Why should I trust leftists?

I have a question regarding your attitudes towards the working class.
I work a retail job currently (I have options, but at the moment this is where I am). I am critical of the capitalist system but I also distrust the postmodern values of modern Marxists and their imitators.
Now, there's this gang of antifa (basically fascists all in name) and actually leftist "revolutionaries" that came through my town and ended up shopping in my store. All of these guys treated me and my fellow employees like shit, telling us that everything we did was wrong in spite of our attempts to please them.
My question is: taking the antifa-idpol fucks out of the equation, why should I trust you leftists if you treat working class people like me with utter disdain? Are you just mad that Marx's prophesy didn't come to fruition as predicted? Or are you all just a bunch of bourgeoisie? Why should I trust you?
inb4 >Holla Forumslack
Do you really think I like being under the iron boots of corporatists? not fascists- again, why should I trust you when you can't even get your definitions straight?

stopped reading there as you confirmed you have no idea what postmodernism even means

maybe read a book brainlet

read a book then come back

postmodernism is literally incompatible with marxism, by definition

I know he has a sick sense of style but you gotta stop listening to kermit the fraud

Better question is why do you rely so heavily on trust relation based idealism when you can clearly see that capitalism is oppressive in its nature?

Ah, now I realize why I don't trust or believe you. Hope you all get shot as bourgeoisie.

I hope I do as well.

I didn't even insult you, I just told you - correctly - that postmodernism is incompatible with marxism. Why do you hate facts?

All about belief and trust, again.
Just read a damn book, improve your intellect, it cannot make your situation worse.

Antifa are liberals and barely my comrade. I've worked retail OP, I've been there. IDK who these people are or why they did that, but being a dick is just being a dick, independent of leftism.

That being said there is a misconception on the left that the "working class" is this early 20th century image of an iron worker, decked out in overalls and oil stains swinging a big hammer. They forget the working class is the exploited WalMart worker, the trashman, the pencil pusher and desk jockey. Don't let this discourage you though, and don't let asshat "red liberals" discourage you either. Theres a war to win against corporate hegemony.

stay mad brainlet

Man I wonder how the US wars across the whole world without other people's money

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Stopped reading right there.

don't act like OP's little story actually happened you moron.

I don't like your petulant tone, OP.

just because antifa areretarded lifestylist teenagers doesn't mean other leftists are shit.
Have you ever had any other bad experiences with actual leftists on your job? say a unionist (shit burgeoise controlled unions don't count) or an actual marxist?
Bonus question are you unionized?

Antifa are a bunch of effectively liberal conservatives.

if antifa are out of the equation then what are you doing lumping us in with them you massive faggot

read zizek


I hope antifa beats you to death at a """free speech""" rally.

because you're too stupid to read a book?
hope you read a book and come back to realize how illiterate and nonsensical that sentence is

You shouldn't trust leftists. But you should trust capitalism even less.

The alternatives so far to capitalism have mostly been shit. But maintaining the status quo of capitalism isn't an option either, that is increasingly becoming a utopian dream, as we head towards ecological disaster etc. Read Mark Fisher's "Capitalist Realism."

If we define "left" as everyone trying to overcome capitalism, then the question is not "do I trust leftists," but as someone who recognizes capitalism must be overcome, how do I build a better left and combat shitty tendencies within the left? (such as what you saw with that antifa gang, or Venezuela apologism)


Venezuela is fucking succdem. We don't support it for any other reason except anti imperialism

Nope. Look, I can't speak for everyone, but I don't really "want" a revolution. I'm not tying up my hopes and dreams into what amounts to a zietghiest. Is Socialism the best economic system for the world? Yes. Is communism the end goal for economics as they exist? Probably. That doesn't mean I feel any connection to you, and every other ass that happens to be working class. I think of it like giving a baby a cookie and a light bulb, if he keeps on eating the light bulb, maybe baby doesn't want to be happy?

Why would you even consider picking your opinions based on trust? Absolutely illogical, today sage is in fact downboat.

You can justifiably hate antifa, and what you encountered in your store was exactly the kind of lifestylist (as we call them) faggots that makes modern leftism as a whole the dead movement it is, but please read a book. By which I mean, Marxism is incompatible with postmodernism, antifa are anarchists not Marxists, and punching people you disagree with, wrong as most find it, is not the definition of fascism.

Some antifa are Marxists. Specifically in my local black bloc there was a large contingent of the Maoist Red Guard.

Yes, but a majority are anarchist.

This is you probably OP


Oy vey! Communism is the guardian of the Chosen People, goy! Even asking is crimethink, hatespeech, and six gorillion other offenses!