People, intimately knowing Stalin, will testify to his extreme simplicity in being. For example...

Is Dugin, dare I say it, /ourguy/ ?

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Sort of. Russian global hegemony (which I understand is his ultimate end game) would be a very bad thing. However the re-emergence of multipolarity would be a fantastic development for global socialism.

This sounds like lifestyle anarchism.

This sounds like you're using buzz words

It's lifestylism. Like who the fuck won't touch money?

Why do you care

/ourguy/ wouldn't touch money

Do you think country music it's the maximum expression of white american culture and we should defend it against le globaleshes?

I thought Dugin hated white people?

That might be the biggest load of bullshit I've ever seen. Kill yourself immediately.

That's not dialectic at all, but I believe it.

Whenever Dugin is on Alex Jones you can tell he's hiding his power level.

He literally just wants Russia to replace America as the global hyper-power, everything else he "stands for" is either a farce or an excuse. Imagine if the entire neo-liberal/corporatist false dichotomy in the US was somehow harnessed, compressed, and then injected into some Russian guy.

He's the /Tsar's guy/.

What makes it not dialectical?

This. I follow him on facebook and always posts imperialist shit and shit defending european far-right parties.

In this article Dugin is literally shilling for full communism, except he's doing it esoterically


hes an unironic NazBol…
he started one of the first NazBol parties for fucks sake

Like how dense do you have to be to not be able to understand statements like these

Literally advocate abolishing the commodity form and exchange-value along with the bourgeoisie, I could go on like this (like the philosopher King he speaks of is literally the abolition of politics and the state, the King rules by doing absolutely nothing) but I'm sleepy so whatever.

Wasn't this true of most of Stalin's inner circle? The Court of the Red Tsar mentioned that most of Stalin's close associates lived surprisingly austere/spartan lives (as most had been exiled to Siberia at one point or another)

Molymeme tier. The fact that neolibs think he's some sort of Russian Lex Luthor shows just how fucking dumb they are.

Only insofar as they can be used to serve his interests, if any nationalists ever get into power he'll be the first one shilling Bolshevism in their neighbors. I'm actually a Nat Soc but I despise Dugin just as much as you guys do.

Dugin essentially wants us to destroy each other & destabilize the US/EU hegemony enough in the process to allow Russia to make a massive land-grab and become the New World Empire under "muh 4th political theory".
A literal 1984-tier empire on the World Island that is specifically designed to contain and neutralize internal dissent from all of us. Sounds like an absolute worst-case scenario to me tbqh.

Of course he is /ourguy/
But mods will ban you if you are a honest real nazbol because they feels are hurt by it

Dugin did nothing wrong

I mean, i'm pretty sure he got kicked out of the original nazbols and started his own nazbols because he was too racist for the nazbols, or something like that, so no i'm pretty sure it's not just because they can serve his interests

I want global liberal hegemony to kill all the retarded nationalists so actual communists can take over from there.

He's an explicitly self-identified idealist reactionary who rants against materialism and "globalists" (literally everyone who isn't a Russian nationalist) at every opportunity. He's a real life caricature of idealist philosophers. That you can't tell him for who he is shows you to be a rightist in denial. Why don't you go to Holla Forums, where you'll find a productive environment for you to be in?
Oh, and he's also an actual schizophrenic. No joke.

< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc
< I'm actually a Nat Soc


Wasn't really "his choice" then, was it?
Starting a redundant party & damaging the movement at-large for the sake of his ego is exactly what a self-interested person would do.

Destroying the White race isn't exactly orthodox Not Socialist doctrine fampai. To make a long story short, your smug-post sounds absurd to me because we identify with our Volk to the same degree that you identify with your class.

In either case, I believe that we can agree Duginism = bad. It's nice to find a sliver of common ground.

wait so is Eurasianism/continentalism/NazBolism/Duginism just extreme russian nationalism with 1984 larping added in?

Well, there are plenty of nations other than Russia in Eurasia, so it is actually the destruction of "extreme Russian nationalism" & the implementation of a Eurasian Neo-Reactionary Globalism to replace the US/EU Neo-Liberal Globalism.

The "1984-style" of this regime was not explicitly stated by him obviously, but it is clearly his intent & is the inevitable outcome of such a perverse entity.

Under this system:
The far-left (Socialists & beyond) would be neutralized perpetually by the Neo-reactionary foundation principles.
The far-right (Nat Socs) would cease to exist as the races merged.
The liberals/moderates will adapt & believe whatever they are told like always, while the conservatives will be pacified with the legitimization of reactionary positions.

The Empire would be more overt than the USA/EU with their propagandizing/censorship, but the people will be ok with it out of fear of what happened to the US for "letting its guard down".

if Dugin's google translated cryptograms succeed in accomplish anything except assblasting all of 8ch, we humans were long dead already

That doesn't surprise me, from experience I can tell you that's the end result of messing around with the spoopy, luckily I got out before shit got real.


If Dugin didn't exist the neocons/neolibs would have had to invent him. He's the perfect comic book villain, literally a spoopy black wizard, who unironically thinks Stalin did nothing wrong, and has links with everyone on the Russian political spectrum, from the CPRF to the LDP (one can imagine both Zyuganov and Zhirinovsky talking to Dugin in secret, with Dugin black robbed like some kind of irl Palpatine) it's as if they comissioned Hollywood writers to make him up.



bit much tbh

Read the whole thing is not what you think, think of the Angel as being akin to Rousseau's "General Will"