Your SO / Girlfriend

Hey Holla Forums does your girlfriend (or bf for gays and ladies) share leftist political views? How'd you meet?

If not have you tried moving her more left.

For those of you with no gf, would you want a political gf?

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She's a regular working class girl, a CNA, works 60 hour weeks. She agrees with everything socialist despite not calling herself one, I don't really see a point in trying to get her to do that. She's black and hadn't had sex for 5 fucking years until I asked her out

Sage because this will turn into r9k shit pretty soon.

Also, we met at work. I'm a maintenance guy at the same hospital she works at

had a hippie lib GF, she bought the trump = literally hitler meme and shat on communism. we broke up

I forced my gf to read bordiga and then do 10k words essay about his books.
Dumped her when she tought I was joking and didnt agree on doing this, that will teach the fucking opportunist piece of shit.


Please stop being a tard user

Read Bordiga


My last (only) gf was a cunt. She was also a Liberal. Dunno if those things are related. Glad we're apart.

I want a nazbol gf, tbh

Strasserite gf > nazbol gf

My girlfriend is a tankie. I'm an anarchist. It makes for some weird sex dynamics.

Started out as your regular IdPol liberal feminist, and then I slowly radicalized her. She isn't white, which made it easier since non-white girls have the impression of socialism actually uplifting their country out of poverty and smashing imperialism, while white girls associate capitalism with cheap gadgets and Instagram.

Honestly if you can't radicalize your girlfriend you're doing it wrong. They almost never have political convictions evolving naturally and logically, they are like hot metal you can forge into whatever you like. I'm generalizing here, but that's my experience.

When I think of my ex-gf's, they really didn't have political views since I was basically dating them out of high-school. To be quite honest, I haven't even met in person a single girl who's been genuinely leftist. Haven't been in the dating game for about 3 years now since I've struggled with mental problems and now I'm just too focused on my career + still stuck in my tiny hometown to date, but if I were to date right this moment, I wouldn't care what her political alignments would be (except she shouldn't be a full-blown conservative or fash) since I'd think over time I could bring anyone over to the left (at least convert to succdem).

fuck, excuse my poor english, I mean't I was in highschool too back when I dated them out of high school

I would date the porkiest/class traitor woman if she was pleasant to talk to.

does that mean you would be willing to date Rage?

All the qts here are bernie bros or liberals. I knew some cool right-libertarian chicks but they were ugly.

My bf used to be an insufferable liberal. but I somehow managed to turn him into a primitivist. My gf is anticapitalist without having read much theory, which is about the worst I can stand these days. I haven't tried dating an actual liberal yet, but I'm sure it'd be terrible.

Its not like there isnt women who are actually into politics user…

Feels quite good man, actually.

How do you deal with sexual urges user?

i seriously want to know how

i've never had a gf, if i did i'd probably want her to be a refuge from the hell of politics

Despite her annoying videos, from what I've seen she seems to be peasent to talk to. Can't speak for the other user, but I personally wouldn't mind. I think what would annoy me the most is that she is an americaboo.

So the women who are into polticial you've met are solid within their ideological convictions? I bet you could easily bring a women from politics to your side than a man, who tend to be stubborn assholes. Hell, I couldn't even convince my classical liberal friends that the whole "communism killed 100 million" shtick is bullshit.

There's no escaping this hell, famalam

No idea what my old gf was. She used 4chan so she may be some kind of poltard now. Might call her and find out sometime.
My bf was just a regular trump hating liberal till I learned what leftism was and brought him left with me. It's pretty cute seeing him reference leftist ideas he's only heard about from me.

My only ever gf was 14 (I was 18) so she didn't really have any well developed political views. She was vaguely socdem like most people here.

Big time.

Last time I had a girlfriend was before I took the breadpill so nah, they were all lumpenproles like me at the time.

well if a woman holds me in her embrace i can at least forget about the world for a brief moment

That's a little young, user. Did you bone her?

That's gotta be a legal grey area for sure. It's legal I guess, but still a bit weird…

I met my bf on Holla Forums

High five dude.

