Daily News Thread 10/11

A Harvard study finds that official death certificates in the U.S. failed to count more than half of the people killed by police in 2015—and the problem of undercounting is especially pronounced in lower-income counties and for deaths that are due to Tasers


Catalan leader signs document declaring independence from Spain

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont and other regional politicians signed a document declaring Catalonia’s independence from Spain, but it was unclear if the document would have any legal value.

Catalonia: Spain takes step towards direct rule

Mariano Rajoy said his government had asked the regional government to clarify whether or not it had declared independence.

‘Champagne stayed in the fridge’: European independence movements react to Catalan ‘anticlimax’

Representatives of the Scottish and Flemish independence movements have told RT the suspension of Catalonia's independence from Spain is an “anticlimax,” but the decision is understandable because of “huge pressure” from Madrid and the “risk of violence.”

China could shatter petrodollar by compelling Saudi Arabia to trade oil in yuan

Beijing is likely to “compel” Saudi Arabia to sell crude oil in yuan, and others will follow, according to the chief economist and managing director at High Frequency Economics Carl Weinberg. This will hit the US dollar, he says.

Death by overwork: Another Tokyo Olympics worker kills himself after clocking 190 hours of overtime

Japan's brutal working culture has come under scrutiny once again after claiming yet another life.

Three quarters of Americans favor higher taxes for wealthy: Reuters/Ipsos poll

As President Donald Trump promotes a tax plan critics say would raise the federal deficit by slashing corporate rates and eliminating some taxes paid by the rich, some three quarters of Americans believe the wealthiest should pay more, Reuters/Ipsos polling shows.

U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea - U.S. officials

A U.S. Navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea on Tuesday, three U.S. officials told Reuters, prompting anger in Beijing, even as President Donald Trump’s administration seeks Chinese cooperation in reining in North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs.

Ebay paid UK corporation tax of £1.6m in 2016

The UK arm of eBay paid only £1.6m in corporation tax last year, even though its US parent had total revenues from its UK operations of $1.32bn (£1bn).

Utah policeman fired for arrest of nurse who was doing her job

A US police officer who forcibly arrested a nurse for refusing to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient has been fired.

Trump Threatens NBC’s TV Licenses After Report That He Wanted More Nukes

President Donald Trump questioned whether FCC licenses should be taken from NBC television stations after the network published a story on Wednesday saying he had sought a large increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

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NFL Boss Goodell: 'We Believe' All Must Stand for Anthem

Like many of our fans," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote, "we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem."

Break-in at Las Vegas shooter’s home in Reno confounds police

FBI agents returned to search a house in Reno owned by Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock after local police told them that someone had broken into the home over the weekend.

124mn obese kids worldwide, tenfold increase in 40yrs – WHO

Childhood obesity has risen more than tenfold worldwide over the last four decades, with many middle income countries witnessing a transformation from mostly underweight kids to mostly overweight, according to a new health report.

Giant Atlantic wind farms could power entire world – study

A new research paper boldly suggests that one monumental floating wind farm in the north Atlantic could theoretically power our entire civilization.

Charlottesville, Va. schools locked down over shooting threat

Schools in Charlottesville, Virginia have been placed on lockdown after the FBI warned local police about internet comments wishing for a Las Vegas-style shooting in the city.

Black Americans Twice as Likely as Whites to Default on Student Debt

Nearly half of black Americans who borrowed from the federal government to attend college defaulted on their student loans—more than double the rate among white student debtors, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Education.

That's because they weren't killed, they were adjudicated

Do eeeeet


Trump’s EPA Can’t Even Cook the Books Right

The agency fudged the numbers to prove Obama's signature climate regulation wasn't worth the cost and still came up short.

Power Corrupts: a Culture of Compliance Breeds Despots and Predators

"All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible." ― Frank Herbert

“Worse Than Big Tobacco”: How Big Pharma Fuels the Opioid Epidemic

How an out-of-control opioid industry is threatening public health on a mammoth scale.



