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are the IRA even socialist still?

In hindsight St. Patrick should've converted the snakes and drowned the Irish tbh

The IRA stopped being a socialist org in the early Troubles, with the Provos taking a big tent approach with a general lean to leftism and social democracy and a small kernel of socialists. The modern IRA, like the Real IRA and Continuity IRA doesn't even seem to be a political organization at all, and seems to spend more time committing petty crimes and taking potshots at cops than actually doing anything to rouse mass attention.

clowns are on our side. leftists are down with the clown.

You should define a better topic than "jerk off about the IRA". There is much to discuss about them, like how the Provos destroyed their support base, defectors, tactics and so on.


There is literally nothing wrong with taking pot shots at cops

Literay achieves jackshit if the rest of society isn't organized and agitated

Both of those things are wrong

Both of those things are wrong

Armagh master race reporting in;
32 county, 4 province, socialist republic NOW!

Why are Britbongs so mean?

That's bollocks.
t. I actually live in Northern Ireland

Both of those things are wrong


Gah we have this thread every week.

Joke: modern IRA
Broke 1970s IRA
Woke 1920s IRA
Bespoke: United Irishmen

In Ireland, the word nationalist is used interchangeably with republican (somebody who wants to see Ireland reunited)

gibe more, how much propaganda is said about the new IRAs?


I've created a new board:

It's not, that guy basically summed it up.

t. also live in Northern Ireland.

Why cant they fuckin come back

AUTISM - Many such cases.

It doesn't make him more conscious or aware of the realities of class society. Cops get killed a plenty, society ain't any less classcucked.


I understand but if there is no classist socialist movement beforehand to organize the working class then the rage caused by agitation simply spends itself rather than develop into an opposition to the present mode of production.

You mean Londonderry, right?

Shooting cops normalises the idea of shooting cops, a must for any revolution,

who the fuck is the league of national anarchists? The largest anarchist organisation on the island is the Workers Solidarity Movement

Since Britain is leaving the EU, would the EU back the IRA just to fuck with the poms?

I took a piss on the IRSP office building the other day while drunk

DR's are a meme, only good IRA was OG IRA

You're full of shit, the current "ira" pretenders are five guys sitting in a flat in lisburn somewhere trying to figure out how to make a PRIG

The people that were involved in the troubles mostly went into organised crime or retired

t.Actually live in Northern Ireland and leave my room more than once a year