No but we did do other stuff. We didn't go out for very long and I don't think either of us wanted to rush straight for that since she was in foster care and had a rape experience.


Yes, she actually consoled me the other night when I had this defeatist moment where I was all like "the world is never gonna be a better place."


I thought you were a ML.

Did you think it's okay to date a 14 year old in foster care who was raped? She hasn't even gone through puberty and has most likely an absolutely fucked up sexuality.

huge if true

Who is solid about their ideological convictions anyway? Its better to stay open for new ideas and learn something new everyday


Virgin who never had a gf here. Yes, I'd like her to be political as political thought plays a big part in my life so I would like if I could talk to her about it.


There is nothing wrong with taking the breadpill as a ML for some future outlook into a communist society. It's just a highly utopian.

seize one and radicalise them. Then she will radicalise her friends associates. Then you all form a revolutionary cell and connect with other revolutionary movements across the nation. 5 years from now you coup the government and install a revolutionary socialist workers state.
Do it

Please, do Stirnerists have to LARP as sociopaths? Dating someone who is basically a child is not desirable. They haven't evolved their sexuality yet in a proper way.

She was a feminist, but I couldn't hold it against her because there really aren't any other options for a college going girl with daddy issues who deeply cares for others. In relationships you can't allow politics, it diminishes the place of principles, it makes subject to discussion what shouldn't be. I didn't criticize her feminism and she didn't invoke it whenever I said and did problemat.ic things.

Then why would you ever bring a girl down there?

Sorry for the late post, but masturbation pretty much.

It was her who asked me out so I didn't really question it, on top of the fact that I was an 18 year old virgin so it's not like I would make informed and mature decisions about dating anyway. But I'd be lying if I said I don't have misgivings about it now. I wouldn't feel too bad about it because we never did anything inappropriate for 14 year olds but still, I can never really know what was going on in her head.

Stop! I can only get so erect!

> Won't someone PLEASE think of the children?!

I'm single now, but my last gf was a postmodern lefty via Benjamin college readings. it was fine. i'm black and she's white and she would always shoplift, which was annoying when we were together because I could've gotten in a lot of trouble since store clerks actually follow me. when i confronted her about it should would just say "fuck capitalism d00d." that was the extent of her ideology.

Idk dude I've met some 14 year old girls that looked early 20 and were already sexually active.

Plus the original user was probably a complete autist loser at 18 who had never even talked to a girl. Stop pearl clutching for morality points on the internet

dude, what if the child consents tho


Im an an ML and think the Bread book is pretty great (specially for debunking the shitty human nature argument), although I found it to be be utopian and impractical

I said pleasant to talk to. Rage is an insufferable tryhard. Would hit it and quit it, though, but that doesn't get rid of the loneliness.

Damn son you haven't seen the 14 year olds we have around in Spain, AY Caramba

Do you think puberty happens at 18 or something?

Shinjis top tier husbando but Kawaru has always been shit-tier tbh.

No, I would rather have an apolitical normie, at least she might not be trashy looking.

I secretly want to be friends with a purple-haried tumblrite and have it be like a buddy cop movie where we both come to understand each other and bust each other's balls.

Basically I just bombarded him with a bunch of info about collapse (documentaries, articles, theory) until he got curious and did his own research. Not much more to it, really.

She's the sassy East Coast rookie that has a love for the underdog
He's the cynical tankie who will do anything to achieve his goals… and damn the consequences
They are… The Frankfurt Squad

I'd kill for this

"I'm getting too class conscious for this shit."



I am now.

You may not be black, but you sure are a nigger.

Be original, samefag.

Bonus points: It's a Windows phone

How do I find a leftist girl Bros? I prefer an anarchist or ML but even a Bernie bro would be fine, I'm sure I can radicalize her.

I guess I can find some in a local uni but what about online

Make an OkCupid account. I have one, but I don't really use it for dating.

As white as snow, maybe whiter. Why you're probably related to David Cameron.

