Questions for "Real" socialists

How do you feel about the fact that in the newest Star Trek, the villains are communists?

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What did they mean by this?

That is clearly false, a alien race that acted like Trump supporters would only want to wall them selves off from the rest of the world. They even deny they were based off trump supporters.
Here is a that points it out.

Then what the living hell makes you think some theocratic feudal warrior empire has anything to do with socialism

Because what the leader of them said in that video I linked.

The federation is communist fam.

That video and channel is rightarded af. Alt-right cancer

He's a centrist you dumbass.

Yes, and so are the Klingons in Discovery.

BTW he also lived under communism.

That's so dumb, user. It really is…

is this dude a real person that exists, or is he just a very highly trainter baiter

He was a toddler when Ceausescu was executed

Why not both?

He still remembers it, he still has scars from that time in his life. His country is a shit hole because of it.

But don't you guys see?
The Klingons in Discovery are North Korea and everybody knows that North Korea is communism.

What happened to him?
People were objectively better off in Romania under Ceausescu, who was objectively the worst communist leader of the Eastern Bloc, yet people had food. jobs and living space, something that can't be said for capitalist Romania which experiences brain drain of academics, thousends of orphan kids and all sorts of horrible shit.

Even polls say that people said they were better off under Ceausescu than they are now.

Centrists tend to be center-right which is why they sympathize with alt-right and neo-reactionary talking points. He lived under Soviet state-capitalism and then NATO/EU neoliberal capitalism at best. Wealth inequality has increased since the introduction of neoliberalism in Eastern Europe. Not saying the Soviet Union was perfect but it was definitely better in certain regards

No, people in Romania were objectively better off before it. Do you know why there are so many orphans in Romania? It is because communist Romainia had laws against abortion. It wasn't there before Ceausescu took power. Communism hates academics.

But that's wrong you stupid fuck, they want to declare war on North Korea and Iran

He is a centrist who often sides with Sargon, who is a lefty. BTW Dictatorship has NEVER been better than "neoliberalism".

Why did you make your namefag "user", that's dumb


Never thought we'd reach a point of pure misery and torment where "Centrists" were actually real and considered themselves important and radical

Yet they still managed to house them all. Magic, huh?
What a bunch of bullshit. Communists raised the educational level in every country they took power, defeated illiteracy. This includes Romania.

Stop blaiming the capitalist problems of contemporary Romania on socialism.

The Klingons in discovery are an obvious reference to ISIS. There are also references to post-scarcity in episode 3 on the Starfleet side of things, as well as a recognition of the differences between the biological and cultural categories in episode 1.

Not even a tankie, but this shit is plain dishonest. People constantly talk about the current shitty state of many eastern european countries being because of socialism when they were a lot better off in the 80s.

miss me with that gay shit

Neoliberalism is a practically a dictatorship at this point. In Europe, at least. Your vote doesn't matter, as being seen in Greece. Sargon isn't a leftist. He wants to implement Hayek, that isn't leftist, that's right-wing.

Then were did the inventors of romania go during communism, why is it there were no inventions during then coming from there? There were invention and inventor before Communism, but they mysteriously disappeared after it.

kys Sargoy clone

I'm 100% sure this is Sargon

I can't even entertain your stupidity anymore.
He has defended only right wingers and thinks neoliberal capitalists are right wing. Plus the whole kekistan shit

Which inventors are you talking about? In general? The USSR invented space travel, the AK-47 and facilitated modern computers, for example.

Please take note, it only took them 10 years to be higher than the highest soviet union ever got, in that diagram of yours. And it never got as low as the soviet union either.

What is Hayek? And he is a lefty, take a look at his compass test vid.

Are you mentally challenged? Economies grow over time. The difference is that capitalist economies have boom-and-bust-cycles, whereas socialist economies have not.

Questions that tell you really fucking shouldn't be posting on a board about economic ideology.

Hayek is a Austrian School economist. Sargon has repeatedly endorsed him.

The political compass test is bullshit, because it conflates economic stances with social stances. Basically, when you say that you don't want to gas homosexuals, you are ending up on the left, no matter what kind of a neoliberal ideologue you are.

Sargon has not seriously advocated for a single marginally left-wing policy or candidate in the last 3 years.

