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Rolled 204 (1d1024)As you know a lot of our recruitment comes from the more intelligent of the cesspool of 8pol and occasionally 4pol that decided to read a fucking book for once,
This is a thread for polyps questioning their racial spooks and misguided rage at the capitalist machine that is causing a lot of the 'degeneracy' they see.
I'd like to keep this thread as a Q/A type zone for polacks to contain their autism on leftypol to one place where they can ask questions/seek help/learn basic theory then be guided on a path to enlightenment and a better self.
Don't be absolute dicks to the polyps that come to these threads unless it's warranted-I.e they start flaming or shitposting hardcore. We know many of leftypol is former pol converts so I think it's important we begin to organize our rehabilitation program into one thread rather then have like 10 anchored pol sperg out threads in the catalogue at any one time.

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Mods pin thread?

only if they can rename it with a gulag joke

unironic nazbols are also cancer

National Bolshevism is the ideological brand of E-cigarettes recovering Holla Forumsyps consume on their path to kicking their old habits completely. It's all part of the process.

Literally spot on, FASH -> Nazbol -> ML/MLM -> End ideology (could still be ML)
I used to be a polyp tbh not full 8pol like I browsed it sometimes but proper reactionary then I read and found myself actually quite socially libertarian,
I think a lot of polacks have mental health issues they need to get sorted cuz 'Le Jew science xd' so in all honesty I don't know how many can be cured but it's worth containing the autism at least

Bumping this thread

We need to stop this attitude of trying to dehumanise reactionaries who in all aspects are just as alienated by capitalism as us but are simply misled in what way they should change it

Look at Brexit in Britain for instance, if we start clamping reactionaries and actual capitalists as the same kettle of fish then we risk alienating large portions of the working class

a lot of nationalists know that there are problems it's just that they believe that capitalism can be fixed when it sadly isn't

Well the situation with psychiatry is actually complicated because many treatments are a load of shit that exist because it makes pharmaceutical companies money. Holla Forumsyps aren't exactly wrong about mental health being shitty, but they misunderstand the problem and aren't able to get any help as a result.

tl;dr: good psychiatrists are hard to come by but the conspiratorial way of thinking that Holla Forums has isn't healthy either.

People on both Holla Forumss routinely criticize capitalism and corporations, but they also refer to it as the best system on earth whenever they get into an argument with a socialist.

These kinds of contradictions are the chink in the armor for a lot of people.

The only thing wrong with Nazbol is that it isn't a global phenomenon. Imagine if everyone in the world was united against the globalist menace!

Implying race is a spook, can you prove it in any way?
Capitalism is shit, Christian corporatism is the way to go

Hear hear man, I used to browse Holla Forums too but then I started reading out of curiosity and I dropped that whole thing hard. The key to "cure" these people is to get them to read. Once you get them to read, things might just work out for them.

what's the difference between capitalism and corporatism?

Corporatism replaces the state with corporate control.

They need to read Debt The First 5000 Years to cure MUHHH JEWISH BANKERS. They need to read Mutual Aid to cover MUUUH HUMAN NATURE

and watch these two videos


Meanwhile corporatism means end of exploitation and class warfare, it means establishing "corporations" or guild or syndicates or whatever you call them for the workers where they cooperate with each other under the supervision of the state that makes sure that workers right are not violated and there is no exploitation.

Can you give a brief explanation yourself instead?

do you mean that corporatism means the end of class warfare? the phraseology confused me a bit

those are all good things but corporatism still retains the class system, and in the end i think the workers would still get exploited.

have you read much about syndicalism, though? it promotes class warfare where corporatism (and distributism for that matter) do not

here's a simple text:

GTFO, read the Stirner book (since it obvious that you don't know what the fuck a spook is), and then come back.

I dont know what are you trying to imply by saying that race is a spook
Do you imply that there is no biological difference between the races?

not that guy, but either way the differences between races are one of the many things used by those in power to keep the workers apart and prevent them from ending exploitation and making their lives matter, wouldn't you agree?

I wouldnt since i live in a country where 98% of my countrymates are from the same ethnic group and yet capitalists still exploit us

i did say that race wasn't the only thing used to exploit. imo most things can be used to divide since people have a ton of different opinions about everything

but race is one of the most valuable knives to the capitalist in heterogenous societies, no doubt about it

They are high as fuck on pure ideology. The other day I was browsing halfchan's /k/ and a spanish civil war thread popped out (would you volunteer to fight in catalonia or something like that) and some of them were like "I'm a libertarian and I would join franco's army", like, Franco took the guns from the people and you have an actual anarchist side who wanted to actually armed the workers. They see the word commie and it turns on their indoctrinated switch.

and that is the point of class warfare really, to turn those knives against the capitalist and unite the workers.

Didn't want to sage again.

End ideology is post left anarchy

And this is why class-based politics is just a more cancerous form of idpol

what do you make of this line of thought?

Former Holla Forumsack here, for me Zizek was a master in despooking cause he also trashes liberals and most of the modern "left".

This implies that the poor classes are the most numerous
That is not true

class in the marxist sense isn't a question of wealth or income, but of relation to the means of production
a doctor or an IT worker is every bit as proletarian as a miner, as long as they all work for a wage

i think it's trying to imply that it's more about the relationship with the means of production rather than someone having a lot of money or not.

see, doctors or engineers can be proles too because they're selling their labor and they can be exploited as well.

read the last line in the lower left again

see where i'm going with this?

Debt the first 5000 Years is 5000 years worth of history/anthropology but I guess the stand out point is that we never relied on Barter as system of exchange among early communities, rather it would only be used for strangers, within communities and extended networks of villages things would just be freely distributed. Therefore the old Adam Smith tale of money naturally replacing barter is wrong, not just theoretically, but the physical evidence does not back it up. Instead, as societies grew and networks became more complex, the network of "debts" that people "owed" each other (the free exchange in early communities was often thought of in terms of a sort of universal debt people have to their neighbours) was codified, this came in various forms, but once codified these debts could be traded, developing through forms, eventually to end up as the promissory note.

He mostly describes how this process developed over history and its consequences right up to the present day, centring around how it came to create the 2007 financial crisis.

Its extremely comprehensive.

Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution, is a study of the habits of animals, which comes to the conclusion that the key factor in the successful survival and evolution of a species is that species ability to work together in groups without central command structures.

I guess you could throw in What is Property? by Proudhon for MUHHH PROPERTY also. If you want I can look up the part where he breaks his argument down into 10 points.

The two videos debunk MUUUH bell curve and MUUUH CULTURAL MARXISM

I think this covers most of the core stuff

It's the definition of circular logic.

how so?

The argument is based on how the author arbitrarily cuts up a triangle, and the relation between lines and the triangle. It doesn't address the actual central premise of what identity is, other than supposing that only immutable physical characteristics like sex and race count towards one's identity.

that is a fair criticism and the image is far too simplistic but i think it's useful to make it easier to explain what class is from a marxist perspective.

Race exists and it matters. Denying something so fundamental & so obvious instantly makes your ideology worthless.

All of the books in the world cannot change this foundational truth.

This is probably the most annoying common assumption. In my experience, sheltered whites tend to lean left far more than us "culturally-enriched" whites. I have been friends with PLENTY of nonwhites. I was born in fucking Chicago. I've been roommates with an Arab (great guy) & i've been roommates with a Jew (close friend). Positive anecdotal experiences do NOT change the facts, and the flood of nonwhites has become an existential threat to my race.

The only people I "hate" are white traitors & the elite Jews that collaborate with them. The other nonwhites are simply trying to do what they think is best & are being used. Deportation obviously the ideal solution here. Having the ability to admit that different races ARE different & should be kept separate to remain healthy doesn't require you to hate others. Regardless, the abundance of resources & the existence of nuclear deterrents have rendered traditional warfare all-but obsolete. For example, the idea that a "Nazi" takeover of the US would lead to an invasion of Mexico or Canada is absurd.

Class is meaningless and ephemeral drivel. The instant one of your "comrades" hits a winning lotto ticket you'll never hear about the proletariat again. Your genetics are permanent & they are unchangeable. They are the purest essence of identity and thus they are able to form the most solid bonds of brotherhood. Identifying with your class rather than your race is completely nonsensical, and such a weak connection will always end in failure.

