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Learn to program. There will be no other jobs which will be able to pay off your student loans.

What are your degrees in, btw? Did you work at all before college or just entering the workforce?

Every single day seems like I'm living in a god damn nightmare. This administration is hell. Every day fucking seems worse than the last, painting a bleaker bleaker picture of our future. The breaking point for me personally was making fucking porky employers the ability to deny me contraceptives and birth control because of "religious rights reasons". They want to make it as hard for me to live safely without just fucking getting knocked up and it's sickening.

I'm in college I'm exhausted completeltnfucking tied to debt and to be honest I just want to craw into the fetal position laughing like Sam Neil at the end of In The Mouth of Madness and completely snapping

The bullshit going on a daily basis is just. Making my depression at least ten fold fucking worse I don't even know if I want to complete college anymore but I've invested so much fucking money and time and what else would I do i just. I can't deal with this fucking bullshit another god damn day

hey, keep your head high. kopf hoch!

Euro here I have some questions about burgerland.
Is it true you have to pay shit loads of money if you break your arm?
Is america dangerous?
Do americans really believe global warming is fake?
Is it true that public school is horrifying there?
Do you really drink milk at meals? like holy fuck that makes you fat

That 100% depends on what those degrees are, user.

is this pasta?

Yes we have to pay shitloads of money if we break our arm. Or anything else. It's a nightmare. And what's amazing is before this it was even worse.

And basically yeah everything else.

Living here lately feels like you're going fucking mad

I typed it myself

Depends on the area.
Many do, mostly boomers.
Yes, but some districts are worse than others.
Most formal meals sure.

America has been in decline since roughly the 1970s. We'll get to see the collapse together, fellow millennial debt-slave. My best advice is get an RV or a van that you can live in. I'm not being snarky, this is what my friends are doing.

Holy shit so much for the first world, the freedom, the progress, etc.. Also thanks eternal boomer

To be honest I just plan expating to a nice place with generous immigration laws. I have become the Americana refugee

Yes. Even with insurance you'll be paying a bit out of pocket. If you don't have insurance you'll have creditors hounding you for years.
Can be. Really depends on the area. Ghetto at night == instarape, but most places aren't terrible.
Some certainly do. I don't live in the south, I think it's more common down there.
Again depends on area. Schools are funded on local taxes, so rich areas have nice schools, poor areas have poor schools, and really rich areas have private schools. Some religious schools are private as well. They vary by region.
It isn't uncommon. I did as a kid. My parents still do.

Burger here, glad to try and answer your questions to the best of my ability
It depends. I have a job with heatlh insurance, so I would pay very little. You can get state-sponsored health insurance like Medicaid, which helps with bills. If it's an emergency, no hospital will turn you down and if you can't pay, usually the hospitals will pass the bill to the govt and the taxpayers pick up the difference (it's how illegal immigrants get emergency services). In short, it really depends.

America is massive so there is no single answer to this. Some cities like Detroit are dangerous as fuck, but America is pretty safe overall. It's mostly inner cities that have dangerous areas, similar to Europe.

A lot of them do, including Trump. Most people who reject climate change view it as a conspiracy meant to impose a global tax on everything you do, working towards a global, one-world govt. You can see why Alex Jones is popular here.

I have only been to school in the US, so I don't have a reference point, but it was ok for me. Again, it totally depends on the city and state. Poor, inner city schools are nightmares, middle-upper class schools are usually very nice.

I'm sure some people do, but milk isn't as popular of a drink as it used to be. It's not the milk that makes people fat here, it's the soda and processed sugars and fats in literally everything we eat.

As an expat it's pretty depressing if you don't already know people in the new area though. Also pretty much everywhere worth going is a place where people will hate you for being a burger

You need to recognize there is no administration that will work towards your goals. All administrations are hell. The state itself is hell.

What does this even mean? I don't get condoms from my employer, I buy them. My employer has nothing to do with my contraception so I don't exactly get what you mean. Isn't birth control like $20/mo over the counter?

Oh, that's why you lack perspective.

The idea is to leverage your degree to get out of debt. Stopping now would leave you with the same problem but no leverage.

Get over it. You call yourself a revolutionary?

