Convince me why you are right and Holla Forums is wrong

Convince me why you are right and Holla Forums is wrong

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Reversal: Why would you believe we are wrong and Holla Forums is right?

Because Trump is a nigger baby lover.


Genius response. Well played sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Upvoted.

Nazis simply want to subvert and control the current system to their means.

We want to destroy it and rebuilt from the ashes.

You didn't answer my question, nigger faggot.

Oh I'm sorry here is the real reason op.


look at these graphs

Sorry mods I posted this multiple times by accident pls don't delete this one


I'm one hundred percent for antifa shooting liberal democracy

Yep, this is actually what feminism is about. Kill all the men.

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no, feminism is about the person wearing the boot having a vagina instead of a dick


Capitalism will grind your bones into dust in an ethnostate anyways.

Plus the logistics of creating such a thing are near impossible.

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Because under gynocracy aka socialism, THIS will become the norm! Don't you want to empower wymyn too?(USER WAS BANNED FOR HAVING AUTISM)


Lose your virginity, everyone else finds it perfectly easy to do so.

do you take pcp before trolling or something? where'd you even get any of this


but they can't until there's an ethnostate because all of the other races are in a conspiracy to make white men beta cucks

Stop denying the truth normie. Take the blackpill you so dearly desire.

Right about what? Also, we're NOT right.
we're left :^)
wrong about what? You need to be more specific.

Holla Forums thinks they are going to change the current system, when their ideology does nothing but enforce the system even more, plus bonus ethnic policies.

Holla Forums wants an ethnostate and to potentially genocide other races - but fail to see they are what they accuse the jews of being.

Holla Forums wants a communal direct democracy and to potentially genocide porkies - but fail to see they are really just advocating switching boots from one form of statism to the next.

Both spend 90% of their time calling eachother faggots and fedora tipping. Sometimes it's funny.

if you really had a problem with hypothetical boots you wouldn't be ignoring the boot you're licking right now

At the end of the day they are both chantards who believe they can change the world from mom's basement or sisters basement if you are leftypol.




pick 1

If someone physically forcing you in to an economic and political system because you're in a democratic minority isn't authoritarianism and isn't a state, what exactly do you think a state is?

pick 1

Nigga every society is based on physical coercion otherwise it would fall the fuck apart


democracy is a spook fam

Yes, it's much better to have a minority coercing the majority against their will

Reminder that your own stupid revolution will be just as "authoritarian".

t. Engels

Notice how I didn't say democracy and I just said every society

literally impossible

literally inevitable

Any system that strives to serve the "greater good" will only serve a plurality, at the expense of the humanity of the whole. The irony of the communist, is they see capitalism as the root failure of modern civilization, not authoritarianism. They seek to replace bosses and rulers with mobs, but fail to see they have merely reconfigured the same components to suit the same ends using the same means, but with more people involved.

You seem to awfully a big moral fag for someone using an anarcho nihilist flag

That's just a black flag with lighting effects.

read, faggot

The only "minority" that gets oppressed under the DotP is the bourgeoisie. And no one is oppressed under communism, because bourgeois society has disappeared by that stage in development.

If you want to change society, you have to use "authoritarian" means. That includes you. And in every society, not everyone is going to get what they want all of the time, including whatever utopia you have dreamed up.



Communists redefine the state to have a different meaning than anarchists. Communism is anti-capitalist and thus defines the state in terms of maintaining the class structure; anarchy is anti-authoritarian and thus defines the state in terms of the use of coercive force against others





Anarchism is also anti-capitalist you dingus, considering it too is authoritarian.

Are you an ancap or some kind of post-left faggot?

Because proles are definitely made to work under capitalism.

I'm a post-left faggot

Yeah, basically. Unless you're suggesting a return to feudalism.

you're a disgrace to the flag, m8.

you're a fucking authoritarian anarchist m8

So, basically, your "theory" is
I understand you so much better now.

So out of curiosity how would your society work without going into chaos and allowing just anybody to use, but it's okay because it's not systematic?

Calling other people authoritarian is, like, so authoritarian, man.

I don't have a theory. If anyone had a political and economic theory that worked, we wouldn't be debating it. I'm just clarifying that anarchism, in my understanding, is anti-authoritarian and communism is not. Taking things to their logical ends, I don't feel comfortable endorsing one form of authoritarianism over the other.

I thought Holla Forums hated nihilism and deemed it degenerate though? Is this an incel thing?

Places full of those can be fun tho.

Go home, Rand.

It's user you commie scum.

So basically you're an idealist who doesn't know how politics work. Good to know!

what did he mean by this?


I think that was obvious.

Oh, you think if one theory is "correct" it everyone automatically agrees with it and its instantly implemented all over the world? How's that liberal idealism going for you?

It's funny how a person who admits he doesn't have any theory wants to lecture anyone else on their beliefs. Especially when the people here have actually done their homework and read theory.

Mad Max villians.

because Holla Forumss variant of nationalism does not take into account/ignores or offers no solutions regarding historical materialism

Most of us are materialists, user.

Nationalism has nothing in regards to historical materialism because nationalism has nothing to do with reality.

How do I get a flag?

Hmmm….. an anarchist faggot is going on about muh force and this meme gets posted here ass well as this thread with the classical liberal… that's a really weird coincidence…. It's almost like they're the same person right?

I really wish I was the smart handsome chap who made this thread.

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Click on the drop-down box under "flag" and pick the flag of your choosing.



Oooh. You're getting close.

Now, what do you think is the force behind what makes people adopt new systems?

Something you clearly don't understand and was made irrelevant by historical and dialectical materialism.

I love how you say this immediately after citing the Hegelian dialectic.

I don't agree with Hegel's dialectic, I was pointing out the irony in your rejection of it considering your flag

I actually love that picture.

But that doesn't make any sense, if colectivists get the bullet too, it means someone other than collectivists is getting shot, and since "collectivism" is a boogeyman rather than a philosophy that anyone adheres to and only exists in dichotomy to individualism you're implying some individualists are getting shot.

You might like Hegel, he was almost as big an idealist as you. His thoughts were a bit more refined, though.

Jesus christ could you be more insufferably pedantic? Go tip your fedora somewhere else.

It's a parody of the antifa saying.

Wew there lad. I've only read a handful of books, I'm no academic.

All I'm saying is that you ought to at least read about the shit you're attempting to criticize before coming on here trying to criticize our ideology with these liberal-tier platitudes.

I'm not a fan of Antifa, so no.

There's nothing there that implies that was antifa.

That was at a Berkeley riot. You know, the place antifa went, and destroyed businesses.

I see. Though i think it's worth pointing out that antifa isn't an actual organization so much as a common banner.

A commendable initiative.

antifa is not know for condemning liberals or using the sickle and hammer. could have been an unrelated communist

Hurting peoples lively hood.


you say that like it's a bad thing. remind us, why the fuck are you here again?

To talk to extremists. I also talk to the Nazis on pol.