The central premise of the graph is to illustrate the difference between class and identities such as race, gender, etc.
It does this by showing how class is the signifier of socioeconomic status - something that is inherent in the society, unlike the socioeconomic statuses of different identities and so on

I get how it draws dividing lines between race, sex, and class, but it doesn't sufficiently define identity imo. And it doesn't argue against the idea that class-based politics can be considered a form of idpol. It just suggests SES is a form of relational, rather than immutable identity.

Genetics exist and matter. Those racial categories (white, black, asian, and so on) on the other hand are mostly socio-historical identity concepts that evolved and are still evoling to this day.
The irish for example were declared inferior and fundamentaly different from the "anglo-germanic race" for a long time.
here is an interesting video you should watch youtube.com/watch?v=teyvcs2S4mI&feature=youtu.be
True those kind of arguments are annoying
If those nonwhites have racial antagonisms against whites and see white people as an enemy group then you are actually right. This is why people here are against identity politics, we want to prevent a "racial consciousness" among the people and instead class consciousness.
Your definition of healthy makes no sense from a darwinist point here. To prevent a population from genetically degenerating your personal taste when it comes to aestetics (e.g wanting to preserve blond hair and thus viewing irrelevant shiting between a blonde white person and a black person as unhealthy) does not matter.
When it comes to producing children with high quality genes the only thing that does matter is if both parents also have high quality genes thus e.g a black and a white person who have both high quality genes having offspring is better than a white person with high quality genes and a white person with low quality genes having offspring from a darwinist perspective. Your will to preserve your "race" has more to do with preserving culture and identity than with genetics.
If those "Nazis" are just authoritarian isolationists then you may be right but if it are genuine Nazis then it wouldn't be absurd. Hitlerism is drenched in social darwinism and probably the most antagonistic political ideology there is.
Says you, others see it differently. There is no rule that you have to see your genes as the ultimate source of your identity.
By which category the people identitfy with each other has differed throughout history and depends on the circumstances (both material and ideological) the people find themselves in.


See: trade one form of idpol for another

But thats pretty outdated theory if you think about it
Nowdays even a simples menial laborer can but a 3d printer and that makes him an owner of MOP

and that's fine. he owns the MOP but he's not exploiting anyone. if every menial laborer owned the MOP that would be even better

Miscegenation between those with 'good genes' still create an inability to find bone marrow donors for the offspring. Races developed not because of simply social pressures, but because of environmental challenges that forced the different Races to specialize.

Is coffee machine MOP? If so then most of the workers own the MOP so what does it change?

I think that instead of advocating for acquiring the MOP you should focus more on wealth redistribution because MOP in itself is worthless

Hmmm, really made me think.

I think you should focus on eliminating currency, which will solve both of your problems

see class identity is very distinct from racial, sexual, gender identity because it actually shows a person's position within the hierarchical powerstructure of capitalist society.


Did anybody even managed to do this? I dont think that even Pol Pot managed to get rid of currency

Ok, so what does race mean to you, and why does it matter? Furthermore, why does it matter in a political sense?

Well, places with little contact to foreigners or whatever the 'other' is tend to be more xenophobic.

I take it you don't believe in Jewish exceptionalism then?


Did Mussolini need Abyssinia or esp. Albania for its resources? You can't deny the fetishisation of military might and where else are you going to find military glory but the battlefield?

There have been plenty of rich socialists, most notably Engels.

There is nothing of 'me' in my genes, they simply denote the framework of my existence, not the content. A hypothetical identical twin put in different circumstances would not be 'me' in any real sense.

I share far more with an African or Asian marxist than I would with you, presuming you are white. I'd even say I would understand and relate far more to a black Brit or a Turkish German than a white racialist , or indeed any American such as yourself. I have some anecdotal experiences to this extent as well.

Class conscious politics aims to abolish class, not reinforce the identity like in identitarian politics. Fighting for more black CEOs doesn't do anything for the common black man, but elevating the status of the working man helps all working men.

MoP deals with generalised commodity production - a 3d printer would make one a petit-bourgeois at best.

Even if different races have different capacities and dispositions (which is questionable due to the inherent fuzziness that race has because it's a morphological category and not a phenotypical category) that still doesn't support your thesis that monoracial societies are good or that they'd even be attainable without ethnic cleansing or severely restricting people's right to freely travel. Stop being retarded.

But there is no generalised commodity production in the western countries, most of the production is done in the 3rd world and 1st world counties economies are focused on services, even agrarian sector is 10% at best in the western world. Not only that but also anybody can own a friction of MOP thanks to buying actions and shares of companies

Monoracial, sure. Deportation is a perfectly effective way to remove invaders, but the only travel restrictions should be a strong border. Otherwise, I'm fine with tourism and vacationers, and people who come temporarily, but permanent residence? No.

a service provider such as a Hospital with all its infra, machinery and organisation etc. is also MoP, not just factory production of tangible products

The first video you linked is absolute bullshit (the second i didn't even bother to watch, since "cultural marxism" is somewhat of a dumb theory to begin with). First when the narrator says that "we have more difference within groups than between groups", which is, even though truthful, irrelevant. For example, we have more differences within humans than between humans and chimpanzes, does that mean that making a distinction between humans and chimpanzes is stupid? Then when he implies that race, even in a sense of aesthetics, is not genetic using as a example Obama's white mother (maybe jewish, i don't know and honestly don't care enough to waste time googling it) and two mixed twins that looked two different races, completely ignoring that:
1- Obama does not have a phenotype of a "pure" black person, and neither did the blacker of the twins.
2- genetics is not just about phenotype and phenotypical differences are just a small amount of the genetic differences that exist between the races.
3- (this point is very debatable, but still) genetic heredity is not exactly 50/50 as it is taught in high school biology classes, especially when it comes to phenotypical differences.
And then, finally, he tries to say that racial differences in Autism Level are all just due to lead exposure during childhood, which is a valid point, but very exaggerated, as this difference in the average Autism Level of these groups should be of at most 1 point, not 15, as it is implied.
To further my point, i'll quote and then source where the information i used was taken from.
Taken from: thealternativehypothesis.org/index.php/2016/12/23/race-iq-and-lead/ (i might add that attacking the website hosting this article instead of debunking the arguments presented in it is not a honest debating technique. Debunking the argument and then atacking the source, sure, it is valid, just attacking the source is not).

Part 1/2

Another thing that i just wanted to point out, that is not related to the video discussed above, but rather related to this thread and this board in general (and that video as well, to an lesser extent) it the smug attittude of "dude, just read a book, u dumb and uncultured" and "i could debunk you, but i wont because you're dumb. Just read this book instead", which denounces not only cowardice when faced with criticism, but also an unconscious confession that you don't really know what you're talking about. It is basically saying "what you're are saying is wrong, i don't exactly know why it is wrong, but i read this book once that implies that what you say is wrong, therefore it must be, after all, it is in a book".
It doesn't how many books you can read, if you don't have the capacity to understand what your reading, nor to question the validity of what you're reading. All you will get out of reading thousands of books without understanding most what is written is that you will become what i call a "regourgitator", a repeats whatever they read (thinking that "well, someone smarter than me wrote it, therefore it must be true"), having just a general idea of what they are implying but not actually understanding or rationalizing much (but then you could argue about the validity of reason on its own, but that's another topic). It is kind of a "intellectual" version of the functionally illiterate. I'll admit that this categorization could be applied to me (and to pretty much everyone else as well, if enough nit-picking is done) since i have caught myself engaging in actions that i would consider typical of a "regourgitator", but i at least try to fight it and just use it when it is extremely convenient and leads to a topic which i don't have such dubious grasp of.

Part 2/2.

>Fighting for more black CEOs doesn't do anything for the common black man helps black men, but just like elevating the status of the working man helps working men

So if rules say no Asserism/NazBol/NazCom allowed, where can I freely discuss such a thing?

i wish i knew

Nothing. One is called fascism the other just capitalism

well elevating the working man is exponentially more helpful

t. North american scum

Why not allow a Asserism/NazBol/NazCom containment thread?

of course, but not fundamentally different. it's still a form of differentiation via material circumstance. you're X, I'm Y. Let's us Xs go get those filthy Ys.


If race was the largest determining factor in Autism Level we wouldn't be seeing Nigerians (especially Nigerian girls) performing better than British born whites in the UK. unz.com/article/the-iq-gap-is-no-longer-a-black-and-white-issue/
You make two enormous and flawed assumptions:
1) that skin color corresponds 1 to 1 with race.
2) that the genetic differences between races are differences of intelligence.
When we talk about variation within, we shouldn't forget variation within skin color. How are you to tell how much more intelligent North Nigerians are compared to Eritreans? Who are you to say Spaniards have more in common with Scandinavians than the Moroccans?

