Okay Holla Forums so I feel crazy right now

So I just got into a argument with my aunt about Obama, it was pretty crazy I have to look back and laugh right now. The situation goes she says that Obama was the devil, anti-christ, and was objectively bad basically. I say no president can be objectively bad. Everybody has redeeming qualities, she won't accept the fact and I took the bait, it became a religious argument and shit got weird. She starts talking crazy stuff how she gets "hints" from people up stairs and how she talks to spirits in her dreams then she starts talking about her dad that died last year, guilt because she wasn't there when he died I guess. My question is how does deal with crazy religious people, like they don't use logic at all, I wasn't sure what to do when combated with such crazy. I was honestly shocked, and I feel crazy for trying to argue with it. But my pride got the better of me, and I honestly feel a little crazy after the talk.

One* in-between does and deal
Confronted* not combated

Ask her more about the intel she's getting from the spirits on Obama. This was by far the most interesting part of your story. Maybe bring a oujia board with you next time, see where it goes.

She thinks ouija boards are evil, and the devils work.

don't worry schizophrenia is not contractable

Try praying in Latin or Aramaic, if she spasms keep going until she stops. Use beads if you have them.

What the fuck haha I don't know what you mean but sounds funny.

Closest I've gotten to dealing with "crazy religious people" face-to-face was when I attended a 3-day Amway conference and then decided to leave (literally only joined because a good friend of mine asked, and I thought to check that shit out but I was retard to think I didn't have to pay cold hard cash to those con artists) and later had to deal with Amway folks for a while who begged me to come back.

Answer is simple, OP - pretend to your aunt that you respect her crazy views but you personally don't subscribe to them for some "practical" reason (too busy with work to look into her superstition or some shit), then proceed to politely, but directly refuse to have anything to do with her psychobabble about ghosts, spirits and other spooks. NEVER laugh at her, try to debate with her or do the worst fucking mistake you can do when dealing with neurotics, which is telling them to calm down. When you tell a neurotic person to calm down, they will immediately explode, no matter what the topic is.

So yeah, just politely, but directly tell her "thanks but I cannot get involved" and change the subject or leave.

Wow that's exactly what happen, she starts yelling loudly about stuff when I said I'm not attacking you, I'm just saying and I proceeded to get shut down. I honestly didn't know what to do, mind you I'm 22 also.

I just told you what to do, read my post again. Even if she is not prone to shouting, she might be prone to ranting or whatever, so it still applies.

Yes I know what your saying but I don't know, I'm just in shock, like it's scary that there are possibly millions more like her out there. I know there has bio be more theres never just one.

treat nutters like an emotionally disconnected parent treats their children

Why can't you avoid her altogether, are you forced to live in her home or something?

Yes, I try to avoid her but it's hard when she's always talking craziness, everyday is nigger this and nigger that and it's all bad. I've been saving to move to out of state, but thats another couple of months.

Does she have another hobbies or interests? You could try and change the subject from "politics" to something else.

Her only hobbies are Facebook, she talks with other warriors of christ on there, reassuring her beliefs.

Oh I see. Only option for you then for the little while you have left is to either keep yourself constantly locked in your room or to try and get out yourself. Unless you can really think of some other topic you could entertain her mind with that is not politics.

Yeah sad situation

Well good luck either way, try to manage somehow. Holla Forums will be your source of escapism for the time being.

Tell her to google J Posadas


but user, obama is a black communist muslim, we liberals should love him!