Why is she so perfect bros?

Why is she so perfect bros?

I thought you did't like Holla Forums, stop posting here Xexizy.

cant believe that douche betrayed us after we built him. i feel honestly backstabbed.

Honestly, you already have these kind of wrinkles when you are 18, and already have cross-eyed look, you are guaranteed to devolve into something really ugly once you hit 25+.

Shit man, I looked like that when I became 26.

where are the wrinkles mate, shes not as bad as you describe her mate.

Muke is a fuck, hes also a no books fucker

Why is she so spooky bros?

Not another fucking e-celeb.
Go away

she seriously looks like an average mtf. Holla Forums's boner for her is hilarious to me

Cool it with the trans-phobic remarks

That's insulting to mtfs, without makeup and angles she's maybe a 3/10.

I can't believe Muke betrayed us after we mocked and humiliated him for two years

please stop talking about him, or at least don't mention him by name.

Lmao tru, but the popular consensus around here was that he was /ourguy/ for a little bit around the time of the first debates. I understand some of the feeling of betrayal

she looks like a fucking rat please stop trying to make her fap cult happen

Judging from the streams i used to watch before she left. Her personality comes across as "one of the boys" type.

not whomstever posted this necessarily but just everyone who tries in general, stop

Go away, Gary.
I know it's you

Fuck off roastie whore.

Wow she's cute

Why is Holla Forums so attracted to ugly girls?

Because the odd autist that insists on posting these random ecelebs all the time doesn't take the hint and fuck off.

When/where did he betray us? Also who gives a fuck about these youtubers, the only ones of merit is Finbol and Batko

Come on OP, at least post a better picture of her.

Quality Thread on a Quality Board

I am deeply in love with you gary

also muke is a fuck but at least he has good enough sense to abandon this shithole


She has lewds?

everyone has lewds

Like real actual picture lewds?

I don't believe this shit

i would nut in gov gary johnson

not saying which one tho