Is your argument actually a genetic one, or is it just more tribal collectivism founded on nothing but empty sanctimony? The fact that you care more about an abstract american white race than your actual friends is very telling. Nice to know being employed or being an employer is a meaningless distinction while being in a gene pool as hopeless polluted as the American race is grounds for endless brotherly love.

Let's break down the political argument here, why don't we?

that pic

What are you talking about. We all know that the end ideology is Maoist Third Worldism.

No, it’s Scott Howardist post-left statism.

Remember what happened when 4chan created their retard containment board?

Just wanna say that she looks so fucking smug in that pic and I love it. Sage

I'm not him, but that's a well-known fact. If we were to split humanity in two the categories would be African and everyone else. Europeans fucked Neanderthals, Asians also fucked Denisovans, Africans didn't.

…you do know humans have been breeding with one another since after 10,000 bc, right? Plenty of Spaniards have fucked Moroccans, and have been doing so for thousands of years.

I just love the fact that once you believe Holla Forums has said the most autistic shit, they can still come up with something even more autistic

It's not even Holla Forums specifically, they came from reddit first I think.

What you are failing to understand in this context is that the average nigerian immigrant in Britain does not represent, in terms of intelligence, the average nigerian in Africa. Of course, now, with the european migrant crisis, it is quite easier, but it used to be that to leaving Africa to go to Europe (especially western Africa) wasn't an easy task and took a lot of planning (and money) to afford going to Europe. In essence, only the smartest nigerians had the capacity to leave Nigeria and live in Britain, which could be the motive for nigerian kids (or sons of nigerians) being overachievers. It is not being in Britain that turns this kids into overachievers (even though i must admit that it is a factor), it is the genepool where they came from that causes that.
The argument you presented, with the addition of the information i used, could even be turned on its head and used to say that Autism Level is even MORE genetic, since the environment in Nigeria isn't exactly "breeding grounds" for intelligent people.
Well, regression to the mean would only appear if the smarter nigerian immigrant had kids with a dumber (probably non-nigerian) person and the environment got worse, which clearly isn't the case.
Other thing that should be taken into account is where these tests are being taken. If the nigerian kid lives in a neighbourhood and studies in a school in which they are competing with dumbass chav british kids, it is quite obvious that the nigerian kid will have an advantage, because of the reasons mentioned above.
All of this, might i add, doesn't usually apply to middle-eastern, nor Indian, nor east african (especially north-east african) immigrants, since it is much easier to go from Asia and easter Africa to Europe. This also, probably does not appy to west african immigrants coming since 2015, because it has become much easier to enter Europe, because of the migrant crisis.

No, i didn't and you have paid a bit more attention to my post you would see that i didn't.
No, but i do affirm that within the various genetic differences between the races, there is
a difference in Autism Level averages.
A person who didn't fall for the "iberians are sandniggers" meme and actually did some research.
You are confusing me with someone else, sir.
For one i didn't ever claim that melanin is responsible for the differences in the average Autism Level of the different races, and for two, claiming that the difference between the races can be reduced to simple "differences in melanin concentration" is completely absurd. I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that you used this argument either ironically or just out of convenience, to avoid having an extense debate about the genetic differences between the races, which i can understand why one would want to avoid, since they go boring very fast and go on not until both parts find common-ground, but until one gets too tired and just drop-out.
I never said that you can't, i said that if you avoid arguing by simply telling someone to read X book (or just read A book,without even mentioning an specific book that deals with the topic) it shows that you have a very superficial grasp of the topic at hand, and therefore it can be assume that you are not engaging in critical thought yourself.

the difference is???

And the british are supposed to be on the smarter end of europeans, no?

The environment we're talking about isn't Nigeria, but Britain where these kids grew up.

That's not how regression to the mean works. Regression to the mean exists because of the stochastic factors involved in genetics, not because of the deterministic factors.

Pretty sure these are national scores, which would include students in more elite schools.

Indians also performed better than whites on several metrics.

Snow monkeys confirmed race-micksers and the Africans were Holla Forums all along…wew

Not necessarily, but even if so, it still does not change the fact that, when you have an immigrant group composed majoritarily of the brightest individuals from their "native nation" (i know how redundant it sounds), it is obvious that they will be over-represented in the among the high achievers of their "host" nation.
And i'm implying that they got their high Autism Level (mostly) from their parents, who grew up in Nigeria, and not solely their environment.
Well,if you would read my argument again you would see that i use the word "usually". The word USUALLY is key.

About the study on iberians and moroccans
This isn't that big of a deal really. You can also find a common ancestor between the french and mongolians, does that mean that the french have more in common with mongolians than with scandinavians?
Also, their source is from SOUTHERN Spain, which is hardly representative of the iberian population as a whole. This is like claiming that, because sicilians are somewhat close to arabs, all italians are per definition closer to arabs then they are to whites.


Well, they're called black because that's the most obvious physical trait that differentiates them the most from other groups in a purely aesthetic sense, not because it is the only difference that there is, not even because it is the most important. You can use the term "african" instead, if you don't like "black", it wouldn't make much of a difference in any of my arguments, let alone invalidate any of them.


Holla Forums's spookiness does not stem from realizing that there are genetic differences between groups of people it lies in failing to realize that there is no more justification in dividing humanity up into categories like 'white' 'black' and 'asian' than there is in dividing it into categories like 'Russians and everyone else' or 'Caucasians and everyone else' etc. and then pretending like these arbitrary categories are essential immutable identities. That's the spooky shit.

You were talking about how the environment of nigeria was discouraging to Autism Level, I pointed out how that was irrelevant considering the environment the kids grew up in was britain.

It was pretty consistent.

Pics related.

The term African would be even less accurate considering that most American blacks were breed with whites at some point down the line. The point is exactly that you're only identifying a social group and not a genetic group.

There is literally no distinction. If you create a social group, you can find some genetic commonality among its members and thus justify it genetically.

If you find genetic commonality among some number of people, you can assign them a particular position in society and thus create a social group out of them.

On second thought I'm realizing this is a terrible comment.

My point was that the groupings racialists make are entirely arbitrary and the fact that genetic markers can be found to distinguish them is meaningless, because genetic markers can be found to distinguish between any two or more given groups of people.

I hate to do this, but have you actually looked at the information in these images to see what they imply? Let's analyze them one by one, shall we.
So, very isolated populations that have a high percentage of this haplogroup, it is not at all representative of the iberian population as a whole.
Also interesting to note:
So could it be that this haplogroup being present in Iberia is somewhat due to Gypsies, sephardic jews and maybe some turks, instead of just straight up african blood? Unlikely, but possible.

Also interesting to note
Hmmm, then again, could it be that the presence of this haplogroup in Iberia is due to gypsies, sephardic jews and some arabs? Somewhat less unlikely (even though still unlikely), but even so, it is still not representative of the iberian population as a whole.

Okay, this one is a little bit more difficult to simply shrug off as being due to gypsies or jews (even though it still can be done), but still, using it as evidence of "massive african and/or arab influence in Iberia" is absurd.

And, now that you started talking haplogroups, then let's talk haplogroups, shall we? Look, the R1b haplogroup, which is largely regarded as a "celtic haplogroup" is present in North Africa and in the Middle-East. That must mean that celts had a massive impact in North Africa and in the Middle East, at least in terms of genetics right?

Nah, join us. >>>/christianleft/

That is very disingenuous for you to say. From your own graph it can be hypothesised that a group of humans from central Asia migrated west into Europe.

That is the point.


wow such great argument you brin to bear.

So does every other real leftist.

it helps the tiny majority of blacks who will rise to high position, not the blacks as a whole
liberal identitariansm has given us obama and carson but the status and condition of the common black is still awful
compare this with the elevation, or rather the abolition of class

That is why the Asians and Europeans wanted the Ice Age meme to be real.

Tatars can into Basque Country.

Pure ideology

Stay pure our prophet.

Ah, it feels like just yesterday I was in the thread that created the "biotruth" meme.

Where has time gone? We should locate that massive time repository and commodify it.

I was a hardcore nazi wen't really fucking deep into the ideology more than most Holla Forumstards. It wasn't since I read Ernst Jünger & Max Stirner that I left the Hitler Youth.

