Restore USSR

Is it possible for the USSR to unify again.
If so, how would it happen?

It's possible but incredibly improbable.

First kick out all the current leadership of Russia and preferably kill them. Dunno what to do after that tho, the communist party has some alright guys. Anyways some countries will never join, ukraine and the baltics

Since people aren't spooked about communism in Russia (weirdly enough, communism is like the "conservative" choice), and communism starts getting more popular amongst the Russian Youth (it's a mixture of rejecting the current oligarchy, but still rejecting western shills like Navalny), I could theoretically see the CPRF getting an actual mohair majority, in a scenario where Putin leaves office and his successor being unable to stabilize things, including another severe crisis or war like the Ukraine crisis.

The problem is, the CPRF is revisionist as fuck, partly even Dengist. So we wouldn't get the USSR, we would get some form of socialism "with Russian characteristics". Which would still be an improvement over the current situation Russia is in, I guess.

You're not getting "The USSR" back.
Even if the re-unification were to happen, it would not be the same USSR.

pretty obvious, isn't it?

Honestly I wouldn't mind sending in the tanks into the Ukraine. They're fucking fascists. But that would probably cause a western retaliation, and I don't think this shit would fly with China either

The whole conflict began becouse of putin and his shills, we wouldnt have seen such an increase of fascism in ukraine if the whole conflict didnt began.


let's rejoice the fact you are not in power to do anything, but eat from the trashcan and shitpost

Wanting to have the USSR back is more a sentiment of trying to get socialism back. IT doesnt have to be Soviet style, we can always further develop marxism leninism

Yeah just nevermind a color revolution funded by the west, with literal CIA assets taking power, don't mind the Goldman-Sachs bitch becoming finance minister, nevermind Soros stirring up shit, nevermind storming the parliament in a coup after an agreement has been reached, nevermind to this very day unknown snipers killing both the cops and the demonstrants, don't mind literal fucking Nazis lynching people who to the ballot boxes and burning down hospitals with women and children inside.

It's all the fault of the "Putin shills", right?

Stop defending fascists, Ukraine government is absolute trash and was co-opted by the west. If you think that the current Ukraine government has anything to do with the self-determination of the entirety of the Ukrainian people you're brainwashed

CAn you educate more about current government, I do believe its better before maidan since before maidan it was surely a veryy corrupt scenario, Im very critical of the whole situation becouse Russian State media pushed the whole narrative as protesters being the bad guys and I always go against what Russian State media says since they so full of shit


The best part about Russia politically is that the far-right does not have any platform. "Fascist" is by far the most dirty word in Russian politics. Even that crazy in the LDPR calls Merkel and NATO fascist. I love it.

Tho Russian State funded media does cover well some stuff about america, something which almost no other big media outlet does



Putin is Centrist and Pro-Soviet. Only liberals call him right wing for the LGBT shit. If you can speak Russian, Putin shits on the right all the time in the Duma and Press.

So they used to a pro-Russian corrupt government, now they are a pro-NATO corrupt government, spiced up with Nazi Batalions and banksters. How is this an improvement? Seriously, people on Holla Forums unironically defending the Ukrainian government? What happened?
And the western media isn't? When you ignore the Russia-related stuff you getting a better perspective on NATO and imperialism than most western outlets. Fact check yourself and don't let ideology dictate you what to read

Where the fuck did I say that?

You don't know Russian politics when you think Putin is far-right. Putin is a centrist, mediating between the forces with his clique.

I'm sorry user but that simply isn't true.

fuck off Ivan

I do think Putin is a reactonary, look at russia, its a fucking sultanate and locally tdivided between mafias.
Its a fucking feudal state.
your status is everything, for example:
you father a persecutor? Great you can do whatever you want and get away with allmost all offenses. I dont know about you, but this is what fascism looks to me

Im sorry user, but I dont see government officials from the EU with huge mansions and offshore accounts with 9 digits numbers in them. Russia has so much wealth inequality even fucking MURICA is a better improvement

Putin is ex-KGB, he would know if its possible, but i imagine the current plan is still to create the most they can out whats happened during Yeltsins term
Country has recovered to 1989 levels of Soviet GDP thou

Him being a KGB agent doesnt prove his loyalty or anything, its not like people dont make a complete turn of their beliefs in order to have power

It was a time when men were men, women were women, everyone knew their place, you had a job for life, the nation was proud and pure and the burden of having of finding your way in life was carried for you.

That's the great of irony of communism, conservatives don't know they want it and communists don't know they don't.

Its just that conservatives tend to stick to the old ways becouse most of them are old men anyway.

1 New. Economic crisis…
2. Ukranian refuse pay any debts. And same thing doin Greece, Serbia, Baltic states ets.
3. Russian revolutionaries start revolution at a midle nato/russia debt collect operation.
5 Ussr restored

"…and now, if you didn't call a cat a dog, they'd throw you in prison!"

A fully restored USSR with the Baltics will never happen, but a Tanky controlled Russia is still possible.

I am convinced that all it would take would be Putin pulling the right strings.

Doesn't american rich get away with crimes much more than poor people? Does it mean america is fascist? By your retarded logic we live in global fascism right now.

Anyone from Russia can explain me the whole revolution in 06-11-17, i found some blogs on it but nothing concrete. They just say thats the date of the revolution but dont go in detail

Y tho

Yes, 58% of the ppl wants communism back. the problem is that is not a democracy

I mean russia is not a democracy

Who cares? Democracy is cancer.

Its still better than living in putin RUssia

But considerably worse than taking matters into your own hands


I think what you mean is 58% of the population thinks life was better under the USSR, which is objectively true in many ways. That doesn't mean they want communism back and it certainly doesn't mean they want a return to the Soviet system.

Communism is a mode of production you stupid cuck. I simply wouldn't care.

With the Soviet brainpower of Garry Kasparov

with all 15 republics like it was at its peak? no
perhaps russia, belarus, armenia, georgia and moldova though. idk if any of the central asian states would want it

JDPON or bust.