Sargon of Akkad officially blown the fuck out

It's 2 hours but luckily, Martin Hughes wrote out Sargon's 3 main arguments and took them apart very easily on his website.

"Notes on My Disturbing Discussion with Sargon of Akkad"

And here's the debate video.

I know we don't like social justice here, but I thought it would be productive to educate the mongs here who like siding with alt light youtubers on complicated social issues. You know who you are and aren't.

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You sound like a retarded faggot.

Who fucking cares?

In what way?

People interested in seeing the opposition ruined.

In the way that you're one of the movement wrecking shits that has been derailing every single thing about leftism for years and replacing it with milquetoast liberal identity politics.

Great I'll read his awesome rebuttals that apparently he couldn't convincingly make during the debate itself. Martin should make a YouTube video about it. Of course, he won't because he's lazy and making videos is a lot harder than slapping together a written draft and uploading it to a Wordpress blog. The left's abandonment of YouTube and its wrongheaded obsession with persecuting anodyne, but popular personalities is a mistake that ultimately comes down to the fact it requires more work and more dedication to engage on YouTube than to tweet your random thoughts from your phone while taking a shit.

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m8, if Sargon and Hughes are the intellectual leaders of our time, it's time to glass the planet immediately.

And don't forget the racist ban on murder which disproportionately targets blacks.

Nice implication. Shame your initial sassy strawman in your OP doesn't make you less of a faggot no matter how many times you throw it at the board. Social justice types like yourself are the greatest tumour in existence as far as leftism is concerned. You, and your friends, are all movement wrecking twitter posting little shits.

Don't think that's what he was saying, but epic strawman nonetheless


im sorry but theres just too many shills on the internet

This assumes that liberals would automatically go with what you want if they merely ignored identity politics entirely. Nothing could be further from the truth historically, identity politics has been part of the US's fabric since its birth. Nothing about the principles of social justice movements are contradictory to criticizing capitalism, as we've seen time after time with groups such as with top members of the black panthers being closet MLs.

If you're arguing that identity politics isn't helping anything materially well then neither is anime or water, yet we still like these things and we will like it no matter what because it is part of opposition theory to mass social oppression but we get it, you're uninformed on any actual social justice theory just like Sargon who hasn't sat through any real social justice course.

If you want something to blame, blame the big red states for failing and starting an erra of anti soviet propaganda that obliterates any discussion for it. Blame the opposition who has so successfully set the narrative and robbed us of revolutionary politics. Any revolutionary potential in black uprising has been openly destroyed with bullshit like mass incarceration and that is due to the opposition entirely, not social justice theory demanding capitalism. That's not what it does at all.

Lastly, if you would actually read up on "liberal" identity politics, you would know all of this and that it doesn't need to contradict materialist thinking at all. In fact it encourages it because to not do so would be sheer victim blaming, an attribute of the opposition.

Found the retard.


Meant this

for this

BLM has been concerned more about police brutatlity and poverty from the start. The narrative you're trying to set is racists shifting the debate in their favor. Every march has been largely about police brutality and poverty but ok, stay in your echo chamber and blame us without reading anything instead of blaming the opposition. They are the market fundamentalists, not us.

I'm trying to say both those things as well as racism arise from the conditions created by capitalism itself, so merely focusing on one attribute of capitalism and its relation to a single groups instead of the system itself boxes any meaningful movement into the realm of identity instead of class as any revolutionary momentum is killed the moment reformative measures are taken to appease those of the identity group.

No, it arises from racism in positions of power. We can mitigate these crimes severely with simple regulation and state intervention.

So racism arises from conditions created by capitalsim. All race based problems ultimately relate to the functions of a class system.

Never knew that capitalism gave people an unconscious bias for those that look like them that is even present in infants.

No, that's a gross oversimplification. Legacy preferences in colleges favoring white people ,for example, has much more to do with the basic structure of the system than any one person in power having racist beliefs. You can't chalk it all up to powerful people being racist.

literally who?

Besides, xexizy held his own against him already.
Carl isn't some towering intellectual figure

In capitalism it is the structures of power that exist that allow race related abuse to occur and generates conditions in which people must find ways to justify their economic position. In the end no one should really care if some prick has some racist opinions, all that matters is that the power structures aren't there for anyone to act on them. Also, are you arguing racism is natural?

I'd say its as natural as speciesism. Blaming things like that beating of a retarded white guy by a few black thugs on capitalism because "capitalism allows it occur" is a line of logic I refuse, it supposes that all happens is allowed, that there is no difference between being allowed to and having the ability to do so. This sort of logic can only lead to a system of total control, impossible control even.

I take that back.
He shouldn't be considered an intellectual figure, but to deranged teenagers and sad lonely twenty year olds who hangs out on youtube all day, he's centrist jesus

No, racism is as old as human civilization and you can't just say this shit without demonstrating anything. Are you now going to argue against world history too?

No they don't. Racism is not always related to class. Unconscious bias in police profiling is not related to class. Rejecting equally trained black participants is not related to class.

Legacy preferences and college board members are positions of power. They have the power to turn down any racism and not be run into the ground.

No, you're not understanding the situation here. Legacy preferences unfairly benefit white people because white people on average are more likely to have had parents that went to one college or another. So you have a situation where the system is biased towards one group because of the structure of that institution and society in general. It has little to do with racist people looking at the applications.

Oh please, it's hardly like Sargon puts any fucking effort into videos either, he gets paid like 1k to ramble over a still picture for an hour

Is he dare I say.,. /ourguy/?

bro, state is the main cause of racism, right next to capital

Actually, it is niggers. Racism is the logical conclusion of the nigger's existence.

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Having more black police officers wouldn't solve the problem of poor people being shot, it wouldn't even solve the problem of black people being shot by black officers have been shown to shoot black suspects at equal rates to white officers. Even worse, judges have been shown to be harsher to juvenile members of the same race.

Defending Bill Clinton to own the libs

Liberals in this thread. Lel. Get the fuck out of here

what movement? at what point did the left have anything to wreck? Unionists got beat(in both meanings of the word) in the streets by the very people they were trying to help. The spread of what you're bemoaning came after the left's failure to deliver the revolution, not in opposition to it.

Someone give this guy a Nobel.

No, there are many regulations and methods the state can use to make black communities safer and end broken windows policing, this has been demonstrated time after time.

Again, you fail to see nuance or attack an actual argument.

We see this used in capitalist states all the time. The state has thousands of regulations and law already in place, what's a couple more regulating the police departments? Nothing…..unless you're a closet racist or terribly uninformed.

He also ranted about the liberal bourgeois.
He's basically an intellectually dishonest cunt.
Whenever it's convenient, he'll borrow socialist rhetoric and appropriate it for a liberal talking points. He's literally said we need a "healthy bourgeoisie" before, but will shit on them if it suits his purpose.

Glad to hear you say combating racism can be subsumed into the capitalist state. This is the kind of honesty wee need from proponents of idpol.

no one is arguing that communism will fix the world's problems but it will stop a lot of the problems as many have their roots or start at the problems caused by capitalism.