It made me a total Anarch. Holla Forums never gave me books without ideology attached to them. Couldn't see individuals anymore not even myself as one, that is unique like everyone else really.

Immigrants killed great civizilizations like Romans and the German Reich.
It was immigrants that destroyed Germany, from the west twas the anglo immigrants and from the east the slavic immigrants.
Just like the Roman empire was destroyed by German Immigrants that flooded the border that had no wall!!!

The biotruth term was creating in leftypol??
Im gonna need proof on that one


Holla Forums pls go

what is this cheap warcraft rip off

Nah man, it was in LF, back in the day it was the best damn thing SA ever produced. So of course the new head admin ruined it because he got e-penis envy. The fucked-up stylesheet its archive still has was part of it.


Watch this, Holla Forumsfriend youtube.com/watch?v=WqCCx4wj79o

way to late. Yvette Felarca and Sunsarah Taylor already destroyed any chance for you to claim any "reactionaries". Most, if not all, reactionaries want freedom of speech something that can not exist in a communistic society.

No idea who the fuck you're talking about tbh, They're nobodies.

Well at a guess I'd say it's probably Orcs vs Humans.


They are?

What if my primary motivation to destroy Capitalism is to protect my Identity? I don't want a uniracial Brazil for a country and I don't want Modernist Secularism for a culture like so many who subscribe to Communism seem to promote with their dismissal of biological realities, culture, traditions, and symbolism that represents these things as 'spooks'.

mongrelized mudskin hellhole like Brazil*

Spooked af
what the fuck do you want kid? tell me your life desires, realistic ones not fantasy WoW shit or the resurgence of the Wiemar Republic that ain't gonna happen.

Been there was a retard like you in that aspect.
anyway what do you want to get from life then?

user, tell me this: Why would anybody give a fuck about your identity?

First you stop with your incessant biological fantasies. The world is not Orcs v. Humans. There is not some mystical aura that binds people of "like race" that is damaged because of the "flourishing" of another. Material needs of niggers is the same as blind mole rat people.

Maybe but you're a black nationalist so you're about as spooked as they are.

Rather than spend months shitposting under the flag of some batshit regressive ideology it would be better to correct right-wing misconceptions through constructive discussion and more seamlessly guide them (at least, the ones who will listen) into socialism.

because muh identity is sacred dude. davinci was white therfore his inventions are MY CULTUR I MADE THEM BASICALLY EVEN THO I DON'T HAVE SKILLS IRL BUT HES WHITE! HIS Achievements ARE MINE TOO! EVROPA! EVROPA! EVROPA! 14/88 = 0.1590909090909091

niggers low Autism Level level whites high Autism Level level hitler did nothing wrong what the fuck is the lebensraum? away????

lol I fucking love having been a nazi in the past I know how these retards think and the knowledge they lack Holla Forums didn't told you the truth nazi user, neither to me back in the day. Read actual shit about that Weimar Republic seek Ernst Jünger, watch the works of Karl Arnold & Bruno Paul

Afroplasm is not a nationalist. He just picks that flag so we know hes black. He is just a black socialist. Thats it.

Hey buddy, we don't take kindly to slander to Afroplasm in these parts. I kindly ask you to reign it in.

Yeah that was the video that I was thinking about when making the shitpost

So what is a spook in this context if the belief and affirmation of these cornerstones of Identity are used to motivate people against Capitalism? What I want is a destruction of this modern status quo cuckery. I want every cuckservative, every civilization-destroying Jew rat and their traitorous Capitalist buttbuddies hanged publicly. I want bicycle infrastructure in our cities and gardens for every household and ecofascist protection of the environment and animal rights. I want foreigners to go home to prosperous, self-sufficient nations of their own so they have no reason to come to our lands. I want Fascist aesthetics to represent my people, with healthful social policies and a rejection of today's rampant fun like hedonism, hypergamy, promiscuity, 'polyamory', bugchasing, 'poz pigs' and everything akin to these destructive practices. I want an end to Feminism and true Patriarchy instead, with monogamy being the only state-recognized relationship one could have. I want a lot of things and I can't think of how I could list it in a way that could help one understand where I'm at.

So you kinda want the world turn back into feudalism but in a modern sense?

I don't subscribe to the notion that ours is a conflict of Whites vs. Non-Whites. I'm not one of those dullard supremacists that want to gas the planet.

It's my personal motivation and most on Holla Forums believe like I do. I don't expect for Holla Forums to think the way I do - I simply don't want you to attack these values of mine.

I don't want to take credit for things other people did, I just want to defend the Blood and Soil that I share with those of the past

Not really, as I said I can't think of how I could list out my beliefs for them to be understood.

Former polfag here, still in the bufferzone, also a lazy shit, tell me about Leninism, been intrested in that for a while

One day i just looked at myself, the people i talked with, and said "what the fuck am i doing, this is cringy as shit" then i learned about my history (irish, connolly, the provos and INLA, all that) and here we are, sorry for blogpost

You're on the wrong website, buddy.


Actually you could help me by asking what my beliefs are regarding the issues that matter to you.

I don't feel as if thier is any real ideology for the masses, only those to take advantage of us. I mean there is nothing more communist than a small clique controlling everyone else.

Ultimately it makes no difference if I work under a commissar or a porky or even a Joo. The result is still the same.

Only social democracy like they have in Europe is cool, but that isn't sustainable thanks to the BILLIONS of people who would die to get that. And it'll never change

Elitism is counterproductive in my experience.

I don't mean common banter or antagonism, I'm talking about actual ideological opposition to these values, but since Holla Forums Isn't Liberal I'm not too worried.

Read the Bible. We all come from Adam and Eve you misanthrope. Stop thinking you're special just because you have a different skin color or you just happened to be born on a certain part of real estate.

There's a reason why Holla Forums abandoned ( ( ( YHWH ) ) )

You're on the wrong website, buddy.

racialism is a elitism, dude.

No u.

No, Racial Supremacism is Elitism.

There is a clear difference when you live under the boot of those who only seek profit to living in a society where those in power serve your interests and your workplace is highly democratic

1. The blood you share with them is already mixed.
2. The soil is owned by a private businessman or the state.

hmm don't go tankie please, learn the lesson that no dictator has the best interest for you, a serf. Get rid of ideology the way I did Ernst Jünger (there are documentaries on this dude) and Max Stirner & actual history of WW2. Start with learning what the Lebensraum was. Basically WW2 (in europe) was a continuation of 1.

you wouldn't accept a hard working black man in your union/tribe because what then? race to you really makes that big of a difference? Are they incompatible because of the color of his skin and hereditary? Turning down a super useful (mutually useful) individual for that reason is such a waste. I prefer not to underestimate based on petty shit like that.

Look I'm Darwinist as fuck. I'm also an ex-Nazi, I was so fucking stupid in the past like you now probably. There are differences between races, true but they're not as huge as you think to point them out that easily, besides the human is a sapiens animal so the environment to him/her plays a huge role, social class, everything.

This doesn't negate evolutionary advantages each Race has to better survive in the environments they historically adapted to. "Mixed" is irrelevant to the forces of speciation and the selective pressures of Natural Selection. Even if you mongrelized the whole world into the same shade of brown, new Races would develop anyway to better adapt to different climates and natural circumstances.

No I would not accept him on the grounds that his people would be better off with his hard-working attitude, and because I would expect his homeland to do the same to me. I want everyone to have a place where they can be self-sufficient. If the black man's homeland Isn't doing too well, I have no issue giving them assistance.

I'm not seeing anything besides anecdotes and GCSEs, which is not a substitute for an Autism Level test.

stop larping. anyone who has looked into it can see the 'one race human race' is a crock of shit.

I get along with many blacks (american, so already part white) alright if they have the same background as me, but if they were in the same breeding pool, the descendants of my family would cease being like ME, like my parents and grandparents. The little things like being just like a parent or aunt or uncle or grandparent, of even having the same outlook or habits or tastes of someone who died before you were born and could not have picked it up from them culturally. Of having smarter, more fit children (for something other than the tropics and barbarism). Even if they regress to the mean over time, the greater part of your people will still have a larger proportion of geniuses.

I would not cross my working dog with a coyote. It could create good offspring, but I have my dog for the traits and instincts bred into it over hundreds of generations. Not only would I not throw that away, I would not want to contaminate the breed at large.

That's the most delusional thing I've read today, and god, I'm in Holla Forums

cus it pokes holes in your jew conspiracy since middle ages-era christians put them in those positions in the first place?

