Jimmy Dore's liberal watchers ENRAGED...

Jimmy Dore's liberal watchers ENRAGED, mass downvoting and LEAVING IN DROVES after witnessing him argue with his wife on video. Jimmy Dore Show IN SHAMBLES!


Offending material starts @ 4:32

Lol his argument makes sense why is everyone leaving?


Whenever I see Americans displaying outrage about something, I can not understand it. Burgers are like aliens to me. I can not understand them.

Well what the fuck do they argue about OP? tldw

It's shit, they have a mild disagreement that seems pretty much pointless about whether the Weinstein thing is about sex or power (I personally agree with her but w/e) for like a minute.

A lot of lefties have gotten used to mistrusting people that they haven't had sex with.

Brainwashed feminist believes that women's power comes from their bodies. The triggered viewers who downvoted stood up for body parts.

America is a strange and frightening place.

lol been watching jimmy dore for a while and didn't realize steph was his wife. explains why she's still on the show. she doesn't really offer anything.

How will he ever recover?

Lel they'd be further triggered once Jimmy drops some rape jokes huehuehue

They are savage animals and must be culled to the last man like rabid dogs. Apart from that they're okay

I do think he cuts her off sometimes rather rudely and seems like he doesn't respect her opinion very much. Does he hate the fact that his wife bulllied him into a token spot on the show when she has no apparent comedic talent and rarely anything meaningful to add?

And you know what, Jimmy, [states the obvious].


Out of all the Jimmy Dore posts this one is without a doubt the worst on this board I have ever seen

Who gives a shit lol

Jimmy is enhanced when he has other people to play off IMO. Should probably get someone better though.

Literally pic related


That's cuz burgers (Homogenus-Americanus) ain't human, they're a subspecies distantly related to modern man that split from humans living in Europe 400 to 200-years-ago. Divergent evolution basically created "people" best suited for life in American culture. To get technical, people with the fewest brain cells to lose from watching Fox News and most likely to live till at least 30 before developing type 2 diabetes from eating fast food with a calorie count of over 9000 on a daily basis. See pic related for detailed depiction of anatomical differences.

Lemme steal dis…

The power thing? Yea of course he's right. A large porky hollywood mogul vs. Upcoming B-list celebrity

Lmao coming from a Brit, the most reactionary people on the planet, responsible for the most heinous imperialism in history? I'm so offended…

Go back to sipping tea you yellow toothed inbred mutant.

oh boy afrojism's here to sperg out about how he hates burgers again, what an improvement to this thread he makes



Britain is the most obese country in Europe though.



What argument? Are you actually asking me to prove that Americans are a subspecies? I didn't realize this was a debate…

Tell me, what is a proper counter argument to ?

proofs or back to banning tableware, drawings and looking at things

N-no, your mum's the most obese country in Europe so there!

That's France, dipshit.


It runs in the family

so Vacuums and Guns, then :^)


non-SJW leftism always collapses the minute some cunt or minority is offended

Not Britain.