care to elaborate?

Not necessarily killed, not usually killed even, the police had evidence in the british cases that was confiscated by MI5, or "accidentally" deleted from a police database, or otherwise disposed of.

Belgium is a synthesis of German autism and French perviness. Belgium is the only country in the world where Elliot Roger would be the normie Chad.

It's a complete clusterfuck. Basically every institute in Britain has been implicated in a massive paedophile ring and investigations into it are shut down with threats and violence. Cops are threatened with the sack, journalists and activists killed. There's a dossier that has achieved something like a legendary artifact status that apparently has everything inside it, with various Prime Ministers, whips and dead people getting their hands on it, but the last time the public got its hands on it was before widespread internet use. There was an inquiry announced after it became impossible to cover up but after numerous incidents with evidence getting caught in electrical fires, floods and databases being hacked, it was decided that there wasn't enough evidence to continue.

Yeah people in the security services at any level tend to get treated with kids gloves, but killing is far more common for the plebs.
These are the two I remember. The group have been implicated in torching orphanages and shit but you never hear about it.

not really true and what is the actual moral difference here besides your incredulity?

I've never made such a claim. I don't want to defend the King, I couldn't care less about his reputation. I just find it hard to believe the King of Belgium would get involved in such a nasty business and suspect he was included in the rumors out of a willingness to make the rumored case as outrageous as possible.

There is no evidence she actually did investigate a BBC pedophile ring.
He was killed for opposing irresponsible nuclear waste disposal, nothing else.

Which episode?

That was actually the result of Belgium having two police forces at the time (the military Gendarmerie and the civilian Police Communale) who were poorly coordinated. They weren't just incapable of dealing properly with pedophile rings, they were inept at pretty much everything else — see the Brabant killings and the Heysel disaster. The poor handling of the Dutroux affair led to the two forces being fused into a single integrated law enforcement service.