..isn't that what we're apparently doing right now? isn't that what's such a problem to nazis in the first place?

Don't be ridiculous - today's foreign aid is worthless virtue signalling and does nothing to rectify the source of say, Africa's problems.

Well it doesn't poke holes in anything. That Jews were given power by Christians doesn't disprove Jewish malevolence and deception - it proves that the Christians responsible were Race Traitors.

Thats true but we have technology called clothes man.

So the dumb Varg Virgines logic doesn't work unless you're fucking naked or semi-naked. Back when I was a nazi I had the stupid idea of a White Utopia in cold areas due to that shit you're talking about, but then I realized there were a lot of black people in Alaska. I wonder why. I was a fucking retard.

not in the way you think but ok. If anything what awaits humans in their evolution is no body hair AND fucking FINALLY no pubic hair, that shit looks like shit.

See thats your loss. Friends are power but you're not willing to share life with an individual like that, even through he has all the traits of a great friend & it's wise to keep him close. Remember that cool ass nigga from Atlantis? The Doctor? That motherfucker, having that mofo around is something I would want to work mutually.

My group of friends is superior to your simply because I have more. If I restricted my interaction with only my race that only would make me weaker and thats something I used to do. Now if shit hits the fan in my life if I ever need a bed I have several more contacts. Black, White, Latino, Asian, etc. I started seeing them as the reality they are, as individuals. The way I comprehend them now is as individuals not as races because like I said before the sapiens condition of the human animal makes that very negligible, the difference is there but individuals are still individuals unique in personality from each other, even between brothers.

the response wasn't for you Holla Forums, you're still indoctrinated. It was for the recovering Nazi who at least tries to comprehend what I'm saying.

apparently that's already too much according to nazis
it proves that jewish power is irrelevant to their jewry or whatever and that the christians the far-right spends so much energy defending gave them that power in the first place
also why is this power only wrong in the hands of a jew? no nazi complains when non-jew capitalists do the exact same things. in fact they only enable them

Varg pls go

The 'Nazis' you refer to that have an issue with helping other nations get back on their feet are worthless Supremacists that also call for exterminating all non-Whites. And Holla Forums abandoned Christianity.

We certainly have clothing, but so did Neanderthals. Clothing didn't stop Natural Selection, because it's easier to adapt over time.

lol but varg is the best


he is pretty stupid tbh

I disagree with Varg when he says such things as "Italians aren't White". At least he's right about Capitalism.

Bah. Then just fuck it become Nazbol, you're already there pretty much but watch a documentary about Jünger at least don't stay ignorant. Eventually you'll grow out of that ideological shit like I did. When you do read Max Stirner so your mind is never dominated by any ideology again.
The fuck even I'll know. I'm not you. You're unique like me. Idk how long it will take or what will happen in your future but I wish you the best of luck just find out who you are, what you like but not for an idea, ideas are not real but rather for yourself who is real. Gn.

i'm talking about nazism as a greater movement beyond pol dodging arguments. i mean nazism in effect. ie when it actually matters
if you're not with them in effect, then why do you consider yourself a nazi?

NazBol is banned.

Hitler didn't hate Blacks. I'm of the Degrelle mindset - where I'm not anti-non-White but instead simply pro-White as everyone else should be pro-themselves.

You people are delusional as fuck.


pro-white implies elevating yourself above other races. it's effectively the same thing as being anti-black etc.

It's true, I'm a Swiss,German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese mongrel. Woe is me.


not an argument
I'm an anarchist(no, not molymeme), I'm just not in racial denial.

I don't know what the distinction for Supremacists are. I think my race is supreme or nearly so at the things I value, values generally shared within my race. I assume other races feel the same because we value different things and I see no problem with that. At the same time I feel no responsibility for helping them and would have to have a practical reason to 'help them on their feet' because historically it's just the white man's burden. I certainly don't care about extermination except in the old definition of removing from within borders (ex- terminus I think). Asians for the asians, africa for the africans, etc.

to be fair, many of them aren't, just like many spaniards really aren't white. Then again, many are. Not being a dago or some such thing myself, I can ignore the issue and let them prove themselves.

so all the pro-black, pro-hispanic, pro-jew people out there are deeply triggering and problematic. Was your goal to prove pol right?

Nazi is even more shitposter than Nazbol tbqh. both are trash but what I meant by that was not a fuckin icon of a flag. You're interested you won't give out your racialist ideology yet? at least read on National Bolshevism, Jünger passed through that phase btw.

pre-WW1 Wiemar Republic Nationalist > WW2 Nazi but always skeptic of Hitler > Nazbol > Anarch.
Not physically seeking Anarchy like me through, Anarch to him means only Anarchist in mind. Free from spooky mentally restrictive ideology.

i don't think anyone should be pro-anything regarding their race. quit bringing me down to your retarded praxis

ITT champagne socialists explain that diversity is great in other people's neighbourhoods but not in their own and their pet niggers and spics explain how they hate whitey but want to live in a white country.

Also, next time socialism will totally work because "real socialism" has never been tried.

nobody is talking to you man, no one here has cared about you yet. You're your own issue rn lol. gn


i bet the worst example you could give would still be a more stable government and economy than uncle hitler's

Literally none of the thread is like that meme boy

seriously I want you to read this man all the article:

get good, never be in an echo chamber find your own answers. He is an interesting individual. After than watch a documentary on him in YouTube they're all good & he says it like it was. He cool. gn for real this time.


You can should all you want, but people hold pro-theirownrace stances and if you say it means they are anti-otherraces, than logically it applies both ways. I'm perfectly willing to say that a pro-black is not anti- white and I'm the evil racist here. Why is pro-white the one forbidden realm?

your mistake is thinking i'd disagree that pro-black is an deeply triggering and problematic sentiment. your other mistake is thinking that the inverted sentiment is good for the same reasons the other sentiment is bad. this is your brain on idpol

oh so that's what that filters

My name is Stalin and I approve of this message.

That other thread had good discussion.

If emotional attachment to National Identity can be exploited by Porky to maintain Capitalism, then the same feelings can be easily redirected against Capitalism because Capitalism objectively hurts your countrymen.

flawless logic

is that why all the people who side with you love capitalism so much?

Yeah, but what about capitalist nations outside one's own nation? They'll try to shut down any nation trying to start socialism because it's in their nation's interest. Look at the way the US and other NATO nations crushed socialism every time it sprang up. You'd need some kind of inter-national movement or something, right?

It would be if pro-Capitalist shitters didn't insist on calling the Porky who works to undermine the majority of the Nation "fellow countryman"

The dick-sucking pro-Capitalist cuckery among the Right is a problem and also deeply triggering and problematic.

Any nation that tried Socialism would experience that problem, whethe it embraces National Identity or not.

A n t i - W h i t e *

no it wouldn't, nationalism is inherently flawed and u are spooked

I guess, but what if you had a nationalist movement that was international? Obviously not everyone in the world shares a national identity, but a shared belief in socialism, human dignity, and solidarity could unite people around the world.

It's also an inexorable aspect of the Right and Rightists. Even the most radical rightists bend the knee to capitalism. Gramsci wrote about it when he wrote about the "crisis of fascism" when fascist leaders were debating the very rights of the very workers the were supposed to defend.

I didn't advocate Nationalism. I'm not promoting the idea that x country is superior to all others, just that the staples of National Identity - Culture, Tradition, Language, Heritage - shouldn't be swept aside as 'spooks' and instead should be the motivating factor for those that value these things to destroy the Capitalism that seeks to destroy those staples.

Then it must be rectified.

Communism or Socialism isn't some version of capitalism with more niceness or the profit motive stripped away, and you don't just implement socialism as if it were a government policy. The concept of the "volk" or whatever collectively owning the state is just as alien to socialism as private property. Even the whole of humanity as one collective owner is alien to socialism. Socialism abolishes property, both de jure property and de facto property.

that theory is bound to fail, as culture, tradition, language, heritage and so on have no objective value

the reason to abolish capital is a scientific one, as it is a system that demands a higher energy output than an input, it is an impossibility

I didn't say these were objective reasons. Most people don't care about Objectivity. I merely said that these things are to be used as a motivation that can get many people to understand and work towards a goal. And heritage has a material impact m88.

I'm not understanding. Define 'socialism' in this context. And isn't there a distinction between private property and personal property?

Doesn't subjective value count for anything?

I didn't say these were objective reasons. Most normalfags don't care about objectivity. I merely said that these things can be used as a motivation that can get many people to understand and work towards a goal.

