How will the right ever recover from this devastating blow?


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WTF I'm a commie now


The OP is about capitalists. Your post implies unironic Nazis have any sex at all.


Women. Not men.

It's obvious leftism wants to empower the gynocracy even more and create even more incels.

Have you ever had sex with a woman? If you make a woman cum once, its triggers a biological process that makes her want to cum again, and again, and again, and so on. Rather than your missionary lie-back-and-think-of-england-while-the-bishop-holds-your-hand in out spurt baby made job done bullshit.

I can see you have never spend days on end giving and receiving orgasms. I pity you

(good sex is literally communism)

It's horrible, never make a woman cum, she'll never leave you alone unless you're a total piece of shit.

it is you who I truly pity

it is tbh

This is of no surprise to anyone.

t.Al Bundy

This is literally not the case, the USSR is famous for its strong family values. It just meant mum and dad got it on a lot and produced lots of commie babies (thats how the population of the ussr grew over the course of the communist experiment)

I thought communists thought monogamy was a spook and that children had to be raised communally like in Africa.

Communists generally think do whatever you want with your cock and hole. If that is a nuclear family, so be it. Given the orthodox background of most Russians at the time this is what they chose.

the children did however receive communal education and healthcare and other things, which is why infant mortality plummeted and literacy race sky rocketed.

I personally think the best way to raise children in a socialist state would be large collective orphages (except for children at large, not just orphans). That way children are raised by professionals who's job it is to raise children, armed with everything we know about psychology in order to create the best, most well rounded future citizens. Just because a woman and man fuck, doesn't mean they should be forced to give up a portion of their lives raising the child. Why do people assume the atomic family is the ONLY way to raise a child? Some parents just aren't ready for it.

Could you not? You're making the rest of us look bad.

Fuck off you fucking idiot

Implying women who let you bust nuts are repulsive. IMO theyre a godsend.
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Capital may allow attractive females to leverage their vaginas to gain socioeconomic status. But with socialism they can actually be with men they legitimately like and not have to lie to themselves anymore. Also less miserable incels like myself around.

fuck you guys are pathetic

Cope. Hypergamy is genetic, not muh capitalist. Humans are not exempt from having biological behavior patterns despite what Holla Forums would have you believe. Socialism as you described is merely the sexual free market unleashed, and will generate more incels like us.


benis in bagina::DDD

Why are you guys so bully-able?

Because unlike pretty much every other idpoler they've adopted virginity as an identity, which is probably the least defensible of them all. There are plenty of virgins that don't have it as a part of their identity, but this obsessiveness of theirs coupled with the lashing out is one of the most pathetic things on the internet.

Yes, because in the enlightened West, technology has been put into service of humankind, thus freeing women from this burden forever.


The only repulsive whores I see are the ones crying about women's sexuality, for it is truly a profound kind of jealousy

Why should right recover? This is a praise to the right!

By making women thinking your dick is repugnant for over a century, you've won it all.

Family relationships will be strengthened under communism, because they will be entered into out of pure affection and love and not out of economic coercion or because of muh tradishuns

Point out where the problem is, please.

gee, who would've guessed

What about women (male)

you are proposing at least 10 gigazizeks of self-harm ideology, faggot

Communal living, evidenced by the Kibbutz, mostly results in extended multi-generational families, stable monogamous relationships, and men and woman gravitating towards traditional roles organically. This is without institutionalized marriage and forced gender roles. Every time this has been tried, its collapsed due to children and mothers demanding out. I talked about it a bit in this thread inb4 le nature

capitalism already provides communal raising of children
Have you faggots ever visited kindergarten or school?

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Public schools are cultural marxist indoctrination centers where children are taught that miscegenation and trannies are normal, this is evidenced by the fact that it is forced by the state and homeschooling is banned.

Absolutely none of that is true.

shhhhh let him fantasize in peace.



We're hitting levels of delusion that were once though to be impossible for man to reach.

Saying that materialists have better sex is like saying that gamers are better at Super Mario.

I thought Not Socialists wanted to continue the white race or something

Never seen a girl this cute at my branch meetings :^(

eat shit, this board a about real problems not getting your dick wet, I am a virgin too, but atlas I ain't a slack jawed reactionary shithead like you who must vomit his idiocy everywhere till his idiocy is like some sort of fucking plagued

I wonder if you would say the same for the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Koch's etc.


He's so salty.

Who else here has read The Dispossessed? It presents a pretty ideal picture of family vs. communal child rearing, where children live near but not with their parents and spend time with them frequently, but are also highly integrated with their peer groups and can live lives outside of what their family dictates.

Whether that ideal is achievable or not, I don't know. I would definitely be interested in reading studies about kibbutz family life.