Inb4 the C.I.A gets her


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literally who?

Are you serious? How out of touch are you?

Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousefi

she's cool, hopefully nothing happens to her


oh so no one special ok


theres a difference between being a communist who happens to be muslim and being a communist who thinks that islam is a revolutionary force perfectly compatible with communism.
as far as i know malala never claimed that islam was the key to destroying capitalism.



when has that actually happened

we're hitting levels of tin foil that shouldn't be possible

The CIA is on her side

You're just mad she thinks your husbando a shit


into the trash it goes


Btw a mate of mine at Oxford actually met her.

t. actual unironic brainlet
like pottery

Why don't you malala yourself, asshole?

Pol Pot was supported because he was hostile to vietnam, and China supported him more so than the burgerland did. I've actually had trouble finding evidence for burgerland material support, though the did definitely offer diplomatic support. Anyways, it had nothing to do with trying to "make communism look bad"

Is she… uhm…

She got shot in the head

brain damaged?

Better than you? Yes.

well… not in the jaw department, if you know what I mean


She literally took a bullet in the head. It was bound to fuck her face up a bit

do i get a nobel prize peace if I get shot in the head too?


Did you get shot in the head? No? Does your mouth look like a prolapsed anus because you are the bravest woman alive? No? Then stfu

got a chuckle out of me t b h

but seriously the idea that just because she was shot means shes is some great human above all others is a bi stupid
there are thousands of people like her on earth
shes just the one who the neo-libs parade around to make themselves feel good

shitlibs praising her to make themselves feel good doesn't make her a shitlib

stop comparing her! she's incomparable!

Chile under Pinochet.

Why doesn't she mention class war or revolution or Marxism when she's entertaining the liberal establishment?


much better

She doesn't want another bullet to the head

What do you think user?

the gained symmetry might make her consider it

haha she was shot in the head by religious extremists and is literally /ourgirl/ but let's bully her for not looking like an american pornstar lmao


Where's that version of the Ellen Degeneres interview with her where she talks about the capitalist class? Oh wait, there is none. Smells like a case of pic related to me.

I mean, that's not outside the realm of possibility, considering what happened with Gloria Steinem, but Malala could be a dangerous gamble if they are funding her.


I don't know. Let me get my gun, lets find out

Where's that from?

you don't have to care but the fact you didn't know makes you a brainlet.

she's a Marxist dumbass

She might be a dumbass but I found no proof so far of her being a Marxist.

one of them corresponded with Zizek

m8 she got shot in the fucking head. cut her a little slack


I'm aware. After their release they got showcased in every US channel always focusing on the "evil putin" narrative and completely leaving out any criticisms of capitalism, the us empire, anything. Just because good people become useful idiots it doesn't absolve them, in fact, they should be the ones to know better.

lel, keep scrolling. if that got u trigged there's more for you to enjoy

Here, dumbass

So, let's get this straight. Her strategy is: show her Marxist side only to her "comrades" living in a third world shithole, and show her liberal side to the audience of the empire that made the third world a shithole?

A supreme Marxist, indeed.


Considering MLK was a closet socialist, it is if you are trying to get your needs met.

Not real communists dumbfuck

late Malcolm X > late MLK


Malcolm X was better in theory, but MLK actually mobilized both white and brown. You need both a radical like Malcolm to put a knife to the neck of people in power and an MLK to offer an olive branch. I'm for both strategies.

and yes, your needs met.
as of right now, Pakistan isn't going to do shit for socialism if half of its population can't even get educated on what it is.

MalcolmX would have made the civil rights movement completely redundant, MLK's "solution" is what you see in police statistics. Pretty much the same for India (with Gandhi). Saying that reformism at least delivers the goods isn't just short sighted but counter-productive as well.

That's completely true and I'm not denying that, but that still doesn't mean he had the touch that King had.

I'm not even talking about reformism.
I'm talking about actually getting your foot in the door. King was bringing in class politics towards the end of his life, and I think that was his long term goal. The only way the U.S. is going to move away from bourgeois politics is when people become completely disenchanted with it. You have to accelerate that discourse and push it as far as it will go. The Soviets even knew that.

let's hope they do

Malcom X was idpol mirror-KKK in league with complete kooks like Louis Farrakhan, good riddance to bad rubbish.

the CIA is way less competent than you think. Don't be sacred of them, they're scared of you.