I'm not understanding. Define 'socialism' in this context. And isn't there a distinction between private property and personal property?

Doesn't subjective value count for anything? Especially if a lot of people value something

polfag here

you can't recruit me because I don't believe in individual equality or group equality (i.e. individuals have equal value…groups have equal value)

I do not believe in the so called brotherhood of workers. individuals are inherently opportunistic and greedy. I am and so are my so called colleagues. Inexorable divisions driven by greed will create wealth differentials. In communism, the form of corruption.

You will never eliminate greed. Greed is good, especially today when opportunities to advance in social classes are becoming sparser.

Also, I don't want to live in a welfare state. I don't want my livelihood dictated by the government. I want to lead my own life and if increased socioeconomic risk is a part of that, I'm fine with that.

Or you could just leave the right and realize that the left implicitly advocates white liberation as it advocates for human liberation of capitalism. Under socialism or communism there would never be any need to import masses of foreigners, no global mass society to priviligise fun and what not. If blacks and browns are as intrinsically evil and lazy as you say they are there would be no obligation to socialize or have them in any community, there would even probably be an incentive to keep them as far as possible from normal people if that were the case.

polfag here

you can't recruit me because I don't believe in individual equality or group equality (i.e. individuals have equal value…groups have equal value)

I do not believe in the so called brotherhood of workers. individuals are inherently opportunistic and greedy. I am and so are my so called colleagues. Inexorable divisions driven by greed will create wealth differentials. In communism, the form of corruption.

You will never eliminate greed. Greed is good, especially today when opportunities to advance in social classes are becoming sparser.

Also, I don't want to live in a welfare state. I don't want my livelihood dictated by the government. I want to lead my own life and if increased socioeconomic risk is a part of that, I'm fine with that.

But they are spooks, and culture etc. do not need to be put on a pedestal as something to fight for, or something free from criticism. If "white culture" or "black culture" cannot withstand criticism, what is their value exactly? Cultures change, evolve over time, they're not stagnant forms that ought to calcify "just because".

polfag here

you can't recruit me because I don't believe in individual equality or group equality (i.e. individuals have equal value…groups have equal value). I do not believe in the so called brotherhood of workers. individuals are inherently opportunistic and greedy. I am and so are my so called colleagues. Inexorable divisions driven by greed will create wealth differentials. In communism, the form of corruption.

You will never eliminate greed. Greed is good, especially today when opportunities to advance in social classes are becoming sparser.

Also, I don't want to live in a welfare state. I don't want my livelihood dictated by the government. I want to lead my own life, within reason, and if increased socioeconomic risk is a part of that, I'm fine with that.

Having difficulty posting. Anywho, the desire to protect those who share your National Identity is perfectly reasonable grounds to oppose Capitalism as Capitalism hurts the majority of your countrymen. Not only is it perfectly reasonable to oppose Capitalism on these grounds, it's also easily understandable from the point of view of the common man, meaning anti-Capitalist messages reach the common person who values National Identity.

Doesn't subjective value count for anything?

Having difficulty posting. Anywho, the desire to protect those who share your National Identity is perfectly reasonable grounds to oppose Capitalism as Capitalism hurts the majority of your countrymen. Not only is it perfectly reasonable to oppose Capitalism on these grounds, it's also easily understandable from the point of view of the common man, meaning anti-Capitalist messages reach the common person who values National Identity.

they have objective value proportional to the amount and resources directed towards practicing said cultural norms.

english is a lingua franca for a reason.

they have objective value proportional to the amount and resources directed towards practicing said cultural norms.

english is a lingua franca for a reason.

jesus christ, you're less of a 'nazi' then I am.

It's not impossible when others add energy through labor or it exploits energy sources and transforms them. Not an impossibility. And it doesn't necessarily demand more out than in.

Or you could just leave the right and realize that the left implicitly advocates white liberation as it advocates for human liberation of capitalism. Under socialism or communism there would never be any need to import masses of foreigners, no global mass society to priviligise fun and what not. If blacks and browns are as intrinsically evil and lazy as you say they are there would be no obligation to socialize or have them in any community, there would even probably be an incentive to keep them as far as possible from normal people if that were the case.

This website sucks

people should destroy capitalism because its in their interest, not because its changes culture as if it is some sort objective good in the universe and capitalism is evil infecting it

What the fuck is wrong with this website?

It doesn't matter what the reasons for destroying it are, so long as the 'for profit' mode of production is abolished. You and I will disagree about our motivation, but at least our goal will be the same.

Well, that's a possibility but I value the social policies of Fascism, and the Swastika as a symbol.

Shit, don't mean to make so many posts, but I have to respond.

I never said anything about Blacks being evil or browns being lazy. Nothing I said was even close to that. In fact, I believe all Races should be treated with a modicum of respect and dignity, even those damn Jews. I want a world where every Race can be unshackled from our status quo cuckery, and can endeavor to realize the greatest potential their people can, and I believe Fascist social values and teachings (Minus worthless Capitalism) are the key to achieving this.

But they are spooks, and culture etc. do not need to be put on a pedestal as something to fight for, or something free from criticism. If "white culture" or "black culture" cannot withstand criticism, what is their value exactly? Cultures change, evolve over time, they're not stagnant forms that ought to calcify "just because".

I never said that Cultural norms should be immune to criticism or analysis, only that they should be used as a means of cultivating social cohesion.

But why do you need muh culture to defend? If your cultural values are worth defending, they should stand up to criticism. Chances are, they really don't. Racial separation is a completely irrational doctrine for example, even if you buy into the notion of race as a valid biological category.

The stultifying effects of capitalism are apparent to anyone who has lived in it and actually had to think about it for like five minutes. Proles are not dumb, they (we) know we are getting the royal shaft by our ruling class, and have been for a long time. You don't need to invent some notion of muh Culture or muh Tradition to understand why capitalism is horrible to the thinking man, just based on the nature of thinking men.

Fascism is just an ideology for degenerate sissies who can't stand on their own two legs. See the light, please.

They don't believe capitalism is a system. Capitalism is as much a system as is the process of evolution. You can not change evolution just as you can not change capitalism. You can however enforce eugenic programs which use evolution but only in a artificial way.

Also don't even pretend like you fags used to be from Holla Forums since you clearly weren't. Most of you were from reddit.


I made a mistake. I did not actually mean to come accross as though I wanted you to see this the way I do, only that you understand that this is the way I see it. I personally don't want to be rewarded for all the effort of overthrowing the Capitalist machine with cultural nonexistence, multiracial mongrelization, and a globalist world government system, understand? I know many people who would also want to avoid such a fate and I see no reason why people like us would have to compromise our values to destroy Capitalism.

Excuse me, I meant totally sacrifice.

if we can force evolution out of the picture, why not capitalism? you could make this same retarded non-argument for pretty much any standard in society.

What is a community if it is not a culture? You are backwards in everything you do. Life as a social animal has no meaning without culture. Without culture what seperates us from monkey besides technology. Great, we can use mechanical arms to throw shit at people we don't like instead of our hands. This will be the greatest achievement of man kind.
Without culture there is no reason to explore space. Ideas such as scientific inquiry are purely a result of culture. Most people don't give a shit about space. They are content with knowing mars exists and see no purpose in putting a man there.
There is no purpose for community at all if there is no culture. Without culture the concept of community does not exist.

You don't know shit, all you really know is that there are people with more power in this world than you that could potentially fuck your life over. Thats all you know.

But you fucking can't force evolution out of the picture. You are using evolution. You will always have to use evolution. There will never be an escape from evolution so long as life exists. You can only bend it to your will.
You will always be a slave to food and water.

you will always be a slave to globalism and jewry ;)

Not an argument.

also water isn't capitalism. this non-argument is retarded. the end.

oh sorry, were you ever arguing here? calling water capitalism is just a braindead statement

Its possible to remove jews from existence.
And you are right, you could halt all evolution right now if you just removed all life from existence as well. You can not remove capitalism without removing society and the human race.

I never called water capitalism. I called water slavery. I'm tired of being enslaved to my body. I don't want to eat or drink anymore. Its cruel having to spend money on food. Its oppression.

