So how many pot smokers do we have here, leftypol?

So how many pot smokers do we have here, leftypol?

I mean c'mon fuck the DEA… right guys?

its degenerate but i don't care, knock yourself out
just don't some around me

>>>Holla Forums

Cool i am glad. i just want to know, it doesn't seem like we talk drugs much around here.

So you would be /pro-legalization/ then user?

I don't do any drugs but fuck the DEA, literally every drug should be decriminalized and/or legalized.

I smoke weed on the weekends. I don't think I'll stick with it when I finish my undergraduate degree, as I don't really think it's worth my time. I'd rather smoke tobacco as it doesn't interfere with my productivity.


Kill yourself, pearl clutching faggot

I smoke like 2 times a year, mostly at partys when I'm offered - pot is overrated as fuck imo.

fucking this. I am convinced people only smoke pot to be edgy and cool. It literally turns you into a worthless braindead wimp and nothing else. Ty

this is a /drugs/ general user, meth users are welcome too you know, don't be shy

I smoked once, felt good, then felt like shit the day after. I'd do it again but with people I trust and know they didn't have laced type shit.


As for stuff like , i genuinely think these types smoke a bit too much and blame their overconsumption. If you don't like it, that's fine, but saying people only smoke to be "edgy and cool" is buying into all the "dude weed lmao" stereotypes when it has legitimate uses.

Of course pot is going to make you lazy and 'braindead', if you smoke too much.

However, when you've had a long work week and need to unwind, i think it is excellent. Better than alcohol depending on the type of stress as well.

When I look back on my days 18/19 and smoking regularly, I was much less anxious.

Now that I work I deal with chronic pain and anxiety/depression, and I can't think of a better remedy than some good MJ right now.

I think the 'stoner' stereotype gives us all a bad rap, but I am a very well accomplished member of society. It is a shame that so many "dude Bob Marley lmao" types literally represent anyone who uses drugs.

And, of course, if you drink alcohol, this becomes a total bullshit double standard. It's always bugged me a bit in that regard.

I used to always have a good time smoking weed but since I’ve started law school it has a tendency to make me really anxious. I think mixing weed with high stress does the opposite from relaxing me. I only really enjoy weed these days when I’m already chilling

So what you're saying is that an opiate of the masses is okay as long as God isn't involved.

obv the law is fucked, but if you are against any kind of meaningful reforms along the way i don't really consider that much of a better position when we have people like trump milling around the white house.

there isn't much else going right now. i think the comfort of knowing you aren't gonna end up in prison for something as dumb as coke, pot, etc. is totally worth the so called "spooks" here.

you're being incredibly vague with this one. I could call video games the "opiate of the masses" ffs. Apparently the "opiate of the masses" is really anything you personally don't like…

I usually smoke a bowl about 2 hours before bed to relax.


Weed is bourgeois. Heroin is the drug of the working class

I did a lot more in my teen years than I do now. I personally prefer benzos or alcohol.

Smoke every day, wake up, go to work, come home, go gym, have dinner, read for a bit, smoke and watch some trash. Literally nothing wrong with this


Smoke all day every day, have been for like 2 years, life is shit in rural Australia

All day everyday. I'm high af right now actually

that's the time when you are supposed to read theory, you useless drooling cunt

17 minutes pass

This is you on weed.

I am not the second poster

I smoke all day every day. I'm a bit high right now if I'm being honest

Each and every day is an occasion I inhale the THC. I am under the influence as I type.

pick one

It's so obvious you have a hysterical anti-pot agenda it's hilarious. What, did a stoner beat you up in junior high? Social media, pop culture, the internet, liberal media and the overall spectacle are the opiate of the masses you retard, not a literal weed that's illegal.


hello fbi


I in fact consume marijuana daily. As I write this post I am under its influence.

if you ask me i do everything, good luck pinning anything specific though

Smoke almost daily. I find it doesn't really effect my productivity as long as I am motivated beforehand. When I'm high off my ass I feel relaxed, sociable, open minded and creative. There are some downsides to it obviously, but there's nothing wrong with a nice toke every now and then

tfw you live in a state where its legal and you get high on edibles at work all day

t. DEA

I'm actually considering getting into weed for the relaxing effects/recreational crutch Don't judge me, I'd rather churn out money on weed than health on alcohol or opioids. Any tips for comrades that are new to marijuana?

you live in a legal state comrade? If so, I recommend getting gummy edibles if you can. Eat about a quarter of each gummy then slowly work yourself up day by day so you don't get retarded high but get relaxed

If not, buy some dank and get a one hitter. Work your tolerance up then upgrade to pipes and bongs

Opioids aren't bad for your health at all if you're sensible.


