Does socialism have anything to say on the matter of suicide?

Does socialism have anything to say on the matter of suicide?

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Not really, although I suspect that most socialists probably think that suicide is bad (or at the very least think a society that drives people to suicide is bad).

use your brain before making posts please, socialism is not some kind of ethical system

Don't, we need your social labour!

People generally don't like being used, and that includes suicidal people. The tendency for non-depressed people to say shit like "don't kill yourself, I need you!" is utterly retarded and unempathetic.

Someone telling me that he needs me would probably keep me more likely alive than some prep talk about how life is precious etc

It was asked if socialism had anything to say, and that is the answer. Socialism is only possible thanks to the advent of fully social labour, and the dead can't engage in it.

Too bad nobody will ever say that to you.

But people already did

Telling suicidal people that life is precious is another shitty thing that non-depressed people do. An appropriate response would be to just listen to them, empathize with them, and make them feel loved. But that's hard and requires work, so most don't do that.

An economy that values people only insofar as they can participate in production isn't a socialist one. If that's what socialism has to say about suicide then I'm emphatically not a socialist.

Collective suicide by all proletarians will force the bourgeoise to produce for themselves, pushing us one step closer to socialism.

Some people are not loved. You are in effect asking that we love people because they would otherwise kill themselves. That's a tall order.

To be fair the only reason a lot of people don't kill themselves are because they have a family who they don't want to hurt.

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Generally it's the people close to a person trying to convince them not to commit suicide. If you're a stranger to a person then you're probably not the right person to be trying to convince someone not to kill themselves. Obviously that isn't the case all the time, but even in the case where you're a stranger trying to make someone feel loved and cared for is still a good way convince them to not kill themselves. You don't have to know someone to make them feel cared for.

Banned on grounds of destruction of public property.

This socialist has something to say on the matter do it

If you consider it, we have failed you.

Note: This applies to MOST people, not all.

In a perfect free society people should be allowed to choose whenever they are finished with existing tbqh.

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What about mentally ill people, which are not capable to manage their behavior?

We should get large numbers of people to threaten suicide as a tactic of political leverage.

I dunno. But 4chan hit the nail right on the head.

Nah vrgin gaymers were always bitter reactionaries. No one made them that way and they deserve to be openly mocked for their attitudes and deprived of material benefits because of them.



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Kill everyone who commits suicide.

not sure if shitpost, but I actually love the complete reversal (young and mostly online) leftists have done on this in the last few years, and how we're now all claiming it was "always" like this to feel better about our humiliating failure to attract and hold onto a layer of people that should be (and previously have been) an easy sale for leftist politics.

But people die when they are killed

Just kidding, comrade.

TL;DR suicidal ideation is a symptom of systemic flaws that le humanism must endeavor to correct.

TL;DR suicidal ideation is a symptom of systemic flaws that le humanism must endeavor to correct.