What happens once Union membership drops below 10%?

What happens once Union membership drops below 10%?


What happens once these older workers retire?

I dunno, but I'm starting to think we only got maybe 7-8 years to overthrow capitalism, otherwise it's going to be impossible after that.

mien brother, the fun starts when the spectacle is dead. As soon as capitalism thinks it has no more threats that's when its most vulnerable.

the wealthy are paying attention to the rise in socialist sentiment. Thats why they are starting to push UBI

Right, once the unions are gone, and everyone is on UBI, we wont have any power to change things.

read marx


Companies forget how to fight unions, the people reunionise and they get utter cucked.

[picture related], McDonalds workers are starting to unionise around some small union that hasn't been relevant since the 1800s.

Read Bordiga.

I hope they're also looking for a job that wont be replaced in a few years by tech

Read Bob Black

Yeah all those robotic chip fryers are really getting big now.

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I hope you're not drivers or baristas either. Don't say no one warned you.

newfag, people say read bordiga and its just a meme anyway

Thanks for the warning, be sure to keep reminding everyone every time it comes up for a few more years, it really gives off the impression of a guy who knows what's going on in the world.

They've had the ability to automate restaurants for over 100 years.



It's not about tech. It's about profitability.



The restaurant industry has has access to automation tech for decades. They don't do it because they would have to redesign every aspect of their business.

Look up Bacteriophages.


And why do you believe that tech won't become cheaper and better and eventually more profitable than humans in short order, when a "computer" used to be a job 50 years ago?

Marx didn't have anything to say about people on UBI.

From each/to each implies labor is a requisite aspect of consumption, which speaks against UBI


Its quite high here.

because people need to read marx

you have been visited by the nordic penis of high unionization
strikes and labor unrest will come to you but only if you reply "thank you union penis" in this thread

Why is unionization so low in poland and the baltics? Couldn't the soviets at the very least introduce some unions to those savages?

I don't get it. Why shouldn't workers unionize in the mean time before their work is inevitably automized.

What could they possibly lose?

He's the same sort of smug brainlet that has plagued the internet for years. Pretty much everyone on the board except smugfuck dipshit further up has realised your point, but as he can't be proven wrong he will just post his point at any opportunity and fuck off until the next time he gets an opportunity to post his vapid unoriginal thoughts. It's easy smart guy points repeating it on every board, social media site, and thread on the internet since he can completely disengage anything intellectually rigorous by posting it and can't be proven wrong.

I don't care, they can unionize, but in asking for more money collectively across the whole company, they're making the entry cost of automation more and more worth it.

wew, strawman much?

As far as capitalists are concerned wages are already intolerably high. Read Marx.


That's not a strawman you fucking retard. Do one of two things
1) Realise that automation is not an argument against unionisation
2) Fuck off back to reddit where you'll be free to spout Musk-fanboyesque shit and nobody will challenge you

Workplace struggle mediated through unions isn't the only way to engage in class struggle user…



When will the UBI meme die?

I didn't say it was an argument against unionization, I said it will accelerate the material conditions that will make robotics cheaper than human labor.

Does it matter? Unions are dead already, the falling numbers just indicate the rate of decomposition.

The Soviets neutered unions more or less outlawing any meaningful labor movement.

The IWW had it right. Dividing up unions by sectors is fucking stupid.