AI will make a human workers irrelevant

Why do people worship this guy again?

How can you trust a guy with a face like that?

To be fair, this asshole is the one who thinks AI is a bad idea. He's one in like, every other asshole in Silicon Valley who thinks that's a good idea.

But they're all assholes so you might as well lump them all together

Show me one thread where we do.

srsly, look it up on his wiki

I want to be a cyborg tho.

I want to be a Female cyborg though

Not us you sack of jack

But he fucking makes robots. Aren't they considered THE leaders in self driving cars. I'm tired of this attention whore and his sycophants. Autismo to the max. And why would you make a company called Tesla too? I feel like making a company called Musk Industries just to fuck with him…

He's got a 21 Century PR guy that can at least not make him look like a Rupert Murdoch-tier billionaire fossil.

PS: What kinda name is ( ( (Elon) ) )?


White South Africans very often have goofy ass names.

A better question, are biologist socialist?

Also requesting the meme where Transhumanist get btfo by ubermen chad

To be honest, you have to have a very high intelligence to understand Elon Musk. The science is incredibly advanced, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the business decisions will go over a typical socialist's head. There's also Musk's entrepreneur outlook, which is deftly woven into his business strategy- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Californian Ideology literature, for example. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these technologies, to realise that they're not just advanced- they say something deep about REALITY. As a consequence people who dislike Elon Musk truly ARE daft- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the depth in Musk's existential statement "we are living in a simulation," which itself is a cryptic reference to Descartes's Latin masterwork Meditations on First Philosophy.

Musk is a fucking crook who makes a fortune off of PopSci morons who like Black Science Man and are incapable of doing their own research.

I'm amazed he wasn't behind "Le Solar Freaking Roadways XDDDDDD"

Solar roadways are the coolest shit ever, though.

They would be if they were actually viable (they aren't)

Viability means nothing in the face of sci-fi utopianism, user.

No, like they won't even work and will be a massive boondoggle if implemented. Speaking of such, Musk is such a fucking fuckstick for Space X.

If we're gonna have trillionaires, I'd rather they waste money on that than on a bigger yacht, or a foundation that mostly just pays out consultant fees to liberal failsons and -daughters.

I just wanna feel like I'm in the future. Isn't that a public works project worth investing in?

Why should we tolerate the bourgeoisie literally flying to another planet to escape the tense state of the world they caused?

This is the future, and we have to be decisive to not fuck it up worse with plexiglass LED bullshit.

Okay jumped the shark too fast there. Space X is their tourist crap, im talking more about his urges to colonize mars

If we can't change it we'll have no choice but to tolerate it…


We'll make our own space colony, with blackjack and hookers. Lutetia has all the material we'd ever need, plus no gravity well. Mars is a shithole anyways.

Capitalism, ho!


It's literally the matrix but it looks like Second Life and functions like a pay-to-grind mobile game

This is the future the normies chose

Elon Musk is the Bill Nye of tech, if Bill Nye was actually a scientist.

Nobody here "worships" him here, but there have been threads were some users do some fine apologia for the fucker because "He isn't literally porky satan" or whatever

confirmed inevitable

lmao programming nerds are delusional

m00t pls.

Why are people attracted to getting tatoos? She looks like shit, in what might otherwise be molded into a nice package with some hard work tbh. Off the table now imo.


literally just to filter nerds like you

Looks like you're off the table too.

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