Capitalism is poison the will eventually erode all semblance of National Identity completely away and destroy the environment if it isn't completely destroyed.

jewry and globalism are responsible for your livelihood and society just as capitalism is ;)

and here's the leap from food existing to having to buy it that you're making. you are literally implying that water is capitalism and you just did it again. this connection you're making between evolution and capitalism implies that we've been paying for food for all of human existence. i.e. a retarded statement

ooo infighting

Capitalism can not be destroyed just as evolution can not be destroyed. Capitalism isn't a system its the entire nature of society.
National Socialist Germany was still capitalist. You can not stop capitalism you can only mold it to your favor.
Japan has not been eroded yet they are capitalist. They still have a strong national identity and they have lots of greenery in their country. Especially now that the population is declining.

So then we have a new group of people to fill this gap with disproportionate political, economic influence(a position inherent to capitalism) who wield it at the expense of everyone else
But at least they're white so w/e right.

No, jewry and globalism are part of capitalism. You are comparing a lion to the theory of evolution. It makes no sense.
Which it does but its inevitable. Lions however are very easily dealt with.

..so what's your conclusion? what does getting rid of the jew and globalism solve if these are rules of nature? your retarded liberal nihilism and your nazism seem to be clashing a bit

Except they will not be doing the same jewish practices because those will be illegal.

Its really not that complicated. And sure you could make the argument that everything is just dust in the wind. All societies are destined to fall. Even communist ones.

Getting rid of jews and globalism solves the constant attack on white people in white peoples nations. It solves money being created out of thin air.

It's not like I was going to be swayed by your argument, I was directly criticizing your fundamental beliefs and irrational and stupid. It's all part of the healing and rehab process.

Like I said, cultures change, and sometimes they die. I don't know what you're bitching about exactly, European culture would likely still be high culture in America and Europe, and would probably influence the rest of the world. I don't see any reason why multiracial families should be discouraged. Finally, the world government of a communist society would be far different than the world state of capitalist society (which again, I don't know what you're bitching about because it's the Indian and African poors who get the worst shit from capitalist globalism).

Jesus Christ the ideology is strong in this one. I don't need to fall back on white culture like a sniveling coward to justify what I do with my life. People build societies and generally want to get along with each other, but that's something different from "culture" or "heritage". I'm not interested in some idealized "culture", I'm interested in the here and now far more than muh heritage.

Again you're failing to understand that cultures are dynamic, not these static constructs that we need to venerate. If a culture is shit, it deserves to be criticized.

I see though I must have triggered you and you went straight for the denunciation punch. I know quite a bit, thank you very much. I've read enough fash literature to realize that it's absolutely infantile shit.

how bout we just prevent capitalist practices by making them illegal?

Hitler's Germany had unsustainable economic policies that were always going to lead to White deaths from the start. Japan is a special case in that they are deliberately acting against their Capitalist best interests and instead protecting their Societal best interests by keeping out foreigners. That doesn't mean that Jap men aren't working their bones to dust on a daily basis.

[citation needed]

Scientific discovery and spirit of the pursuit of knowledge and invention, basically the whole process of technological innovation is driven by thousands of years of philosophical advances it took to get people to see science and technological innovation as a valuable process. If you live amongst spooks and believe that you need to sacrifice 4 baby rabbits to the rain god to bring about the rain, you wouldn't need to ponder how to automate the agriculture - you just have rain when you need rain. Any innovation would probably anger the gods and result in not being able to ask for rain anymore, because rain god must be angered by disruptive innovation.

I ask you to define what "culture" is. Because culture as commonly understood does not only involve museums and opera nights, but also technology, philosophy and forms of organizing, since all three of those fundamentally shape the way people express their creative spirit within a community. For example, we speak of "imageboard culture" or "chan culture" which would be impossible if we had no computers, no imageboard source codes, no internet etc.

but constant attacks on white people via jewry (a product of capitalism, like you just said) are inevitable since it's all capitalism. by your own admission, this solves nothing

But that would lead to the end of society.
Again, you can have your eugenics movement but its literally impossible to end all evolution.

Then shut up and be happy that we're both anti-Capitalist.

honest question, what specific jewish practices do you mean? If it's economic exploitation through debt or usury or other financial shenanigans, then removing people of jewish descent won't make the the person with western european/asian/indian/arabic descent stop doing those 'jewish' practices as long as there's an incentive

but ending globalism and jewry would lead to the end of society ;)

Fiat currency won't stop being a thing until, like with any practice, there's no incentive, and other the capitalist/consumerist society, there's A LOT of incentive for the rich to continue this

Another victory for Anarcho-Primitivism.

really dude you're just making statements here. like yeah congratulations, you made a retarded analogy. doesn't make it factual. you didn't even base it in anything. liberals and liberal nazi larpers like you need to get over this ridiculous idea that liberal capitalism (a system that's only functionally existed for a few hundred years) is fundamental to all human existence just because you say so

Uh if people need "culture" to form social units, how did the first tribal societies form? How did the first city-states form? People form these social units - and form new ones in the present day - because they are understood to be mutually beneficial, and because most people don't like to fight each other for no reason. There's no reason I need some "culture" to coexist with someone from a different culture, if I had to.

I mean, I'm basically rejected by "human culture" for a laundry list of reasons, so every time I go outside and talk to people I get something like culture shock. Somehow, I'm able to get through it enough to not horribly die.

Hey, the thread is called Holla Forums rehab. I don't have to shut up to protect your fee-fees, and your fee-fees and really all you have. If you can't accept your irrationality, it's not my problem.

Get Vargpilled. Culture stems from Blood and Soil, and engaging in Cultural practices is the same thing as channelling your ancestral spirits. Shrooms also help with such Druidry.

we still charlottesville damage control up in here

It's a question of motivation and I'm not gonna conform to your standards. As you can plainly see from the Swastika flag I'm not here for rehab, I'm here to socialize.

The fat bitch died of a heart attack.

yeah a soros-funded cgi fat bitch died that we're not proud of except we're proud of except we're not

You do realize that without money being created out of thin air like the Fed does, capitalism would crash pretty much immediately? That goes against your "capitalism is human nature" argument. Banks have been printing IOUs and using money backed by non-commodity money for some time now, it didn't start with le jews.

and what is this blood and soil if not people finding common ground to form a society and culture in? And once those people, or their descendants, don't share that common ground, why continue to cling on to that old 'culture' to the expense of forming new ones, with people who do share common ground, ideas and practices? Why is DNA the most important part of this equation when culture is built out of shared habits practices needs etc?

that tends to happen when you're in shock when a vehicle hits you, but maybe your superior™ genes prevents that so idk

So your argument is basically some neopagan religious horseshit? I've read enough of ye olde fascist literature when I was a dumb impressionable kid, it didn't impress me then and it doesn't impress me now.

wait did she actually die of a heart attack? i just thought it was a stupid fat joke

Well their ancestry went through all that time and hardship to adapt to the selective pressures of their environment, so leaving for another place is wasteful. That's also a strong reason why I'm anti-Imperialist.

I'm sure being hit by a car had nothing to do with that in any way shape or form.

Actually I'm not sure I just heard about it somewhere but even then, point still stands

It's not as though I actually gave a fuck about anyone who attended Richard dick-sucker Spencer was controlled Op from the beginning, and his Kekistani followers were disowned by Holla Forums long ago.

Well, I find it strange you take pride in being wrong, but a lot of people suffer that affliction these days.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah bro i heard charlottesville was a soros-funded cgi town entirely.


Are you not aware of the board >>>/trs/ made by Holla Forumslacks when the 'Alt-Right' showed their Jewish hands?


Lol. Envrionments change. People change. New people come around who don't necessarily give a shit about their "culture", especially if their culture is stagnant and self-evidently stupid. And of course, most people don't have the luxury of settling down in a comfortable place with people of their own kind. Fashies have this really sheltered notion of reality it seems.

How about drought or climate shifts or natural disasters requiring migration away from the affected areas? Are those people expected to conform to their old culture? Granted, populations are adapted to their environment over time but humanity has never been terribly satisfied with sitting still in one place for a long while, and THAT trait was evolutionarily selected for, so that impulse to migrate, move and mingle/mix/whatever has to have some benefit, in this case, syncretisation/synthesisation of traits and practices from others which are more beneficial in this new environment, or even for their old one

It's no more wrong for me to hold my values against Capitalism then it is for you to have simple material interests to destroy Capitalism. They're both reasonable motivations.

Your values are retarded. Like, literally retarded. Perhaps it's not "wrong" to be retarded, I mean I know a few mentally challenged people and they try to live their lives, but most don't take pride in their affliction.

now you're just making the participating Holla Forumsyps feel bad :'(
real talk tho was the consensus on Holla Forums really that of UTR being controlled op BEFORE the rally?

