Questions for "Real" Socialists

I hire a guy called Jim to help me tend to my farm, and I pay in currency him.
What will you guys do?

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So then it's not anarcho-communism. There are no """head honchos"""

counterfeit ur currency

nothing personel kiddo

your currency would be valueless and there'd be no head honcho to punish you

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Why would he want currency when everything he needs is already available free of charge?

There's no """head honcho""" in any forms of anarchism. Rules of communities are decided democratically by those who reside there. In addition to that, currency has no value in communism, because it's either pieces of paper or metal coins we're told are worth something when in reality they're not. Metal coins have little use outside of being paperweights and paper money has no effective use (you could try to write on them, I suppose)
If you "hire" jim to help you tend your farm, and you split the output evenly (I'm assuming it's only you and jim working it) between you and jim, there's no problem

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typical ancom showing his true authoritarian colors


ok first of that would never happen
even of the U.S economy/gov completely collapsed it would become social-democracy/Market-Socialism/maybe state-socialism at most

now on to the hypothetical
Where would he spend the currency???
it would be worthless

the honcho would be the majority of a given vote. It's trading police for mob rule and capital-driven labor for physically coerced labor. Truly a paradise.

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Ok, you're apart of the governance then.


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well that's a given. everyone is part of governance

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So it will be illegal?
How very anarcho of you.

i mean gift, i forgot we dont have any monies now

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my comrade


So no one in america will try to follow old way?(I.E. try to bring back currency, like gold and stuff)

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So you're house would be free of charge in an Ancomtopia?

aslong as there are non-compulsory property rights then

yeah user that's actually how it works


First smart commie in this thread.

I am not a communist???????????????

no problem fam

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People for years have been using currency, you can't just get rid of that over night.

yes we can, let's just counterfeit it


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I'm a classical liberal you retard.


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So it will be illegal?
What a true anarchy this world would be.

do you know what counterfeit means?


It means that, that money is fake and is illegal to use as real money.

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communism is individualist

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Funny, I say the same thing about you commie scum.

all money is fake and in ancom the lack of a state to back and enforce the validity of currency would make counterfeiting invalidate any use for currency as a means of exchange.

im not an expert in AnCom but most AnComs reject the concept of currency outright
so if this hypothetical society still used money then it likely couldnt be considered full blown AnCom
Labor vouchers/Mutal Aid/voluntary collectivism etc

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How is that relevant to counterfeiting rendering currency impossible to use for exchange thus sabotaging any attempts by people to revert t using currency?

Come get 'em.

oh i get it, you just have no idea what you're talking about

Gold for example.

An-com = Anarchal Communism

post-left anarchy =/= anarcho-communism
it's literally a rejection of communism in anarchy. but you've proven you're the brainlet of all brainlests so I don't expect this to make sense to you


So the com part doesn't stand for communism? They what does the cap part of Ancap stand for?

ancom = anarcho-communism
ancap = anarcho-capitalism
post-left anarchy =/= either

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socialism should be everyone's hand in everyone's back pocket

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We would put a bullet in you and give the farm to Jim.

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Well it is the way of allah so of course they will

Like the Commies of old and the kulaks, during kulak genocide.


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Why would anyone accept shiny rocks or pieces of paper when they have no value in this society? There is no decentralized production. You can get what you need/want from society.

There's nothing stopping me from going out into a field, declaring myself king, and demanding everyone submit to me, but no one is going to listen to me and most likely I'll just be laughed at or ignored.

Because some people would put value of them. Kings gain power through might, and the power gained by their for fathers.