The US is pulling out of the UN's cultural organisation Unesco, accusing it of "anti-Israel" bias
The US is pulling out of the UN's cultural organisation Unesco, accusing it of "anti-Israel" bias.
The US withdrawal represented a loss to the "UN family" and to multilateralism, Ms Bokova added.
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What the usa has to contribute to the unesco except money?


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That sounds pretty fucking reasonable actually.

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Honestly, I think this is not only an attempt to save some money, but it's also likely to be an initial step towards privatizing the US Unesco sites.

As soon as kim finish with the US will take care of israel for us too

This is a really fucking bad idea because we just lost a lot of fucking education programs for public schools in the blink of an eye.

Nobody should have the power to do this shit without outside checks and balances, especially America.

but the question is; do american politicians care about schooling for poor people ?


he's actually doing this to get back at the jews cant you see its all 4d chess

It doesn't just protect that…the US has given, and in return gets, protection for all historical monuments, and the ability for students to learn and travel to them. Be it in their city or whatever on a field trip, to funding protection for ancient ruins that might get blown the fuck up by a terrorist.

Fuck, UNESCO even had a program for insuring children have safe drinking water in public places they go to, like Museums and their schools.

A bunch of shit you took for granted growing up is gone now. Just because we gotta protect Israel from bias, we gotta protect Israel from bias, we gotta protect Israel from bias. Protect Israel at all costs.

This. Is a very fucking bad call.

I personally wouldn't put much stock in the official reason that they put out for pulling out of Unesco. It probably had a small part in why this happened, but I highly doubt that this is much more than a pretext for this decision. It fits the trend of cutting down "unnecessary" programs that the Trump administration has pursued so far. I also would be shocked if this wasn't done with an eye for future privatization. But I agree, this will have horrible effects down the road.

unless your talking about money the answer is probably no

As spiteful as it is inconsequential.

It's pretty consequential. The US no longer actively protects UNESCO historical sites, that leads to them being a fucking free for all, because nobody really funded UNESCO more than the US. The EU has to pick it up. And now the US doesn't have the surprising amount of benefits UNESCO had.

It may feel like nothing, but this is a substantial fuck up. We shouldn't just be jaded about everything.

You are right that it will be bad for historical sites. Someone supra already pointed to looming privatization. I was thinking more along the lines of Israel-Palestine, where the US-Israel axis is only getting more isolated, and dangerous, no matter how many fits they throw.