How sad.

id watch this

I was 14 when my first gf was 18
Age difference was wierd af.
I mean she kissed me first but it wasn't like it was unprovoked she knew I liked her. Looking back on it, it was so weird.
this is also me btw

It's basically the opposite of a no gf thread

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Anglos🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 aren't white.

I fucked ancom into a latina.

How do you manage a bf and a gf and are you qt?

Of course not, unlike Afroplasm, who is the whitest creature the ever roam this green earth. I heard he puts mayonnaise on refried beans.

I mean, at least Anglos have a black African ancestor at some point in their genetic line, unlike Afroplasm.


Most girls I've hooked up with have been apolitical liberals in one form or another. Never had an actual/"official" gf but this Austrian girl I dated for a second was pretty chill with leftism. I used to be a reactionary Trump supporter who turned to socialism so we had a lot of interesting conversations about my political past. We bonded over reading Nietzsche and she had a thing for Japanese LNs. She was more of a left liberal than anything, always talked about muh privilege and the like but was fairly nuanced about it. I moved away and we couldn't continue the relationship because we both felt long distance love was futile.

Sounds like a top movie tbh


Do they let you put political ideology on there? What do you use yours for user if not for dating

Yes. Any ideology that feels best for you.

And, I don't really know, truth be told. I feel like dating is a waste of time / money, so I just go on there for curiosity mainly, im sure there's been a lot of people that's looked at my page, & a decent amount of people have like me on there.

This may seem weird, but I used to date a CNA and she was hyper liberal. All her aide friends were too. But the registered nurses? Or higher up, they were all hyper conservative. I always found that interesting.

So she's a liar?

Guess where you are on that toem?

I'm unemployed and don't do much else other than hang out with people and listen to music. I guess that means I have more energy to invest in building close relationships?
I guess so? Now that I've been on hormones for a year people have been complimenting me a lot more.

I met my socialist GF on Holla Forums so obviously she's socialist

Oh okay. Thanks user. Is there many leftists on there

Yep. Pretty decent amount & depends on where you live too.

My gf and I share the same political views, which are liberal, not braindead leftist. If you seek to "move someone more left" you're doing it wrong, the validity of your argument should stand on its own and not be tied to "muh team" politics.

How? I like hearing about anons getting together

My boyfriend is somewhat of a liberal or self proclaimed "apolitical" but I think I've given him leftist ideas he personally applies to.
Like how hash tags and trying to sell shit after something awful happens is the incarnation of a cancer or how ripped off you feel after busting your ass working.
He's shown me a Pinoshit anti-communist meme with stick figures being thrown and he pointed to the stick figure bein thrown (obviously the communist) and said, "You"
I then explained that Pinoshit did that to anyone and everyone that opposed him and I could see it in his eyes that he thought up on what I told him.

IT'll have questions regarding political ideology and you'll get a general idea of what they could be by browsing through if they answered.
It'll have questions like:
With an option to explain.
Liberal shit like that with an option to explain.
Be stealthy about the whole BOMMUNISM if you're straight looking for hook ups.


This is exactly what snobby liberals do and liberals will never, ever be leftist.
I'm certain people will have ideas on them and maybe possibly be more open to leftism.

you deserve better tbh

Ah okay thanks for the info user. I dont want hookups, I want a relationship so I think I'll pretty much answer honestly except for maybe any answers about violence so it can widen the pool to Berniebro types. Thanks again

Your boyfriend's a toddler?

Maybe but he didn't mean in an asswipe way. More of a pointing out.


He honestly he did not mean it in a rude way, more of a pointing out. Maybe he wanted o know whom'st Pinoshit was, too.

Idk I feel like most people are going to be hyper self aware especially being on a normie ish app.
I try to answer honestly but I try to hide my autism level.

most leftcoms haven't read bordiga they just read revleft forum posts about bordiga

Most leftcom flags haven't actually read any leftcom literature, period

My GF is a marxist-leninist-maoist. We met at black bloc against police violence back in the day.