What Is Behind the Hamas-Fatah Reconciliation?

Any unity agreement that pays heed to the interest of factions at the expense of the collective good of the Palestinian people is a sham.

Who would do a thing like that?


I'm actually surprised.
Holy shit what is this asshole's problem

He was told to go down there and get a blood sample, hoping that there would be something in the drivers blood that would exonerate the police in any wrongdoing in the incident.

Still though


Wew, lad

In the end we're all burgers.

lol, fucking no one knows if they declared independence or not

Just fuck my shit up

Every time I mention to Holla Forumsyps that the FBI data about crime could possibly be a bit biased for various reasons, and that their could be an over focus of police in impoverished areas that isn't focused in Suburban areas, they laugh. They say how can you possibly argue against the stats!

Well, here's more evidence of the United States keeping a good track of information related to the police. Fucking failing to keep track of people who died by police, which was over HALF in 2015.


Anyone who brings up the US Government about its police/crime statistics is an absolute fucking fool.

There's no way leftism can overcome intelligence of this magnitude.


Perhaps the lesson is that incomprehensible tripe and contradictory hogwash are the price the readers pay for reading the work of journalistic laureates. The alternative though cleaner is that it is simply cretinous bilge from simpletons.

and lets not forget when the stats favor their argument suddenly they are indisputable

I don't think anyone on Holla Forums is going to complain about disproportionate numbers of blacks being killed by police, or the underreporting of this fact

checks out

Yup and guess which of those two groups is in charge
oh boy President Hotpocket is triggered again
well that's definitely not Alphabet Soup cleaning up loose ends of their falseflag or some shit

My point is that there's under reporting at all. That begs the question about the statistics used by the government themselves, particularly about police etc.

Everyone knows the police within the US have a skeleton closet the size of each city they represent, and statistics used from them should be considered a bit dubious. But


Well, yes. There's a world's difference between what's required to be published by Harvard than information that police departments in the United States report. I wouldn't trust information coming out of police departments with my life, and apparently I'm wise in doing so. Because they failed to fucking report half of police deaths.

I was saying how they are being hypocritical and only accepting information when it helps to prove their point. Also yeah, scientific studies are more reliable than FBI statistics.

Please explain how the FBI would have less conflict of interest on the matter than a University?

You say that like my explanation makes it better.

NewsAnon you forgot some very important news from HangTheBankers.com
Australia has a HUGE housing bubble.


So you're saying you have belief bias?

I wasn't appealing to authority, I was saying how place like the FBI aren't as reliable. Hell I didn't even say the scientific studies are 100% reliable. I said that the scientific studies are more reliable and that Holla Forums often picks and chooses what group is reliable at the time based on which group helps to prove their point at that moment. One moment a group like the FBI is reliable because it's statistics show racial differences and another the FBI is unreliable because it has evidence against their claims.


So…you're saying we should trust authority…or else we're appealing to authority…?

>it is entirely possible that the opinion of a person or institution of authority is wrong; therefore the authority that such a person or institution holds does not have any intrinsic bearing upon whether the claims are true or not

user, a university or place of scientific research isn't what it's referring to when it says "authority". It is talking about places like government and the police. As for whether or not something scientific is true thats why studies have things like sources or research notes, etc. It's to show their claim is based on evidence.

good luck with that. i doubt the US gove would let that one fly

They might not have a choice. The US doesn't have the clout it once had, especially after spending the past twenty years pissing away what good will they did have and hundreds of billions of dollars fighting useless wars that they can't even manage to win.

It's not like we'd have to bomb the Chinese, only the Saudis. I bet they even built remote self destruct switches into all that gear we sold them for just this type of scenario.