It's not the spook you should fear, but the people who believe in the spook. Change the spook, change their behavior.

splain me how opiate addiction works then fam

Why'd my favorite teacher in high school ruin his life for a pill? Why'd my best friend OD and die on me? Did they do it willingly? Were they still the same people? (hint: the answers to those questions are yes and no, respectively)

Pill pushers are scum.

Meanwhile you're using the biggest opiate of the masses ever produced to convey your dislike of someone else's opiate.

Get a vape, only do it after work, don't do it when trying to drive, cook, etc., don't combine with alcohol, don't do it if you're going to be with people who don't smoke, because you'll be an asshole.
t. daily user


I'm high as fuck. Come at me faggot.

I'll come at you with a blunt. I smoke weed everyday. I go to work stoned, I study stoned, and I shitppost stoned.


I find that it can be very motivating. I usually indulge before working outside on the weekend, hitting the gym, riding bikes. Its fantastic. Also before work, after lunch, before reading theory, before watching kino etc. It really helps me focus on what I'm doing and enjoy it a lot more. It helps if you have access to good quality concentrates.

My ear is listening. What kind of vape should I get? What kind of ``weed´´am I supposed to get with it?

The kind your dealer has in stock. If legal, ask the specialist at the store, they can tell you what is best for you. For a vape, a cheap beginner one is the "magic flight box", I'm still using my first one after years of use. Beware that you buy a vape that can vape plant material, unless you know a guy who has special preparations for other kinds of vapes (pure resin etc.).



You're getting every detail all at once when on pot, it's the best time to read theory.


Been smoking everyday for three years, It does kill productivity but feels good tho. Its the best tool to escape reality.
But honestly I think I should quit since I would make a shit more money by selling the plants I grow. Anyone here quit weed? I know its just psychological addiction but its still spooky and Ive come off some pills recently, dont hate pls

Yeah dude but you forget most of it the next dude.
Weed is music for creativity not for studying, things like playing/doing music, writing, etc etc etc are great with weed

Do you always get fucking hammered when doing pot? Hell, I always take enough to watch cartoons, but I remember everything I need to just fine.

Can't you just grow more, or are you at the top of what you can make without putting yourself on the map?

I only smoke enough becouse I dont find the point of smoking a little bit since I barely feel it and it gives me paranoia.
And yeah, im staying near the legal limit that we have here in spain and dont want to risk getting snitched by one of my neighbors

Two words: take notes. It is never a good idea just to read theory because there is a big tendency to forget most of what you read even when sober.

Yeah, whenever I can get it, but It makes me eat way too much, but at least I'm not unmotivated, I like doing things high.

I know, thats the case with almost all books, atleast in novels you dont need to remember the details.
Do you vouch for making essays and notes of the theory of what we read?


I smoke weed just about daily. Helps me sleep and build up an appetite. It's really not useful for me when I need to do creative or academic work but it sure as hell helps me unwind.

Legalization has worked wonders for my state.

But user, what about all those poor police officers and drug dealers that lost their jobs because of legalization

Yeah, dude, like, totally, man.



m8, i read high literally every day


Look retard, its a fact that when you forget some stuff you learned when high, maybe you will be able to pass some shit like high school when on weed, i know becouse I did, its not for serious stuff

You, my good sir, just happen to be incorrect in this supposition.
t.PhD biochemist who gets high every day

I like weed but I have to agree with him on this one. I find it really hard to read books when high. It's also just a waste of weed.

So this is why we have so many illiterates who claim to read books.

Getting high everyday is different from doing stuff when high, i smoke every evening but try to stay sober in morning cuz i study. But I guess thats all to do with how weed reacts with us, each person is different when it comes to weed. Shit I know this guy that manages to get best grades and he is in the coffeshop (places where they sell and you can smoke the herb in netherlands) all day.