We were both crimethinc-esque anarcho-communists back then, but recently became MLMs through reading a fuckton and experience.

We also both train in martial arts, make propaganda, and council each other when we feel defeated. She shit posts on leftypol as well. Feels good man.

it hurts

Are you some kind of faggot?

wow she sounds like a tough ass gal, lucky dog

I meant how do you manage having both at the same tine and dealing with shit like them fighting.
A friend of mine is starting that soon, is it a big change?

After dating a string of hippie girls, and "woke" activist women, and other women I recommend my fellow leftypol brothers do not put up with those kinda women even if they remotely believe in leftist ideas or even profess them. Wait until you meet not only a girl who can actually read radical theory and understand it, but apply it. If you dont, your gunna end up with either a brainlet, or some sjw.

are you gay, girl or trap?

the first one

I don't know how I'd answer that question as a Marxist, considering it's really a "Yes, BUT…" type thing.

Oh, and I've never had a girlfriend. Nobody likes Trots, not even other Trots.

yes, its one of my biggest intresses so i would like having someone to talk with about it. they dont even need to agree with me


Since we're apparently in a stark minority, I just want to add that I empathize. At least I'm not surrounded by cute, intelligent leftists who are all hets. That sure would be awkward!

It's a necessity. However, I think I'll have to settle for the "convert succdem" route.

If you can't find a wild leftist QT, homemade is fine.

Spoilered for /r9k/ bullshit:

I'm 20 and everyone I've ever been into has either been taken, 10+ years older, thousands of miles away, or a combination of the aforementioned. I'm moving next summer in hopes of finding someone attainable because there's no one for me in my shitty small town. I don't even have high standards, just niche ones.

move away ya dingus

I'm trying.

Pls tell me she isn't the lebanese anfem hoe


I don't want any sexual mate whatsoever so it's a moot question.

I don't fit in with leftists / communists due to being a sociopathic sperg but I can appreciate that capitalism sucks, capitalism is doomed, and I would prefer to be around people who can accept this simple reality rather than lib or conservative ideologues.

Luckily, my girlfriend is a pure NazBol qt.

it bothers me more than it should that those tattoos are on the wrong arms and should be the other way round

I ain't Anglo by blood, just by birth.

my bf was a liberal when we met but im radicalizing him, he thinks its hot when i talk about revolution

I haven't had much of an issue with my partners not getting along. We're all okay with polyamory which makes things pretty chill.

And yeah, it's a pretty big change - not only physically, but mentally as well. A completely positive one in my experience, though.

Current ft is a socialist I'd say though she doesn't call herself one. Was a Bernie supporter though redpolls pushed her more left. Not as hardcore as me though unfortunately though I got her woke to capitalism though

Current gf*
Fucking autocorrect

Talking about interacting with women on Holla Forums starter pack


And every woman who talks about interacting with men that uses Holla Forums starter pack, just so its not biased.

I really hope that by "our ppl" she means "the working class" and that "those who wish to destroy us" is a reference to capitalists.

i just ask everyone who posts anything about being trans to be my gf, eventually one said yes

idk who that is

i responded in the wrong order, fuck me

not to hate but i find it interesting how many trans comrades we have here. Holla Forums doesn't have the most stellar reputation for inclusiveness.

I was surprised at first as well
Holla Forums is the only place I'm out of the closet (as much as you can be, on an anonymous site at least) and the disproportionately large amount of trans people here allows me to do so without feeling out of place, leftypol is very accepting if you're not just a larping poltard or the like

There's a higher percentage of trans on the chans, for arguments sake i'm including cuteboys and crossdressers, than irl. I'm not sure why that is, but I find it funny Holla Forums has more women, trans and cis, than the diverse bastions of socialist reddit which is ran by mostly white dudes.

Turns out idpol shit actually doesn't bring people together.


