Daily News Thread 10/12

Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah sign deal in Cairo

Hamas and Fatah have signed a landmark reconciliation deal in Cairo in a key step towards ending a decade-long rift between the two Palestinian factions.

US quits Unesco over 'anti-Israel bias'

The US is pulling out of the UN's cultural organisation Unesco, accusing it of "anti-Israel" bias.

Trump puts Puerto Rico on notice over hurricane aid

US President Donald Trump has griped about emergency relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, saying federal aid cannot continue "forever".

Family Held Captive By Taliban-Linked Group Is Released

An American woman, her Canadian husband and their three young children have been released after years of being held captive by a group with ties to the Taliban and called a terrorist organization by the United States, American and Pakistani officials said Thursday.

In fiery attack, Philippines' Duterte accuses EU of plotting

In a fiery speech full of expletives, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the EU of interfering in the country's domestic affairs.

French President Emmanuel Macron to launch second stage of labour reforms amid growing dissent

French President Emmanuel Macron is launching the second stage of his labour law overhaul, focusing on unemployment benefits and job training.

'We don't need you': Erdogan accuses Washington of 'sacrificing' relations with Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Washington of “sacrificing” relations with Ankara, and has blamed the ongoing diplomatic dispute on a US ambassador “who doesn't know his place.”

Afghan civilian casualties from airstrikes up more than 50% since last year - UN

Civilian casualties from Afghan and American airstrikes have risen more than 50 percent since last year, the UN said on Thursday.

Mystery hacker steals ‘sensitive’ data on Australian F-35s & newest spy jets

Some 30 gigabytes of defense-related data covering fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets as well as Australia’s newest warships and spy planes has been stolen by a mystery hacker, local media reports citing a top cyber intelligence official.

Trump signs order to weaken Obamacare, boost bare-bones insurance

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday to weaken the Obamacare law and make it easier for Americans to buy bare-bones health insurance plans, but the action faces possible legal challenges.

Kenya bans street protests amid election row

Kenya's government has banned demonstrations in three major Kenyan cities - the capital Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

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Bump lol


AAHHHHH. PLFP better leave the PLO over this.


Before Charlottesville Was in the Spotlight, Police Arrested Their Most Prominent Critic in the Middle of the Night


The Rifle on the Wall: a Left Argument for Gun Rights


Good, the world shall be grateful for now having a better culture.

France needs a second revolution.

Will this mother fucker please just stop

Trump was the anti war candidate

Has one country ever been more cucked?

lmao this nigga really hates Puerto Rico, doesn't he?

Holla Forumscucks on suicide watch

Duh. He hates anybody that isn't white.

He's treating it exactly like it is, a colony of the United States. He's going back to the Old Testament of US politics

we shouldnt even be helping them in the first place, they're not american citizens ffs

Yes they are.

American empathy

Wow, that was hard to check.

Don't you have some local news comments section to go back to Fox News Dad?

It would be badass to walk up to Barron Trump while he's eating an impossibly tall ice cream cone and just spike that shit into the grass


We gots an actual fox news granpa over here

We should do this with every american on european soil. Human rights shouldn't be respected when it comes to americans

This sounds good, but it's actually really fucking bad. It helps our education system, what's left of it after the past 17 damn years. Here's what's no longer available.




user, don't be so passé.

Leaving UN programs is actually a really fucking bad idea if we can't come up with alternatives for ourselves. Don't say we can't.

Also US aid for UNESCO has been vital for preserving historical landmarks across the world, particularly ruins of old civilizations. And we also help bring what we get. It's one of the better UN programs and there's little to no downside.

Leaving because of "Anti-Israel" bias, is not only fucking embarrassing, but stupid. Extremely fucking stupid.

This overall, is a fucking terrible idea.

I know it may seem that way, but we want clean drinking water for kids, and also to escape this country to anywhere else at the moment.

So much for the tolerant left.

These people deserve to be beaten tbh

Israel joins too

*Don't say we can

What an ubermensch.

Dont bulli Barron

Giving Barron fake Mortal Kombat fatality codes and recording him get increasingly frustrated as he inputs them over and over

Spreading a rumor at Barron's special school that Ivanka is his real mother

We did? I don't remember authorizing this.



Convincing Barron it would be funny if he called the teacher mom in front of the whole class

Sending a bunch of photoshopped porn pictures of Ivanka to make Barron question why he has a weird boner.


Yemen's cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms
i hate humanity some times




But Trump was going to bring order lol

That's the state and local government and every single fuck in power. Despite what you might think, we don't want the Flint fucking Water Crisis

Forgot to take off sage

The US government is literally strip mining itself and by the time its over we'll be back at square one in the fucking Industrial Revolution.

Can someone redpill me on Yemen?

I'm inclined to side with the Houthis purely because the USA, NATA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel hate them. But that's tankie logic, so I should be more cautious.


Wait until we get president Kid Rock and realize we're in John Carpenter's Prince of fucking Darkness

Or In The Mouth of Madness.