If you can't use weed correctly, that's your problem, not mine and everyone else's who can. Yeah, sure, you're generally less active on weed, but if you take it for granted and don't find ways to exploit it, then you're doing weed wrong. Weed helps you a great deal in trying to enter the zone, and if you haven't figured that out, then you don't get to

"Every day".
Not really. You just have to learn to not take it for granted.

I'm willing to bet that most weed users here are better read than most weed non-users on average.

I was a daily smoker for 2 years, a cunt like you in total denial.

You are proving the fucking point you just missed. The user you are replying to didn't question how much you read, but how much can you actually comprehend and remember if you read while high. Apparently the situation is much worse than you allow yourself to realize.

You know you are already hopeless addict when you adopted a whole dictionary of "insider terms," consider yourself an expert at controlling the substance, anthropomorphize the substance, etc. You are so deeply in denial it practically makes you a conservatard.

I don't know about weed, but LSD definitely helps me with grasping metaphysical concepts. Anyone with me?

If you were a daily smoker and couldn't do anything with it, then good for you for stopping.
No, really, you have to be a special fruit to not smoke explicitly for relaxation and still fail to reap benefits from it. Let me guess, you were really into drug culture when you did that, weren't you?

If that's the level you're on, then why even bother?

Are you this dense? You know that anons can look up the fucking context and see for themselves your mental gymnastics?

How often?

No question. Mushrooms also help me be more spiritual and grounded, when taken every few years

Oh. Oh, you weren't pretending, you're actually this stupid. Okay.

Once or twice a year or so. Used it recreationally frequently during my youth with friends, but now I only do it rarely to ``reset my soul and mind´´ so to speak.

Same, though I recognize there are two kinds of people that come out of both weed and psychedelics. There are those who see the value in them and use them in order to introspect grow as people. Then there are those who just use both substances for hedonistic reasons and don't ever do anything insightful. They seek pleasure as an ends in itself and not as a side effect.

I fucking hate the smell of weed, it's like a mix of body odor and burnt toast.

I don't smoke anything (bad for your lungs tbh) but the idea that a plant with so many uses and so little risk is considered one of the worst drugs ever is blatant insanity. And it's being used to justify racist incarceration and slavery in everything but name. People who are apologists for weed laws are on the same level as apologists for chemically castrating gays but worse because this affects a larger population. (In the US having a felony on your record will keep you from getting most jobs, pushing toward more crime and more time laboring for private prisons).

I smoke (at least) a pack a day, run steady 6km in the mornings, cough all the shit out like it was never there in the first place. Steel lungs, great opera singing voice, you should try it too instead of being a pussy.

I have breathing problems to begin with but ok glad you have something that makes you feel special.

I use it as medicine.
It can be a great tool, if used properly.

Ah, ok. Is it really so bad that you can't even smoke weed? Feel bad for you, mate.
What about taking it with food, though?

Nothing wrong with that. For reference I had lots of secondhand smoke around me as a small child and just being in the presence of smoke or similar particulate matter makes it hard to breathe now.

Nice try, DEA. Sage

It actually can. My best friend smokes weed regularly because of his depression/anxiety disorder and it helps him function as a normal adult. It's a shame that a fucking plant is the catalyst for a disastrous drug war and cultural war against proles.

ITT: addicted snake oil salesmen

Yes user. I am for legalization.

This. Weed is of the devil.

idk about pot but LSD certainly helps you understand what you're reading a lot better



It could be worse. It could have a meth reputation. I went to jail in the south for weed and one of my cell mates was a working, 50-60yo software-engineer and father of 3 and he was worried as fuck because he was thinking 'Who the fuck do I call because I really don't want to explain to my children that daddy smokes meth.' He told me he always parks in a deserted spot and smokes a little meth before work because it gets him through his shift and the code flies right out of him. But this time someone saw him and called the cops on him. Same thing that happened to me except it was my first day in the south. Someone actually called the cops on me and those motherfuckers pulled me over with three squad cars and a K-9 unit an hour later like they had a manhunt for the weed smoking bandit. Final moment of my southern saga was getting pulled over for a traffic violation on my way home and as the old 'No Country for Old Men' cop was going through my arrest record he said 'it says you were arrested for possession of

Were you bullied in school, mentally handicapped or perhaps both?
And? Was life a contest about who lives the longest?
It's not, as long as you're not under-aged and capable of smoking in moderation
Who forces you to buy a pack every day, fucking peat-gavel