So basically, Holla Forums is the inferior version of Holla Forums?

What's wrong with normal Holla Forums? I find it quite entertaining. From what I've seen so far, this is just a faggot/ dumbed down version of Holla Forums.

why can't we just kill anyone who is under the age of 25

we would stop having dumb posts like this and we would also end humanity

win-win tbh

Holla Forums can barely name 5 books that aren't Tolkien

what does this have to do with the quality of a politics board?
Holla Forums bans every mention of leftist political theory. Holla Forums doesn't.

last time i went to 4/pol/ communist threads were just spammed with bbc cuckold porn that Holla Forums users had saved on their computers

They shouldn't, I think censoring anything political makes things less interesting. The only thing I dislike about Holla Forums is they were wrong about the 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Jews🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧. Blaming the Jews is like blaming white men for all that was wrong.

This pic reminds me why I hate tattoos. Fucking disgusting.😖🔫

Google Bookchin

Why do you guys need "communist general" threads when you post on 4/pol/? Just go into existing discussion threads and discuss. Not only is it a much more effective (guerilla) tactic for spreading your ideas if that's what you want to do, but also generals tend to be cancer regardless unless they're for a very specific purpose (like the ones where anons would pore through newly leaked WikiLeaks files and determine which ones has important/interesting information).
Start your own threads if you want, but the purpose is supposed to be to encourage discussion and if it doesn't go the way you want that's fine, but just you being there and engaging should make an impact. Don't overdo it. 4/pol/ has an anarchist, pirate, and communist flag now and maybe some others you guys might be interested in using sometimes. 4/pol/ has been pretty garbage lately and really the only reason I still use halfchan at all is because it's magnitudes more active than Holla Forums but I think it has potential to become better. Sometimes it can be kind of funny, the memes that came out of the Vegas shooting I found pretty nice for instance.
P.S. that one Spaniard (Catalonian?) who keeps making "Marxist-Leninist" generals on 4/pol/ and just spamming them with communist reaction images he has saved without ever really engaging anyone needs to fucking quit please.
t. 4/pol/ and Holla Forums user who's felt like posting something like this here for a while

How? Considering the amount of Holla Forumsyp faggotry we see sperged out on this board (see the SOUP'D thread) how could Holla Forums ever get better?

then fuck off if you don't like it here.

this post reminds me why I hate black people

Actually in the long term I think halfchan needs to die off but I don't know how realistic that is. Holla Forums has experienced (majority) shifts in ideology before (from right-wing libertarian to fascist for instance) so it's not out of the question to say they might turn left-wing in the future if certain circumstances allow.
Reddit and other assorted cancer is an issue too though, and 4/pol/ currently seems to be the main entry point for said cancer to join halfchan, see pic related

Then Google Bob Black

come on, fam

With the amount of Holla Forums brainlets who post their shit here constantly, what difference does it make if we're here or there?




physically impossible

anglo by birth, not by blood

You're so white I bet you unironically listen to Stormzy.

i am simply posting on the board that i consider superior

No. Holla Forums is about being politically incorrect. However Holla Forums is virtually an unfiltered mouthpiece for political correctness.