Though it is amusing that this guy and Sargon (and you as well, presumably) identify with the new fleet's stance against the Klingon's in what is barefaced neocon apologia. It really does reveal the tendency of centrist "skeptics" to side with the modern neocon foreign policy consensus among the west with just a slightly more secular veneer than the usual "clash of civilizations" tripe.

I know you're very young but during the Bush years there was a popular political compass test that this one supplanted that was in the shape of a triangle and shoved most people towards the "libertarian" end, because that's the way the test is designed. This one is not as blatant but it should be obvious to anyone outside of grade school that it is not an unbiased test.

People like Stefan Procopiu couldn't come around in communism. They force into jobs you may not be equipped to deal with, communism could never have produced a Joel Doakes, because he'd be chained dow with a real job, and have no time to invent the car.Ștefan_Procopiu

so this is the power of basic economics

Exactly, they only have bust cycles.

I disagree, Milos test put him on the right.

No shit because Russia and the Eastern Bloc did not revert to 1917 conditions when the SU collapsed.


There are at any one point in time potentially dozens of potential Einsteins in the third world who will just die of starvation instead, and the idea that under capitalism you don't need a job to survive is so retarded I'm not sure how you typed that out seriously and pushed send without reconsidering.

though now we can tell what kind of sheltered life you live

Bernie, he said Bernie was the best choice of the four important candidates running. My stance on war is don't do it, but if you do end up doing it, don't hold back.

That statement is contradicting all the economic data we have.

Look, if you seriously think Sargon is left-wing, you have no idea what left-wing means. Sargon isn't even a SocDem or a left-liberal. If you think that a stupid Internet test is somehow a substitute for a proper evaluation of your political stances, you are beyond saving or simply way too young.

Milo advocates almost exclusively for right wing social stances

And he immediately abandoned his pro bernie position at the first sign of pushback, and has only mentioned him afterwards to conflate him with crazy feminists and the "regressive left". Try not to be such a fucking rube and actually consider the totality of someone's work and message and not "he said he liked bernie a couple times"

That's funny coming from a bourgeoisie armchair communist.

All of your threads begin with malformed ideas of socialism. Don't post, just read.

You literally don't know what any of those terms mean, and none of them apply to me except for communist. Using "communist" as an insult on an explicitly communist board is pretty fucking retarded even for you.

He abandon it because Bernie cucked himself, by siding with Hillary.

You are a gigantic rube

All I can get from /op/ is that Socialists are sort of like Klingons which is the most click bait observation I've ever fucking heard from someone trying to start shit on this board.

He support democratic socialism and is classical liberal, what more does he have to say before you stop no-true-scotsmaning him?

Why not use the one people always go to, like, the Borg? It's easy, it's the most hamfisted big bad in all of Star Trek to cliche socialists as.

Why Klingons.

Literally why Klingons.

Exactly. Thanks for backing me up.

[Citation Needed]

Put quotation marks around supports and socialism. Bold liberal. Italicize classical.

Classical Liberalism is a right wing economic position. This is not controversial, especially for someone from the fucking UK.

Change your namefield.

That's why I call you an armchair communist, like those Antifa guys.

Can I call you an armchair writer for making the dumbest topic I've ever seen on leftypol

How do you remember to breath?

No he should keep it so that anytime he posts it is immediately recognized as complete drivel from a retard

Nah, he singles himself out as the brainlet that always gets banned with it.

You are such a fucking retard

Actively hitting the streets is the opposite of armchair. You don't know what these words mean. All of your posts radiate an aura of stupidity.

Just for clarity: What do you think socialism means?

Oh god here we go.

Holla Forums is beyond saving

Wouldn't the Borg be like accelerationists/Nick Landians, consuming and reterritorializing all in their wake?

That's not what my compass test said about me.

Holy shit, you are a goddamn stereotype.

From the description:

Finnish Bolshevik

Sargon of Akkad
Academic Agent
Bantu Rhino

How fucking retarded are you?

Sure, it's called freedom of speech, something us Liberals love but collectivists hate.

Breathing is automatic, you don't need to remember.


You are now breathing manually

The government having economics chained down with a lock and key.