North Korean News
Some updates from the strangest and most dangerous Korean crisis ever:

White House: Trump Met with National Security Team Today Re: Military Options
Pic related

N.K. may brace for contact with outside with promotion of FM: report

North Korea's latest appointment of its foreign minister as a member of the ruling party's politburo appears intended to brace for possible high-level contact with the U.S. and China, a Seoul think tank report said Tuesday.

North Korea May Fire Short-Range Rockets Next Week, Report Says

The South Korean and U.S. militaries have recently spotted about 30 Scud rockets being moved from Hwangju, south of the capital Pyongyang, to a missile maintenance facility in the western coastal city of Nampo, the Seoul-based Asia Business Daily said, citing an unidentified person.

AP-NORC Poll: North Korea nuke advances spook most Americans

North Korea’s nuclear weapons development is spooking most Americans, and two-thirds of them say President Donald Trump’s war of words with the isolated nation’s leader is making the situation worse. Less than 1 in 10 thinks Trump’s comments are making it better.

Two B-1B bombers hold firing drill against N. Korea: military

Two B-1B strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force trained with South Korea's fighter jets over and near the peninsula earlier this week in yet another show of force against North Korea, defense authorities here said Wednesday.

U.S. nuclear sub in Korea: U.S. military

A U.S. nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine arrived in South Korea last weekend as part of its regional deployment, the U.S. military announced Wednesday.

North Korea says Trump has 'lit the wick of war:' Russia's TASS agency


‘I now hate my ship’: Surveys reveal disastrous morale on cruiser Shiloh

These comments come from three command climate surveys taken on the cruiser Shiloh during Capt. Adam M. Aycock’s recently-completed 26-month command. The Japan-based ship is a vital cog in U.S. ballistic missile defense and the 7th Fleet’s West Pacific mission to deter North Korea and counter ascendant Chinese and Russian navies.

Sinpo South Shipyard: SLBM Test Not Imminent; Unknown Shipbuilding Program Underway


OP/ED: What Bob Corker Really Fears


Glass the planet tbh

They can't use the gear anyway.

our thermonuclear weapons and a massive chemical and biological warfare industry is all the clout needed

Stupid fucking burger.

It's worked so far.

Next you'll say "I was only pretending to be retarded"

This is how you talk about geopolitics in geohell

It's a United States GDP graph. I was joking but on the real.

There's two kinds of countries in this world kid, non-nuclear beta-cuck-nations. These are the kind of countries that have foreign military bases within their own borders.

Then there alpha-bull-nations with a substantial military arsenal. These are the kind of nations that build military bases on beta-cuck-nation soil.

*deleted and reposted so I could include my amply labeled graph for you

Take a look around. Where do you think you are bucko?

Not /r9k/ or Holla Forums. But on a website where we have to deal with people who prove on a regular basis they would do better as soylent green than as a breathing human being.

This is kindergarten

Wanna cry about it?

So this is a cannibal website? I thought it was only delisted because of the CP. Boy, 8ch is dark.

Look at these beta cuck nations we're strong proud alpha american nations

I'm using terms to describe pack behavior in wolves in captivity to describe the geopolitical landscape because my mind is long gone and my cock is far too small.

You must be from one of the beta cuck bluepilled loser nations.

When are people who use alpha and beta, even as a joke, after 2013, going to be disemboweled

Beta-cuck-nationalist. Let me guess. Germany.

How's our GI's nuts taste Hans?

I live in America.

I live in America.

Does the news about Catalonia give anyone flashbacks to what happened in Greece years ago with the austerity referendums? It's fucking scary how liberalism works right now, you say yes, then immediately no. It's as if disappointment and contradiction are inherent to the system and there's no solution for it within the confines of that system.

beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck beta cuck

*coughs and keels over from a heart attack because all I ever do is classify how people outside my house behave and I don't exercise enough or fuck*

You should see a doctor for thay bro.