You're basically right. It's probably a good idea to show some skepticism and restraint over support for any one group fighting there (no matter how good they seem, it almost seems inevitably things can turn shit in an instant). But considering the circumstances the Houthis are fighting against what they need to and should, for bringing this bullshit into their country.

I almost think the Cholera outbreak was purposefully done by the Saudi government

When President Kid Rock changes the national anthem to his version of Sweet Home Alabama, will it be better or worse than the current abomination?

Death is only the beginning.

Houthis are mostly just angry mountain folk. They were in revolt against longtime leader of Yemen Saleh. H'd killed their leader or something. Saleh received support of the US (a lot) to combat Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Those guys currently control eastern desert in Yemen, and are in deep with the Saudi's. This support mostly beefed up the Republican Guard, an elite unit.

Now, for some reason or other Saleh got deposed and replaced by Hadi, a weak Saudi puppet with some support of South Yemen groups, some of whom want independence. This made Saleh strike a deal with the Houthis, bringing over the Republican guard, superbly equipped and trained by among others the US. They promptly seizes most of the country.

Of course, at this point the Saudi's, who are feeling insecure due to Arab Spring, Iranian expansion after Iraq war, and so on, flip their shit. They try to unseat the Houthi-Saleh alliance by air bombardment, and sending in a ton of mercenaries (their own troops being too ineffective). The Saudi's and their dogs have however suffered a couple of embarrassing military setbacks. They starve Yemen by blockading it and destroying vital infrastructure out of pure spite.

Make of that what you will.

The national anthem sucks but I don't want to listen to Kid Rock everywhere and be subdued for not being patriotic by enough by saluting wherever it comes from when it blares

Thank you kindly, comrades. I just remember reading that AP report about the UAE torture camps and military semi-state in Yemen. Ever since then I've just wanted whatever side they're backing to lose hard. Childish, I know, but fuck it.

As an American I'm so fucking exhausted by our bullshit

Can someone pick me up as a refugee please. I'll live in a shower stall I don't care just get me the fuck out of here. I'll suck your sick just get me the fuck out of here. Every day you think "this is the dumbest it can possibly get" then tomorrow you think the same damn thing. Shit is gonna give me PTSD if this goes on non stop for four years

Take me anywhere else. Wake me up inside.

It's easy to migrate to Sweden, one of their criteria literally is "don't be a dick"

French Foreign Legion?
They can train your for the habbening if you pass all their shit.

Doesn't sound too bad. Might have to get used to the cold but it's hot as hell here anyways. As long as the government isn't threatening to make me broke over wanting health care, and I don't have to hear about Donald Trump every god damn second of my life like an ear wig, I think I'm good.

Don't think I'm cut out for it but it can't be worse than this

Isn't as cold anymore due to global warming, and winter barely exist in the southern part of Sweden, lots of rain though. If you migrate you'll be granted free healthcare and ability to seek welfare the moment you do. But you need to show strong interest in wanting to live in Sweden, meaning you have to act independantly of the state to make sure you'll be able to stay, do so and the state will assist you

I am about to become the refugee Holla Forums warned me about.

Wew lad, it's hard as fuck to escape them. Some kid from here did it a while back thinking he could skip out after a month of basic and it was months later after a massive manhunt that he managed to get to a phone unattended and call his parents.

Hopefully when the boomers die off we can fully shake this my bootstrap mentality. Wonder if houses are going to be mail bombed like back then too.

Feel free to rape, praise allah and name yourself jamal etc etc id/pol/ hilarious memes

the right-wing loves playing the victim as they hide behind cops

the trillion dollar fighter plane was already worthless due to its inability to fly in the rain and cross the international date line without crashing

I love that Trump's dismantling of Obamacare is actually going to force the Democrats to abandon the program altogether and adopt universal Medicare as their official party platform. They can't work with the Republicans on a repeal (i.e., political suicide) and they can't defend something that's dying right before our eyes, so they really have no other choice.

Trumpets have got to be the biggest cucks since 1991, it's fucking incredible.

On the other hand, he's so terrible that he makes a cuck out of everyone.

After those limpdicked first protests, this is a shoo-in.

Oh God, cn we finally kick him out of the club? Can we please make Erdogan an international enemy? Please?

Finally, someone in the mainstream left with balls.

The US joins Israel, you mean.

Wait, so the guy who had massive Saudi support against mountain rebels got couped in favor of a Saudi outright puppet, then cut a deal with his former mountain enemies to use his old Saudi resources to countercoup the Saudi puppet. Is that it?

Something like that. Saudis really fucked up

good news

An impressve cock-up to be sure, but the war between Soviet-aligned Ethiopia and Soviet-aligned Somalia is still the champion.

Puerto Ricans Are So Desperate They're Trying to Drink Toxic Water at Hazardous Waste Sites


Is it me or does Erdogan leave the impression of a manchild?

just add it to the list lol

then why don't you act like it?

Where the fuck are you? we NEED you back to help us again

B-b-b-but muh Venezuela…

Yeah it's like he's a kid playing sultan. You know how power attracts people with pathological personalities.

The protests for the first stage attracted only 5 figures worth of people. Even the French have been subdued by LSC.