My last gf was a black punk who was on a serious idpol tip. I don't think she was very interested in class struggle which was dumb but whatever. She was good at stealing things and a hell of a lot of fun, sort of got me addicted to xanax though which sucked. I had a big argument with her after I criticised this aboriginal writer over some of the things he had said, she argued that he was exempt from criticism. I stopped talking about anything slightly political after that and just stuck to benzos and fucking. It was pretty toxic upon reflection. I've started seeing a liberal girl now. She seems very intelligent, quite intense and likes to talk about politics which is cool I guess.

26 yo virgin here. i make decent money for my age but yeah im a fucking loser other than that

hell, i would like any gf.

why is that interesting? these are just people that became aware of their social standing and voted accordingly after it went to their head. it's like middle corporate managers voting for trump to me… same shit, different job

lol ok

How is he like?

Literally everyone here hates you. Why are you even here?

Breaking News Moldylocks Hates Communism.

In a tranny what up!

Let me be your gf


Wish I could get a leftist gf/bf. Preferably an ML to dom me. Doubt it will happen for me though.

autistic like me

God me to. But I want gentle domination. Sex is weird Im always afraid of the line between sexual domination and spousal abuse is closer than it actually is.

The more blurred the line, the more fun the sex.

Yeah but Im not retarded and want someone who respects my independence as an individual. I dont get the slave master dichotomy of relationships but I can probably attribute it to christian fundamentalism.
TL;DR A relationship should be partners equally consenting not some dom/sub bullshit

Yeah I've never done what you're describing, but when you have that sort of sexual relationship then what would be abuse in another relationship can be a bit of banter and flirting.

Not him but I'm a 25 yr old virgin. You can be my gf (after we get to know each other and like one another)

I agree with your idea of how relationships should be but sub/dom shit is usually bed room play that ppl consent to. So its less oppressive than you might think.
Some ppl take it outside of the bedroom like lifestyle shit but that's more rare.

If I ever become single again I'm going to come here to meet a nice trans girl for cuddles and emotionally gratifying sex

Please cuddle me. I'm lonely.

Is that even a thing? I thought sex was just another display of capital wealth. And having more sex with "better" people made you a "better" person.

Mostly, there's some that take it outside of that but actual Master/slave is very rare. Personally I want a qt I can call a worthless whore while pounding her asshole or pussy then cuddle and watch a movie or talk about books after we finish.

Yes fair Im and I guess its just Ive never been in a relationship so my only reference is porn.

Im incredibly isolated and I dont know how to communicate. I need someone to save me from myself but Im afraid of being manipulated and hurt like I have been most of my life from a long line of abusive caretakers who would convince me the abuse or neglect was in my interest or that it was punishment for me being a terrible person until I internalized the belief that I was worthless.


kinda jealous but i could never manage a poly relationship irl because i'd probably ruin it with jealousy and have no idea how to handle it.

Well, you aren't anything by blood, as we know your veins are filled with toothpaste, whitening toothpaste.

I always thought having a tankie waifu would be fun. So long as she doesn't buy into idpol super hard. Personal experience is those people just look for reasons to discount the opinions of others, and that's not conducive for a healthy relationship.

alright well
tell me something about yourself then
i listen to a lot of music, mostly punk rock
your turn :)

Gratification from pleasing the other is central. In other cases feeling anything is more prudent.

What is nuance?

and I have also been abused growing up so I understand what you're going through user. That's part of why I personally could never be a sub in a relationships (even if my personality was inclined to, which it isn't) I'm really afraid of being taken advantage of and accidentally getting involved in an abusive relationship.

I hope you're trying to resist the kind of things that have been put into your head by abusive caretakers like that. I know its hard (I know I've internalized those feelings too) to but you aren't worthless user. None of us are. You also need to try to save yourself user. Having a romantic partner can help with support, love and compassion but you also ultimately need to be the strives for something better.

I was literally saying it doesn't have to be abusive. It depends on the people's personalities. Some people just like these kind of roles and if they consent to it, and if they respect each other's boundaries, I dont see anything wrong with it.

How do I get someone to love me when I dont even love myself? I can find a reason to life. I have no drive and nothing any one could find of value. My life is a long session of getting punched in the balls.