It wasn't though.

Where did I make the claim that culture has to remain stagnant? As I said, Culture stems from Blood and Soil, and is therefore less important, but still important as a reflection of Identity. Anywho, I don't want to sell these concepts to you, I just want to make it clear that I personally believe this way.

Natural Selection is a constant. I never said otherwise.

No u.

i like this guy

Yes, UTR was scrutinized as 'Alt-Right'/TRS cuckery from the moment it was announced.

Just like Based Stick Man who got a sticky? Don't think the mod wasn't banning people left and right for the few speaking out against his irrelevant shiting

control opception

As soon as Based Stick man's asian wifey was discovered, he was called a cuck and a civic nationalist.

exactly, and isn't that ability to not identify with an outdated or romanticised identity and to adapt or learn from other cultures at the expense of the 'purity' of your old one particularly useful in surviving "real world" (so-to-speak) conditions?
Basically what I'm saying is natural selection selects for ability to not be stuck in a past that doesn't exist and recognise that 'hey, maybe I don't know everything and the jew/negro/chink/bean knows something I don't and they ain't inferior to my superior™ genes"

There were people calling him just that from the earliest mention of him on Holla Forums and they were accused of being kikes by the overwhelming majority, including the mods who banned them. This is the thing with you chucklefucks, you support all these people from the start and as soon as things turn sour, you drop them as was the case with Charlottesville but by all means, do go on with your revisionism.

wait don't a large chunk of Holla Forums praise "asian intelligence" or whatever and use the excuse that "ackshually since I think asians are pretty smart I'm really an asian nationalist lmao"?

I explicitly said I'm against Racial Supremacism.

This is some mind-bending level of inter-shilling

Here we go with muh Blood and Soil again. It's just a cowardly slogan to hide that nationalists don't have a rational leg to stand on to justify their claim to territories.

Well yeah actually.

Wasn't he affiliated with Vanguard America or something? I don't keep up with that nonsense.

Except I'm not Nationalist, or Imperialist.

What am i shilling exactly?


No VA was the group Holla Forums supported in their postering of college campuses until a disgruntled member came on and exposed their leadership of being degenerates

That isn't an answer to my question, what am i "shilling", all i'm doing is debunking revisionism

Well I had a lovely time on Holla Forums today. I'll probably come back to read more book recommendations, but until then I wish you all the very best of luck. May you each be blessed by the Holy Swastika!

Shit dude, that other guy was calling you a shill I think.

No not you, the people you mentioned

I meant the people mentioned on Holla Forums. Should have been clearer, sorry

I see, my mistake.

It's 'k fam
Let's just kiss and make up


I don't know how to feel about that pepe

Don't fight it.


Is there a poorly educated motherfucker in here seriously arguing that Y chromosomal ancestry indicates something meaningful about genetic composition? Is that really what I'm looking at here? Tools like Y-chromosome haplogroups and mitochrondrial DNA haplogroups are useful for saying something about historic dispersal patterns or historic population bottlenecks. Why? Because they're fucking haplotypes. That's the whole point of using them as tools–they accumulate mutations at an extremely slow pace due to lack of recombination with the rest of the diploid genome. What are they not useful for? Saying anything about genetic diversity. You will fail because regions of the genome that fail to undergo recombination in the process of sexual reproduction track only a single line of ancestry whose overall contribution to an individual's genome decreases exponentially with every generation.

Fuck off. Afroplasm is based.

sorry to bust your bubble but Richard Spencer is not controlled by anyone he became a Nazi the way you did and acted on his own, got fans on his own, he is himself. That trash you see there is all his own fault.

Kekistan is still in Holla Forums also won't go only after Trump when its a dead meme kids can no longer get fun of.

asians for the asians, that doesn't make miscegenation ok and if you look at what irrelevant shiters say and do, it's invariably subversive or directly attacking their own people.

I don't get it. I can't imagine using it as a slogan but what is cowardly about it?

have any ex-Holla Forumsacks ITT read the Culture of Critique

or they just don't want to waste their time arguing with your stupid ass

Holla Forums never encouraged me to read, it just spammed infographics, I went deep on my own saw the iron pill stupid meme and grabbed Evola which sucks read Ride The Tiger & Mein Kampf, Protocols of the Elders of Zion tbh it's pure ideology but back then I believed in it I went far into Nazism also until I discovered Jünger who tells it like it is, that was the turning point for me.

Holla Forums did encourage me to read a lot and about many things, this is why this board is basically /lit/ also. Right now I only recognize myself as individual, something only my name can define. Not as Nationalist, Nazi, Völkisch or anything ideology. Just me, my real self, I'm finally free.

No u

Holla Forums confirmed for perpetual brainlets


the big problem with right-wingers is that many of them are very dumb, yes. they just spam infographics and tell people to read memes like the Protocols fucking Mein Kampf or whatever. For every meme they recommend there's a much more serious work that they could recommend instead, but they never read it because they're dumb.

I got into right-wing thought through gradual exposure on twitter etc. and never really went to either Holla Forums so maybe that's why.

Holla Forums reading list
r8, d8, masterb8

there's only a few things worth reading on there that are Right-wing - probably just the Bell Curve and the Culture of Critique. this is also a very American list, and I say that as an American - you have this bizarre mix of European-style reactionaries, Austrian libertarian meme economists, American "Constitutional Conservatives (tm)", prominent neoliberals like Friedman and Hayek, etc.

American conservatives, and really Anglo conservatives in general, just can't seem to figure out that the economic ideologies they advocate tend to undermine the social structures they like.

some Holla Forums reading lists for comparison

There’s only one right-wing book worth reading.

Hobbes really isn't right wing. His conception of the social contract is also the least spooky.

Hobbs is just supper authoritarian. Surprised Tankies don’t like him more to be honest.

it's gulag time

So many tankies in that commie general on Holla Forums make us look bad

Yeah man we should spend more time sucking up to liberals. Surely that will get us more support.

fuck EVERYTHING about this thread

communists do not exist to propagate their ideology to the 'uninformed masses,' or fucking Holla Forums for that matter.

communism is not simply one choice of ideological preference. it is, and it is so annoying that this has to be so incessantly reiterated, the real movement which seeks to abolish the present state of things. this is not done by convincing reactionaries via memes and forum posts that our "political identity" is preferable to their own, as if political dispositions exist in a closet wherein we simply pick an "outfit." communists do not try to "convince" reactionaries to "join our side" like this is fucking star wars or something. communists want nothing to do with reactionary garbage, this should be blatantly fucking obvious.

i swear that you all act like this is a fucking cult, and that if only we had good enough propaganda we could "convince workers to join us."

i will be a "fucking dick" to Holla Forums ingrates because they deserve it. why on EARTH would the communist movement want anything to do with a person who spouts even a bit of Holla Forums's reactionary rhetoric?

yeah dude there's no reason to engage anyone politically, communism will just magically appear without anyone having any concept of what they're doing.

Personally I just like poking holes at Holla Forumsack stupidity and telling them their cherished spooks are dumb. I know though that once someone swallows pure ideology it's impossible to reason with them and they have to find out for themselves that they're being played for fools, or they're part of the problem and just ought to be stamped out.

Nobody had a full understanding of what they were doing when capitalism became the dominant mode of production. They just took some assumptions about muh private property inherited from feudalism, asserted the muh privileges of the bourgeoisie (and for a while, pretended that the proletarians should have some freedoms too, whether they genuinely believed in that or not).

The stupidities of late stage capitalism are there for all to see. Lots of people recognize the absurdity. It doesn't take being a Level 8 Leftcom to see that capitalism is shit. It also doesn't take much to envision a world where perhaps things aren't done for profit. Marx and those who followed him explained why capitalism is doomed in full detail, but the mechanics at work are not terribly complicated and could be explained in a short pamphlet.

The problem with creating some idealized program and promising to implement it beforehand is that shit happens, people disagree with each other, and people need to coexist while wanting different things. Setting up some scheme beforehand is going to be riddled with obvious holes and favoritism. You can make guesses at how a future, non-capitalist system might operate, and you can approach the problems of engineering, agriculture, medicine, etc. as they arise instead of praying to the Market God to solve everything on its own.

The principles of the socialist are simple enough - abolition of private property, abolition of a ruling class, and true freedom and liberty for all. How to get there is the really big question.

This is why the working class hate us