That's why I always say I'm Canadian when traveling abroad

You are being an absolute cunt for no reason rn

You can do your whole fucking muh privilege shit somewhere else too. The only person whom doesn't have perspective about people's problems is you

Everyone is misreable right now get over yourself and stop being a jaded fuck

Just a damn X-ray take costs $100+ dollars without insurance in a hospital. Doctors are pathetically incompetent as well, and this is coming from someone who lived in a 3rd world country for most of his life. Some places have their own medical services, but you also have to wait 2 to 3 months between appointments, doctors treat you like shit and refuse to treat you for more than 1 illness per appointment, so if while waiting for the appointment something else happens, thought luck. Getting treated by specialized doctors is a nightmare too. I have been waiting to be seen by gastro for 11 fucking months now and the damn family doctors still don't transfer me there.

Not having healthcare, job stability, or being drowned in debt is a danger on itself. Add to that the street crime and the proliferation of guns and there you have it.

Obviously not all, probably not the majority, but a sizable population do.

I'm an immigrant so I haven't experienced it myself, but someone close to me works at a school and it's atrocious, at laest for special needs kids.

I drink milk for breakfast, but that's a custom I have from my home country.

This movement is really fucked if we ever try to get a revolution going.

Basically unless you're on state medicaid
Yes, unless you're a white male
They don't stop there. Watch the documentary Jesus Camp.
Me and my siblings have firsthand witnessed people getting sent to the hospital at our public high school.
Mostly just kids. Also, milk doesnt have a terrible amount of saturated fats, and sugar is the thing that ends up aiding the most to obesity. And kids here are conditioned to eat a shit ton of sweets. I like milk, but I am aware its as dense in calories as soda.

I'm slapping some sense into some whiny cunt to give some fucking perspective. Screeching about $20 birth control and not liking college. Who fucking cares, 8ch isn't your tumblr.

or jewish
or asian
or not black
bc of blacks tbh

For most people yes, tho tbh it costs a lot for health insurance and it's expensive to get harmed in any way here

City's can get pretty dicey, but they vary depending on where in the city and what city. The country isn't that dangerous unless you're in a meth county and/or in the south/bible belt/Appalachia and you're black/hispanic


Not all the time but it can be pretty bad in poor areas

Sometimes people do it but it isn't like a regular thing here, it's mostly kids who drink it.

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I'm a brown dude who's got a genuine appreciation for Southern culture. Would it really be that bad?

There are more liberals and leftists in the south than people think. especially the southwest.

Yeah, but usually most people when referring to "the south" mean the area from the southern east coast to Texas

Also i was specifically talking about the rural party of that area.

Urban areas in the south aren't that bad, rural southern areas it could potentially be

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They couldn't even listen to your word selection. Proves how superficial and non-scientific lefties are.

Learn a standard accent?

You don't have to worry about finding a job if you aren't looking for one.

I'd say a country can only be considered 1st world country if it has eliminated all poverty, like the nordics for example. Not the case here. US is a 2nd world country at best.

who this anime

That isn't how it works. 2nd world is/was the Communist bloc.


I knew amerifats would get defensive on this lol

There will be no jobs where you can pay off student loans. The debt itself is an asset that can be traded for more money than the actual debt itself, even with interest.

At least you have the ability to feel, I think I lost that a long time ago. Just know you're not alone, no matter how alone this fucking hellhole feels.

Interneships man. Wish they told me about that shit earlier.

Medical insurance and corporations are fucked here. With all that money we spend on military you'd think we'd be able to provide a basic state health service
I live in the state with the highest crime and arrest rate so for my case yes but I never been robbed or gotten in a fight so there's that. Some places are safer then others. It's definitely a lot safer up North.
A surprising amount sadly. However, that is slowly changing and as our coast erodes here in the south people are starting to wake up to global warming. A lot of fisherman definitely think it's happening but they buy into the whole "GUBMENT WANTS TO IMPLEMENT CARBON TAX" spook
Public school wasn't horrifying per say but the education quality was poor especially if you lived in a city in the South (the poorest region with the worst education). You have to pay money to go to a nice private school for a quality education. That worked for me for a while but then I got kicked out of private school and I had no where to go but public school. There were also a lot of fights and cops got called regularly and eventually the school had it's own police force but that's when I graduated high school. Idk how bad it's gotten but some public schools have metal detectors here. Also drug dogs would come every now and again to sniff lockers. That's the police state for ya
Not really tbh but they do serve milk bags in elementary school. Most people I know drink orange juice, water, or some type of soft drink

I don't have a computer-related degree but programming is how I'm getting rid of the debt I took on. In less than a year I'll have them paid off, and I'm not even 30 yet. Though that has meant paying $1000+ towards the loans every month for the last few years.

