What's the deal with Enver Hoxha

So i'm curious, since he's sort of a meme around here, was Hoxha any good? Was he a better than most tankie?

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he was aight


He was good, but too dogamtic and formalistic, which sabotaged internationalism in the end. Did the best he could for Albania though. Recommendation:

P underrated tbh. He got rid of religion in the smartest way in contemporary history

Yeah, he made Albania atheist.

What's not to love?

Nigga denounces post-Stalin USSR and Maoist China for what they are: revisionist bullshit. Nigga criticizes the struggle in Vietnam as too much national liberation and not enough socialism. Nigga criticizes Yugoslavia for having capitalism. Hoxha was BASED.

the bunkers were retarded and a waste of significant resources

I guess from a ML theoretical standpoint, but like all MLs i just can't really get on board with how shitty they were sometimes. I understand defending the revolution but sometimes it just seems like they were pointlessly malignant and cruel. Using these people as guiding hands for theory makes me feel like my positions become indefensible because they did all this shit.

and yeah the bunkers definitely seemed pretty dumb

It's a literal basement dwelling ideology except there are no microwaves or tendies in the bunker

What do tankies think of the fact that socialist Albania was brought down by labour unrest?
I do think Hoxha wasn't too bad.

Everytime I see these stats I wonder why they even bothered to pretend the elections weren't rigged and if they weren't who those 43 fuckers actually were

Wasn't hoxha an Albanian himself, seems kind of autist to indiscriminately kill ur own people. Tho I think your exaggerating the extent to which he did this.

It's a meme by the kind of people who think the holodomor is not at all exaggerated but also good

His party actually won the first bourgeois-democratic elections held in the country after the fall of socialism by a really large margin, so the Albanian people apparently thought he was pretty legit for the most part.

ok that IS pretty bad


Elections don't matter much, nomination process matters

A truly deep query.


How intellectually honest of you to only quote the part of the Wiki that supports your narrative.

Daily reminder that Albania was the only country to;
- become officially atheist and prohibit all religion
- abolish all taxation
- establish a 100% centrally planned economy where the State accounted for every cent with no market mechanisms or giving managers large salaries
- was able to electrify the whole country in just a few years
- established almost complete economic self-sufficiency

What about commodity production?

every time

DPRK abolished taxation as well, and achieved almost complete self-sufficiency as well.

he was a fucking retarded tankie that didn't accomplish shit but to embarrass himself, what else do you need?

no, speaking as an ML, Hoxha was an autistic retard.

Pretty rich coming from shortbus flag, with zero accomplishments or worthwhile theory to date.

Why the fuck doesn't communism appeal to reddit atheists again?

t.butthurt, autistic tankiddie

I think you'll find no one likes annihi.

"tankiddie" is not a very good insult. it just sounds dumb.

He was a great anti-revisionist. We need more people like Enver.

I liked it.

You forgot the part where, like the Soviet Union and Red China, most of their technical advances came through corporate espionage.

Albania was also the only country to beat the Axis entirely through partisan activity without the help of allied troops.

More importantly, it's unoriginal as it just turns the anarkiddie insult around, which makes the user seem butthurt at being called that by tankies.

Then how didn't the governments/corporations they spied on achieve full electrification first? Checkmate, libtard.

intellectual property is theft, attacking Albania for circumventing it is the same as attacking workers for seizing the means of production

I knew you'd do it anyway friend, so I didn't bother : )

Was he right on this point?

You know how Stalin imprinted his pathology on communism? After him, most commie leaders' personalities are perfectly defined by the American slang "crank". Hoxha was probably the crankiest of the all.

Oh yeah, wasn't Albania the one gommie country that allowed citizens to have guns? I keep finding conflicting information on this, but I remember reading a long time ago an anecdote by a local writer. It went something like this: a foreign reporter had an interview scheduled with Hoxha. Upon entering the building and reaching his office, he noticed how little security there was. Later on, Hoxha suggested they continue the interview while strolling through a nearby park. The reporter again noticed, Hoxha seemed to leave the building without any security detail at all. At some point in the interview in the park, the reporter voiced his puzzlement at this carefree attitude. Wasn't he afraid of assassins? "Not at all. If I'm attacked, the armed people will protect me."

cool story bro and all, but I haven't found a source yet, sadly.


Most modern ones probably do if we're being perfectly honest.

Genuinely the best Marxist leader after Stalin. Albania developed socialism further than any other country. It was the most backwards country in Europe before Hoxha. He made it an industrial modern nation, with religion stamped out, equality enshrined and saw Mao and his ilk for what they were.