How do I red pill my professor on Mao?

How do I red pill my professor on Mao?

you don't

It's easier to redpill people on stalin and NK than redpilling them on Mao

Tell him there are too many people.


Drag him unto the courtyard with a sign hanging around his neck saying he's a bourgeois-revisionist-and-probably-hui-as-well and pound him with sparrows until he confesses his crimes and begs to be send to Appalachia for reeducation.

There's no redpill, he did very good things and very shitty things. Also don't talk about mao with liberals ffs

Seriously don't try.

This tbh. There's no point in trying to rehabilitate Mao's image because he was flawed in a bunch of really critical ways. He's a good example of what not to do going forward.

Because Mao was a fucking idiot. The vast majority of the people who died under Mao were due to poor planning, not malevolence. The Great Leap Forward and Four Pests Campaign were complete failures because of Mao's idiocy, and the Cultural Revolution was nothing more than a desperate power move, which also failed. The only positive about Mao was that he was a good general before actually taking power. His theories and policies were complete shit and anyone who takes them seriously is more of a hindrance to socialism than they are an asset.


Only one way to deal with teachers.

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Source? Also stop whining about muh four pests. Ecology barely existed back then. America was busy pumping carcinogens directly into their drinking water and lighting their own rivers on fire. It was not a good time for the environment in general.


Could I get some sort of source(s) on this?

Read this.


Really user? Also it's not about comparing environmental damage. It's about the mindset.

tell them Mao made the Chinese healthy, the life expectancy shot up even through the famines.
he was absolutely shit though, and so are maoists in general

"Ecology" existed plenty, conservationism not so much.

How many people starved to death because of that fire & how much did the economy shrink?
Trying to justify Mao just makes you look like a historical revisionist nutbag. He messed up and metric fuck-ton of people died, best to just let him fade out of memory.

The CIA started Mao


Yale group

I really find it incredible how the asinine measures of the GLF went ahead and lasted for fucking years. I know Mao was the undisputed leader already by then, but surely the Central Committee could have done something? Maybe Zhou could wink and nudge and say "Hey Mao old buddy, not to doubt your plans or anything but wouldn't it be wise to run them by some experts and professors first? Just in case you forgot to carry the zero somewhere, you understand."

The GLF is probably the most catastrophic demonstration of what lack of rule of law and of formally set chain of command can do. And the fact that Mao was Stalin's flunkie is a big cause for that.