Only beta cucks go to doctors, you see. You genetically know if you're a pure blooded alpha male with perfect genes or not

The furry subtext of using Alpha or Beta is undeniably real.

you're talking like there wasn't always an overlap of pickup artists and furries

You see in pack animal behavior in captivity, there are alphas and betas. Clearly, I am the alpha.

It's just another furrier way of saying dom and sub

US army chief urges greater “combat readiness” for war with North Korea

Translated from military jargon, Dunford’s remarks signified that the Pentagon had to prepare to fight a “trans-regional” conflict—that is, a world war—in every domain (land, sea, air, space and cyberspace) with every available weapon, including nuclear ones. Less than two years on, the Trump administration is recklessly plunging the world towards such a catastrophe.

God save us.

Forgot to put link wsws.org/en/articles/2017/10/11/nkor-o11.html

You're right it checks out

Remember when we use to assasinate politicians for a cause or harass them into suicide. I mean there are people out there in the world who are gladly giving up their entire lives for a single strategic purpose and we can't do shit

Just shoot them, please just someone shoot them, anyone shoot them. I'm begging America, please just use the enormous amounts of guns at your disposal to stop shooting at innocent people in highly planned attacks and just shoot the politicians and generals.

What is stopping this. Why did we ever stop. Please just someone do it.

*grabs dick*

our race-specific bio weapons will be more effective in the long run tbh

I doubt Saudi Arabia would be make such a deal as they are so close to USA.

Thanks for sharing this. Very informative.

Yeah humans harnessing nature always doesn't have huge unforeseen consequences that make you look like the absolute state of arrogance.

Humans don't harness nature, nature harnesses them, and allows them to cheat sometimes with the exception you pay for it at a later date.


lol shit thread

Someone should nuke you

These are the best threads actually. You are wrong.

I doubt the Saudis would be that interested either as it'd mean repegging and revaluing the riyal. Most OPEC nations either peg their currencies or use forex trickery to try and minimise fluctuation against the dollar, with the obvious exception of Iran (the least of its troubles) and Venuzuela (arguably the root cause of theirs). Said revaluation would have massive economic ramifications, particularly for the Saudi elite and middle classes.

Angola is far more likely to defect from OPEC and price their oil in RMB - China has a fair bit of influence in those parts.

Good luck rocketman!


Give him a break. I hear newspeople and TV hosts(Colbert comes to mind) as a fancy 'raises the question' all the time. I mean, what are you SUPPOSED to say when you want to say 'raises the question' and you want to be extra fancy and dramatic?

"Engenders query"?

Stealing this

Veterans In Puerto Rico Say Resources Not Reaching Most Vulnerable Towns


oh god its going to be haiti and new orleans all over again.


It was a white, blonde nurse. That crossed the line in the public's eyes

But this time people wont care cause Daddy Trump.

Fucking up New Orleans was one of the things that ruined Bush 2 Boogaloo.

but to Trump fans Puerto Rico is full brown people, making them Mexicans so they dont count, even if they are a US Colony.

bad argument. bush supporters thought that the people of new orleans were just black criminals and looters.


do even average Americans know that Puerto Rico is even part of the US?

trumplets don't

I can't wait for another wave of puerto rican separatist bombing runs to start again.

Wait, is this saying that the real number of people killed by American cops is double what's actually divulged?

Very interesting, but isn't that just another interpretation of the Dunning-Kruger effect? Or perhaps an expansion, because it's not just the incompetent who think they're skilled, but the crooks who think they're just.

Wrongo. Lenin was alpha, but was extremely humble and congenial, to the point he didn't even change his diet once he has the czars' cooks at his disposal, still living largely on fish, soup, bread and tea. I think he fit the same mold as Robespierre.

Didn't they mean "destroy"?

It's at least double. It could still be higher.

Around 26 minutes Amy Goodman calls Assange a friend of Donald Trump and Roger Ailes.

BTW she didn't report on the Harvey Weinstein story until after Hillary Clinton made a worthless statement about being appalled.

the economist is stooping really low with this tbh