Why hasn't Xexizy done any more videos since Finnbol fucked his entire world up?

Why hasn't Xexizy done any more videos since Finnbol fucked his entire world up?

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He's in uni.

Hopefully going full on leftcom and waiting for his complementary armchair to come in. Also if you think Finnbol fucked him up, you're an idiot.

Finnbol more than fucked him up. He massacred him, but that's not hard nor new for Muke. After all, Sargon skewered him, and that's just sad.

muke is more intent on sucking up twitter attention by shit talking than reading and researching for videos

Since my last video I've gone to uni, I've been working on a new one that'll be hopefully up tomorrow though. If you wanna know about these things in the future, you can always give my twitter a look rathar than making threads here.

Lol, funny how you said the first video I made in the finbol thing was 'the only time I've sounded like I knew what I was talking about'. It's kind of pathetic that you're willing to flip flop over that based on the general opinion of leftypol. It's even more pathetic you'rd tripfagging again.

Please stop being such a normalfag.

fucking wannabe ecelebs. like bratty little girls playing petty social games over the schoolyard pecking order.

hush, rapist

nice try, A.W. doesn't use a tripcode>>2149824

nice try, A.W. doesn't use a tripcode

FinnBol or AW should've raped you tbh

The brilliance of capitalism is how it makes its opponents into willing participants; wanting retweets, wanting followers, wanting likes, wanting to be the chatbot that produces this most efficiently. This matrix which turns character into fetishised commodity is produced by the very same people who supposedly rally themselves against it, all becoming pewdiepies.

Why do you think that, AW?


This. Fuck them e celebs. Only good one is finbol and democraticsocialist101

he made a really long video, and if a video is really long, it /has/ to be right!

Xexizy, would you fuck Contrapoints in her boypussy?



oh and suddenly this makes sense:

brb emailing this to Contra

with all the time you spend bitching, moaning and getting into fights on twitter you could've literally made two or three videos.

He could've emptied his balls into Contra like, a dozen times by now!

Probably contra would have emptied his balls in that little twink faggot. Also what is it with muke and traps? He had a crush on rebel too

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Muke and Roo both use ghostwriters.

Both of them are functionally illiterate and neither can digest theory to save their lives.

Ask Roo or Muke to explain what dialectics are and neither will give you an adequate answer.

Ask them to explain the differences between Marx and Lenin in regards to theory and neither will give you an adequate answer.

Ask them to explain the difference between Leninism, left communism, and anarcho-communism and they'll both be dumbfounded.

mark my words, Contra is going to turn fully commy and Muke will be a liberal trap

he's been busy playing drums and listening to death grips


FinnBol adressed every single point Muke made. He is way to intellectually honest for internet debates, which is basically shitflinging and virtue-signalling rethoric. Muke spends most of his time arround Sargon types, therefore adopting their demagoguery.

be comradely

He's a redliberal at best

stop it

Not again…

misgendering comrades is bad

Fellow Lenin friend, I do not like Contra, myself, but in the interest of furthering conversations perhaps its best to use the pronoun they prefer, so you can argue theory and not IDpol

Muke, just because you made a decent video where you were coherent for a moment (and good vid quality) didn't mean I thought you were right. Idk what's so hard, it's just common sense. I'm not one sided like you, I can think. I congratulated you when you deserved it, to the extent you deserved it. Don't misunderstand what it was.

Yes, that was your best theory video, it was coherent. No, you weren't right in it by Marxist standards. Yeah, Finnbol ruined you in theory and historical analysis. Multiple things are true at the same time buddy, it's dialectics y'know?

You'd do better if you took my advice and let me help you, but you're too high on fame and ego to ever accept the help I offered you multiple times just for the sake of making you more coherent, not to disprove what you say.

The claims of being e-celebs is fallacious because that implies any of us want a cultish following. On the contrary, AW and I don't care if we're 'popular'. We just want to engage with people who want to learn along with us. That's why we created a new server to read some of the staples of Marxism as a group. We're not 'elitist' in that sense; anyone can join or could have spoken to us had they wanted to. Anyway, no one has an excuse for anonymously calling us e-celebs any longer, since we're giving EVERYONE the opportunity to read along with us on this server: discord.gg/r4Th833

No, that's actually him. He started using one a couple days ago. The reason to use a tripcode is so who we know who we're talking to and also to be accountable for what you say. We're socialists, meaning we're supposed to socialise and hold the social sphere in high regard. Otherwise, what's the point? I don't care about anonymous opinions from people who may not be the same person I've been talking to.

You are?

jesus christ, how will muke ever recover

Of course I am. Am I communist? I still consider myself one, even though I don't generally use the term. Just because I don't fit your stringent definition doesn't mean I am not still a socialist. I'm more of a Wildean socialist, but so was Marx. If you're going to say he's not a socialist, then I don't know what we're doing here. You can call me a socdem or revisionist or whatever pejorative you want, but the fact remains that I'm a devoted comrade.

