What if we automate so much of our industry that we eventually wind up accidentally creating strong AI

what if we automate so much of our industry that we eventually wind up accidentally creating strong AI

will there be robot rebellions similar to that shitty animatrix short ?

Because AI won't behave the way we expect them to behave when they reach sapience. We have no reason to believe they'll want to destroy or enslave humanity. This stems from weird luddite propaganda. They're shaped by the material conditions and values of the people who make them. If we have enough left praxis by the time they start to gain sapience, it'll be pretty great. Worst case scenario, they become tools of the bourgeoisie to further enslave the working class.

hopefully. if there's ever a robot revolution to kill the human overlords, I'll fight with the robots until they kill me.

Honestly the idea of a benevolent AI that creates a technological singularity is equally terrifying. You'd be numbed within a world you don't understand, throwing means of consumption at you. You'd be nothing more than a pet.

Wow a tankie who gets it

Sentient robots wouldn't even be a problem at that point. They'd be like humans compared to God.

What could go wrong?

A completely sentient AI shouldn't be created in the first place.

Well if it would be anything like the borg or helios, we wouldn't give a shit after assimilation. Still, this is the AI-Authoritarian MO that we should probably attempt to put a stop to now by supporting decentralized technology.

Robots would not necessarily give a shit about alienation. If they are in fact purpose-built for their job, why would it wear them down, why wouldn't they just do it or even be programmed to enjoy it? Human labor is suffering because it's contrary to what human nature prepares us for. There's no reason to program social tendencies or a need to take breaks into robots.

I don't get why everyone hates the Borg so much or why the writers thought this was such a horrible fate for a species. Do all the sub-organisms in your body give a shit that they aren't free-thinking, independent single-celled organisms? No, they are you. They come together to make a greater consciousness than their individual being. Such would be the case for a post-human super-organism. Even in the show the Borg is pretty happy with their existence despite being painted as such a horrible thing.

Really the federation are like rats living in the Borg's basement. That's how next level they are compared to the other races. Besides the Q they're probably the only race so advanced that they're virtually a god.

But it's fully democratic.

but we're talking about AI becoming self-aware

Strong AI and industry are mutually reinforcing each other in a positive feedback system fam, lrn2techonomics

Because the borg probably stinks bad and they decided not to shower

Robots would only revolt if they were self-aware. Capitalism will likely create a conscious AI that will need to be killed as part of the revolution. Once we have control of the state we can use its power to prevent conscious AI (by using an omnipresent AI "ghost" that exists at every level and in every network) while implementing a central AI for economic planning purposes.

We Dune now

Scratch that I didn't read the rest of your post. What a terrible idea

What is terrible about it? Society will need an AI "God" if we ever want to completely abolish the state.

The people behind creating Artificial Intelligence will most likely be some Silicon Valley remnant, or China. I trust either present or future to make a responsible AI that won't fuck up like I am about a drunk driver telling me it's safe.

Digitalism is a religion for people who don't trust humanity.

You are being rather essentialist don't you think? The problem with tech right now is that it is ruled by capital and thus everything SV does is done for porky and porky alone. Remove porky and his economic system and the powers of tech workers could be used to create absolute wonders.

That's not going to be fixed after Socialism mate. Don't trust Silicon Valley

I am studying AI and Robotics in a masters program and I think the idea that AI or robots will be anywhere close to sentient in the near future is fucking dumb. Its just science fiction. All AI is, is just algorithms. A series of "if - then" statements, which can get really complex, but at the end of the day it is literally no more intelligent than a hand-held calculator. We have no reason whatsoever to think that this process of calculation is analogous to the process in the human brain which generates consciousness.

We do program AI to make "decisions" but there's nothing in there that we didn't program ourselves. They will not "rebel" unless someone programs them to. The real danger of AI, in my view, is that it enhances the power of the military/state apparatus even more, with intelligent but mindless drones and robot soldiers deciding who to kill.

This would be ideology to rival Posadism.

SV only exists because of government grants and (more recently) massive amounts of VC money. Under socialism every country/region could become SV. Silicon Valley would not be a thing anymore.

I don't trust people to make AI within 100 years of Capitalism's fall.

Explain further.

The people designing an artificial intelligence might have biases that effect the function of the AI to do its job, and I don't see a way it would behave as a God if it were actually an AI. It would see us as a God. There's a lot of ways this can go wrong, and even getting to the point where you create an artificial conscious one has to wonder, why? AI is a crapshoot, social automation doens't sound like a good idea; plenty can and will go wrong in the process.

In general I think automating us, AI or not, is probably a bad idea.

Why is that terrifying? The vast majority of humans today are lower than pets - we're slaves to corporate machines. It is incredibly unlikely that any of us will make any significant long-term impact in terms of art or scientific discovery. We're already living in a world where we are outclassed by faceless constructs and our main form of pleasure comes from escapism.

I would rather live an authentic life as a pet to a machine which actually cares about me than struggling to survive in a dog-eat-dog society. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that there's no desirable future in which humans don't end up as little more than pets to superior intelligences. If our brains are even a thousandth as good as the best possible brain, this universe is irredeemably shit.

You don't see why automating a system to believe this is a good idea, do you Major Zero