When will leftypol admit violent insurrection is called for and is not inherently immature? It's not a game of optics...

When will leftypol admit violent insurrection is called for and is not inherently immature? It's not a game of optics, showing the police some casualties is about confronting power with power.

Violence without organization holds no value nor can service any cause. Simply calling for it without an higher purpose is childish and petty.

Why is it harder for a US soldier to rape and murder an afghan civilian than it is for a cop in Missouri to do the same to a black citizen?

Because the military legitimately fear deadly reprisals. The cops know feel protected by the infrastructure they use to track down terrorists, it's infinitely more entrenched and advanced domestically than we could ever project in afghanistan. But they have never faced organized insurgency, only campaigns of distinct terrorist spectacles, planned and executed by isolated weirdos with no popular support or local resources, and dubious will to continue living past their attacks even.

They are more protected by the mere perception in the public that this infrastructure is all-powerful. Fortunately for us, conrad, while the infrastructure itself is a vast abstract bureaucracy embodied- when forced to be- only inside highly secured buildings and redundant systems of computers and personnel, immune to physical attack even- to be sure- by nuclear groundburst- THE PERCEPTION OF THIS INFRASTRUCTURE'S POTENCY- the force which does by far the better part of the work- is an infinitely fragile and completely hollow inside. It needs only to be tested hard ONCE and it will dissipate like the spook it is.

The level of organization necessary is precisely that level which can accomplish a physical defeat of the system. Handing an already militarized vanguard any more responsibility is asking for trouble, once you've shown a people how free they truly are to determine their own fate they should be allowed to do it themselves.

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When they stop being closeted liberals who are afraid of guns and fighting.

And let me say again "a defeat of the system" does not mean total military victory over the US, it means a deafeat of the attempt to govern you. A military victory is not necessary, the state of insurgency itself is sufficient, all the rest is time.

Because there is not a such thing as civilian in warfare, there are only productive forces of the enemy. Citizens on other hand are always part of the in-grouping within the state apparatus.

Routing the police in a local area would NOT take much planning or even require many casualties, a loose and lightly trained group of locals with a rough idea of where a demonstration might soon take place could accomplish an ambush visible in its legitimacy. Riot cops are usually unarmed. Cops aren't paid to die, and when they route the government's fingers are broken. They are forced to fall back to projecting power from Nat'l Guard bases, as they were in LA92 and NO05, and their fine control over life is immediately gone.

What is this supposed to mean?

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naive my good man, i bet that shit happens all the time, it just never makes the news because either nobody even notices or it gets covered up

Put down the Trotsky, comrade, its not the 19th century anymore. We are past the point of kinetic military confrontation with state militias. 21st century war is cultural and fought in the global noosphere.

You dumb motherfucker you are probably a leftcom. You are literally cargo cult communism.

How the fuck do you expect to seize the means without a struggle?

No my dude, I said harder. MORE difficult. This is true.

We should really consider starting destroying police stations.

This raises questions. What level of organization is sufficient, 50% of the working class? 25%? 10%? Is it arbitrary? The American revolution was fought with I believe support from 33% of the colonial population. How much do we need?
My point being that obviously violence for the sake of violence is bad, but I don't think anybody here is suggesting that, so how is that relevant critique socdem? Furthermore, how is struggling against class traitor cops who protect private property and a corrupt bourgeois state bad? How are we going to ever make any strides? And last question, how many levels of cointelpro are you on?

how spooked are you fam?

You've probably never read any theory in your life have you? You just do memes

What spook are you referring to?

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i see absolutely nothing wrong with a national night of 1000 Micah Xs filling the streets with porky guard bodies

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