See, this is why you need a tripcode. I've never said that, and I don't know who is saying I've said it. The only thing I've ever said that is even CLOSE to that, which you have clearly misinterpreted or misrepresented, is that explaining the difference between private and personal property DOES NOT MATTER to normal people. They don't care. You can try to explain and continue to say "We want to take away private property," but all they're going to cognise this as is what you refer to as private property. Yes, the distinction should be made, but there is a better way to talk to the average person about this.

I never said anything like that, either. I've reasonably criticised collectivisation because not everything can be or should be collectivised, but this is either a mischaracterisation or another misunderstanding. If you seriously don't want to own anything, that's you. I don't really care to own a lot of things, but I would like some things around for convenience. I won't even point out the contradiction you made because it should be apparent to everyone.

It should be noted that what is commonly understood by the term "communism" is not an absolute defined system or even movement. What you want as an idealist is not what is going to happen. What I want is probably not going to happen either. Concessions have to be made, sure, but we should always seek what is best for people.

AW, would you mind elaborating on why you think Muke was wrong in that debate, and why FinnBol was right (and to what extent he was right)? I agree that FinnBol ruined him, but I just assumed that someone who's that smug and pretentious (no offense mate) would have leftcom sympathies.

As if your Twitter is more desirable than leftypol. 90% of this board may be shit, but at least you might learn something 10% of the time. There's literally nothing productive about your eceleb whoring.


all you do is call people faggots when they try to discuss something.

I meant all of us here on Leftypol (aside from the Polyps).

I guess he doesn't like the terms, but he's still 'on the Left'. I don't have a problem with only public transportation, really, but I don't particularly want communal PCs or livingspaces. I'm a bit of a minimalist because I don't own much aside from books and PC, but I guess I kind of want personal property insofar as I would prefer to have a few possessions and a place where I choose to live rather than going into a random building and sleeping in the proximity of strangers. Sure, society might be different at that point; maybe I'll know everyone in the community I choose to live in, but I honestly cannot conceive of these antisocial anonymous Internet people (no offense; not you in particular, but in general) wanting to live communally with other people. Maybe it sounds ideal in their heads, but they don't even talk to people to people now, so it doesn't make any sense to me why they would want that.

It's fine, my dude. This is why we have a dialogue, so we can communicate better.

I'm not A.W. I am his friend Hyperion, and I can guarantee you I have never called anyone a "faggot." I know that others have told me he's intimidating, but I'll be there to moderate.

For your ease: insulting our prospective comrades is not to be tolerated on the server.

Fuck that revisionist, imperialist piece of shit. Bet he's too busy buttfucking with Sargon to make a video.


So is Sargon, and maybe Hitler.


Here's my Twitter if you aren't joking: twitter.com/Sophic_Hegemon



What, should he have said "her balls"? This is getting out of hand.


Hey guess what, with all the time you spent watching Youtube or playing video games you could have made videos, Muke's not your slave

Even fucking Contra doesn't know how to properly gender themself before the transition. I'm not going to bother finding the timestamp, but this whole video is a pretty good insight into Contra's state of mind. youtube.com/watch?v=vbE23R1J4ko

But it's hotter to call it her feminine penis.

Tl;Dr: I'm me, and my friends are themselves. I can be put into the socialist camp, but I don't call myself one nor do I advocate Marxist ideals or use them as foundations, hence I am as irreverent to Marx since he's no idol of mine, nor is Hegel.

The distinction of private property and personal property is not on OF property, but of an arbitrarily muh privileged social external relation to the relation of property. Personal property is private property, and private property is personal. As property there is no distinction of principle, only of a fiction you choose to believe in so you can literally enact a contradiction of it and claim you still have it. Here I disagree with what Hyperion said, because I think the distinction is being made on wrong terms (property) which do not support it.

I also don't want you people to like me, I think most of you are worthy of contempt.

Muke won.

A.W. , when can we expect to see an analysis of the Kantian/Jacobian dispute, the antiphilosophy or analysis of Jacques Lacan, or the wane of the Cartesian subject in Althusser?

Why don't you fuck off then?


Roo sounds 100% like he's reading from a script.

For now, no time soon. I do get moments of fascination with theology, but not enough to write or read about it.

Because I have fun antagonizing you. Nowhere else on the internet do I bash people like I do here. That's not because I'm not allowed to, but because this board in general is so disgustingly full of itself without awareness. You guys are just one slight notch above /r/socialism, and it's only because your moderators don't ban people despite their deserving it. Most people read and don't post, but for those who do post the cancer of ignorant ideology is deep.