Marxist-Uygurism wins again
Socialism is when the government does stuff

Socialism is when the government steps in to make sure there's enough women and minority representation in everything and tries to force equality of outcomes, which seems stupid to me

Someone can support democratic socialism and support capitalists at the same time.

the more stuff the government does the more socialism there is

You are by far the most retarded sincere poster this board has seen in at least 10 months

Isn't that true? I don't get it


don't prtend to be me.

well you managed to get something right in this thread… you definitely don't get it

Wow typical regressive leftist. Just laughing because you can't handle my arguments

Stop lying


Could you not even be bothered to read the Wikipedia introduction before shitposting on a lefist board

Cut it out guys. I'm just trying to rationally debate and exchange ideas with you people and this is how you treat me? So much for the tolerant left


Socialists would have me blacked for equality, but I don't want to take the BBC because socialists make me. I want to get blacked because I'm a naughty little twink and it would drive my racist dad wild.

This guy is an idiot in every thread he has posted in.

You are clearly uninformed about what you are talking about. As I said, you didn't even read the introduction of the Wikipedia article on "socialism" or "communism". So now you complain that you are getting shit on on a communist board?

Read a book. I'm sure people give you recommendations for entry stuff.


That's not me.

name one actual difference between you two

Yes it is, stop lying

Holy shit, how dumb can you be?

This one is retarded.

Did you watch the vid?

The real me is the version giving good arguments like the one you can find on Sargon's channel.

I told you in that nat soc thread and Ill tell you again. We aint watching your vids Cuck of Blackod.

You're both wrong.


Will there ever come a day when Slavs will stop treating AK-47 as a perpetual motion machine?

That they're HACK FRAUDS

You are, and always will be, a living cum fart. Please get banned. This board does not respect you or your rights.

what, during the monarchy/fascist state?

Fucking kill me

Fucking kill me.

It's no surprise that someone this retarded would put user in the name field.

I've only watched the trailer for the new series.

It honestly looks like action movie garbage.

The Klingons have houses that resemble feudalism. How are they communist again?


Because they obviously don't believe in things like Reason or Free Trade unlike us enlightened liberals progressive social democrats :^)

leftypol has always taken b8 newfag

Case in point.


This is you

Watch the vid.

You're pro unions?

lmao I know you so well

How can you support unions? They're basically thugs that hold businesses hostage from the hard working entrepreneurs that build them up

There is literally nothing wrong with this.

But it's their property though. What gives them the right to mess with someone else's business like that?

Go team

Mine now.

What makes you think the Klingons are communist? I got the impression they were nationalists. I only was able to see the first episode because I haven't figured where to look online and my internet is shit.

I'm ok with unions in states that aren't union states.

Workers rights you impostor.

watch the video I linked earlier.

Stop pretending to be me

This is why you don't namefag.


His country is a shithole because nationalism is a shit.


I'm an American and I hate capitalism.

You know when you put something in the microwave and when it comes out, some parts are scalding hot, but other parts are still cold? That's the work of cultural capitalist academia trying to destroy our proud culture. I know this because I'm an American and know what it's like to live under capitalism.

Capitalism BTFO for all time, final and ultimate victory for communism.

Daily reminder that if your life sucks under capitalism you're probably a loser.

What? In the first episodes they only bitch about federations multiculturalism and that they have to keep their race clean.

Wow, genius insight.

So if capitalism isn't working for me, that means that I'm probably low on the socio-economic totem pole.

Yeah, like the other guy said, great observation.

To be fair, it's not like that's far from what academics believe.
He's describing how Athenian society is falling apart because so many of its citizens are becoming enslaved due to their debts, and he goes on to call them losers and very generously absolves the aristocracy of any wrongdoing. This is what the rich teach each other.

You're the worst poster I've seen in months, user, what the fuck do you want out of this board? Just (you)s?


Agreed, good thing all that nationalism from the commie era is gone.

Watch the vid.

I want to talk.

Looks like some neolib faggot played too much Stellaris and based the baddies on his "collective" slaving asshole race

Stellaris doesn't even have "collectivist" as an ethos anymore. They changed it to authoritarian.


you should shut the fuck up instead

What's wrong with talking to people you disagree with?

In your case what's wrong with it is you don't keep your stupidity to one thread and refuse to acknowledge what the people you disagree with actually believe and swap these beliefs out with what you think they believe because you're a basic bitch brainlet.

What's wrong with chatting on multiple threads? I refuse to acknowledge what the people who disagree with me actually believe? I disagree, I understand what you folks believe, that men are naturally prone to kindness if left to their own devices, like seen in the book, Coral Islands. Where on, I believe people will end up somewhere closer to The Lord Of The Flies.