The imagined chinese african and arab "Ethno-States"


Stupid burgers think if everyone is a similar color it's ethnically homogeneous

burgers have the strangest view of race, and amusingly that sort of 'white unity' thinking has encroached into europe with this new right shit
literally foreign culture invading on european soil

Seems pretty accurate to me.


its still not "pure" though even if you use these peoples own standards
Germany is only a bit over 5% non-german but even that is to much for most of these people

It's new for Americans also, as they used to just adopt British racial ideas for the most part and believe the same sort of ideas of North-West European superiority over the rest. It's really symptomatic of the relative decline of the individual European nations more than anything that this pan-White nationalism has arisen; when Britain and France controlled most of the world by themselves, they could afford to look down on Eastern and Southern Europeans as inferior races. Now that the individual nations are weaker and hegemony is maintained through multi-national organizations like NATO and the EU, that ideological framing has become counterproductive to the situation.

Even so, China is not an ethno-state. It's a fully developed merger of state and capital with one goal: to protect and grow capital. Compare that to any random African nation, whose governments usually are remnants of colonialist ethnic politics and usually favors one specific ethnic group. While they could technically be classified as ethno-states, these countries usually house a few dozen other large ethnic groups and a few thousand smaller ethnic tribes that are constantly in conflict with each other.

China has more than 20 officially recognized ethnicities, including ethnic Russians.

Most African countries are incredibly multiethnic. Kenya alone has like 20 officially recognized languages.



Also cities the backbone of empire through history has been inhabited by immigrants in pre modern society it was popular custom for merchants, construction workers, artisans and pretty much a lot of people that had skills but during a lot of time had not to do much in the fields. So it's nonsense to talk about racially pure cities

No joke, the only reason artistic canon fucking exists is the trade of ideas and thought between the Near East, Greece, and Egypt. In an ideal Holla Forums society, cultural rot would be inevitable.

It's sad pol is literally too dumb for reality

its funny when Holla Forums claims ancient Rome as fascist, culturally chauvinistic and homogeneous when they literally worshiped foreign gods and you can walk around in the ruins of their temples
then again Holla Forums is a bunch of americans stuck in their cages

China is very much an ethnostate as much as people protest to the contrary. Their very education system is built up on the idea of Han exceptionalism, their media only brings on outsiders to mock or distort their views and they explicitly believe in collectivist racial superiority tenets based on bloodlines to the point that one of the few things that can get you severely beaten, by non-criminals, in China is "insulting" Chinese people's "dignity". (they say they have a "glass heart" 玻璃心 but in reality it's just that they don't accept non-Chinese people criticizing China at all)

The other two seem mostly to be strawmen. Africa is not a homogeneous continent but many African states are ethnostates were other tribes are openly or subversively supressed. (to the point of slavery in some parts like Mauritania, severe mistreatment in Liberia and milder mistreatment in South Africa)
Same goes for Arab countries except they combine the tribalism with extreme classism not seen in Europe since the French revolution. (they genuinely will treat their fellow arabs like a lower kind of human for having the wrong "rural" kind of name, it's disgusting)

8% of the Chinese population is over a hundred million people. China is diverse as fuck but I wouldn't doubt it's also 92% Han, which itself is a very diverse category.

Just about all of those 8% are supressed by the state too. Forced to move at the state's behest, supressions of native names enforcing Han Chinese ones on all official state business, sending millions of Han to Hanianize a native area (Tibet being a prime example), supressing muslims in west China et cetera.

Jesus, communists really are just profoundly stupid

This is how you know you're not dealing with a serious person.

Describe the variety of colours in this picture using only one word.

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What you see in Europe is real ethnic genocide. You literally cannot confuse a freshly imported African savage with am european.

This is how you know you're not dealing with a serious person.

I see.

This is how you know you're not dealing with a serious person.

nazi's are soo stoopid don't even know that the third reich was highly multicultural. they believe in spooks like context

like, it didn't even occur to them that remnants of tribes in areas conquered for lebensraum like the miao in china are the same as africans coming to europe and getting free housing, welfare, education, healthcare. come to think of it, colonialism was totally cool too because its just like france not being an ethnostate

You could make the same argument about Europe being diverse with a variety of different ethnic groups. It's easier and more precise to define what sort of state the right-wingers want by who ought to be excluded in their view, instead of mincing words:

there, not that hard to understand.

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