I got lucky though (by burger standards). Most people won't. Programming is just the only kind of job (that I know of, anyway) that you can do reasonably at without training that still pays a wage that allows one to save even a small amount of money.

At least in some spots on the west and east coast, programming jobs are still expanding a lot so there's demand and the pay is high. There are still other career paths that pay out though. Teaching is good pay and still has a union, IT technicians can make as much as programmers and there are jobs for that all over, various medical techs are well paid.

Not for long sionista

They've been working to privatize the schools and crush the unions for a long time and they're just starting to fold in places like Wisconsin. The teachers unions will probably last a few more decades.

I would add that teaching and med. techs both require a higher amount of training/education/certification, but are indeed worth pursuing. (they also likely require drug-tests, which a lot of programming/tech jobs don't).

I don't know that I've heard of teacher pay being all that good, but at least it is a stable profession that isn't super likely to be automated away in the next 10-20 years or so - not that it couldn't get automated, just that the infrastructure behind the conventional school model is pretty entrenched.

As an aside, I wouldn't recommend that anyone move out west for a tech job. The cost of living will literally kill you before you find a job that pays.

Out east is a good idea if you can get an infosec position. For security reasons they aren't outsourced like most east-cost coding has been.

-Though you'll probably never get secret clearance because you've posted on Holla Forums so that might not be worth pursuing for you either.

Teaching pay is surprisingly decent, starts at like 60k and can go up to around 80 depending on the area. Not bad for a stable job with summers off. And yah for tech everything got so centralized around SF and LA that you need the big paycheck just to make rent. I've thought about moving into infosec since it seems more interesting than building crud web apps for the millionth time but I've heard some scary stories about the clearance process too. Can you get anything in that field without clearance?

I personally do but most people I know either drink pop or alcohol (cheap beer usually, I'm from an impoverished family)

name a better left wing american group

protip: you cannot

In my state you'll be lucky to make 30k starting out.

Thanks Republicans

It's not even about "getting defensive"
If i hold out a handful of spaghetti and say "look at my supercomputer" I'd rightfully get called a retard be cause by definition it's not a supercomputer
This is akin to what you are doing, you are a retard and your definition is incorrect

Definitely - I don't think most pentesters or security analysts have clearances, but there's a big market for infosec skilled folk with clearance around DC and on the east-coast more generally. (thought you might have to accept working for weapons manufacturers, which could run counter to your ethics).

Getting in somewhere and building crud web apps might be a good way to get the resume-bait that security people look for if you can get the web app company to pay for any kind of certification that says you know how to test web app security (prove that they need it by running the OWASP top 10 against their app - it'll probably break somewhere) Alternatively, if you have a run-of-the-mill IT job you might be able to get them to pay for Security+ certification, or maybe even OSCP if you're up for that, which would also be a good foot in the door at a company that does security consulting/testing.

Even in the "new" terminology, 2nd world is "industrializing", which the USA isn't. The USA is going the very opposite of industrializing

get the fuck out of here, seriously get out

unless you're muh labor aristocracy and have really good insurance, yes
Depends. If you're a white dude, only the ghetto is really dangerous, and cops are generally nice to you (unless you're a meth head or something). For white women, street harassment is pretty common. If someone rapes you, the cops will probably never give a shit (unless you're rich and your rapist is a black). They'll have you do a kit, and then just throw it on the growing mound of untested ones they're too cheap to process.
A lot of us do, yeah. Mostly 40+ white people who do nothing but work / collect SS and watch MSM, though.
yeah… I was raised drinking a few glasses of milk a day, but I don't really do that shit anymore

If you're black or queer, then yes, this country is very dangerous. The cops and legal system are literally dystopian.

Ignore these idiots user. America is huge. Every part is shit in its own special way. I take it back. Listen to what they say. It they say something that contradicts another ano both are still true. America is hell.