Prove this image isn't wrong, marxists...

Prove this image isn't wrong, marxists. Just accept that Theologians and trads are more wizened and intellectually superior than any of your false idols could ever hope to be.

Pope Benedict a genius for changing the words in the mass


Oh yeah? Could god create a boulder so heavy that he could not lift it?

Bow before me insect


Both of you, on your knees

God can always lift the any boulder in the universe because he is by definition omnipotent. If the boulder was too heavy for him to lift it would mean that God is not omnipotent. Impossible statements are just that - impossible.

Oh I thought this was a troll logic thread, on account of the OP and Stirnerposting, my bad.

look up "Max Stirner" and then take a look at the rightmost person on your image

Max Stirner is altright gang :DDD

Does this mean his Autism Level is so elevated he has ascended to the Noumenal Realm?

Kek at dat wordfilter

test Autism Level

so he cant create a boulder to heavy for him to lift? you act like you have an argument, but you don't

Not very 'omni' that potence then, is it?
Or perhaps god simply is impossible.

thake that bearded fart

Leftypol has gone so far down the shitter that even the trolls here aren't trying anymore.

Move the fucking Theists just above the Holla Forumstards and we have a deal. Nobody can win against the Milkman anyway thats final.

trolls never had a hard time here to be honest. Holla Forums could never resist a good bait.

To truly take the leap of faith you have to accept that he could lift the boulder. He created it, it's too heavy, but he can lift it anyway while it's too heavy. This isn't different from accepting that God is 3 but 1 but 3 as far as I can tell. It's one of the mysteries that humans can't understand.
Either that or you drop this talk of omnipotence. If what you're saying is the case then God has limitations like a mortal.

Yeah but this ain't good bait.

It was never good bait.

Yes, because he's omnipotent. Then he goes REEEEE SUPAASAAYAJIN!!!! powers up and lifts the boulder anyway.
It's God I ain't gotta explain shit