I contemplate going a Tequila Sleeping pills route

Go see a therapist/psych. You sound like you got depression and probably ptsd-c. Right now you don't feel motivation because your mental state is pretty shit from all those years of abuse. You need to do shit to get on the path for recovery, even if you feel no motivation for doing so. Do it regardless. You shouldn't trust your feelings right now c ause your brain is gonna try to keep you depressed because those are the neural pathways you are used to using. Once you start g etting better you'll start being able to see positive stuff in yourself. Im not saying a girl/guy can't love you now, but right now you're pretty ripe for being taken advantage of too and probably not in the best emotional state for a relationship

This is the worst advice to a depressive I've seen in quite a while.

I go to a therapist. I have for a year now. I dont feel much better off for the time.

New poster. How often do you exercise?

I try but every time I start I feel like Im not doing enough and also that Ill never be able to be happy no matter how hard I try so I give up, binge eat, and sleep for 3 days.

The hardest part is actually starting. See it through and stop worrying about how much you're doing, what's important is that you keep increasing the amount.

I can be monogamous no problem actually but in general I'm a polyamourus person. I see people so unique from Eachother who look, feel, and think differently and I just get attached and admire them for different reasons

I would cutie but I can't reach you through the screen

I just want to pet this user, small wonder he has two girlfriends.

One of my two exs probably had potential to at least be sympathetic to socialist causes.
I don't get out much anymore except for work, have poor social skills, and am in general pretty nervous about letting people get close these days.

I'm not but I think I got that from being in a religious cult. I've been seeing therapists for a long ass time with limited degrees of success.
As far as exercise and diet, I feel less like shit physically and I can do my job where I have to lift and am on my feet all the time, but I'm still pretty lonely.
I suppose I'm still convinced that the more people know about me the less they wish they'd known about me.

I do enjoy pets


sexually I'm actually pretty typical male despite being bisexual I haven't done any butt stuff though I feel like I'll experiment one day. In general I enjoy being the one giving pleasure and I really like roughly fucking people from behind or going Full lovey dovey in missionary. I usually don't like getting to sex proper until I've made my partner cum giving them oral at least once too
Nothing gets me off more than seeing a girl/guy moan and squirm in pleasure

Quick bros how do I push her over the deep end?

Have her read Origin of the Family

Hot but Im pretty sure youre the polygamist.

Lewd, user. I just couldn't find a headpat image and when I saw that one the context made me laugh. Getting fucked is great but I'm really picky and now I've become a bit of a shut in and I'd say my looks have well and truly peaked so until I can get my shit together I'm basically incel/volcel (except I lack the autism to actually identify with such a group). Luckily I'd say my looks are salvageable though or I'm in a huge amount of denial. How'd you end up in a polygamous relationship anyway?

Good idea. Thanks comrade.

transsexual here

my tranny partner is Noam-Chomsky Anarchist, which is better than nothing, I can't get them to show up to any protests or shit tho, they have serious social anxiety

My last gf was kind of a cunt and was right wing/libertarian ish. I shifted left while we were daring and after we dated. She moved here from japan and was basically spooked by propaganda on communism = North Korea and you don't want to eat and be poor. She was kind of an ice queen.

now she's fucking some silicon valley fuckheads in Frisco and I'm on the other side of the country not having gotten with anyone in the almost two years since she moved

But why go to protests when you can vote? :^)

I know this is rude but Do you pass?

Tranny here, I never found such questions rude especially if you're not trying to rub someone's face in it

Thas funny because Im a tranny as well and was just curious

not really, I look like some kind of weird hybrid between a chubby twink and a woman

they aren't even a real avid voter either, they are in the green party, so all they do is protest vote every 4 years

Yeah although I think polygamist is a bit off
I'm not married to them and I also don't mind having boyfriends

Was dating a girl I really really loved and we were friends with a girl who I grew to love too
Kinda just asked because I knew she liked her too


This is the left side of the internet.

leftypol really does have a lot of trannies afaik

This is good
More qts to snuggle

Yeah it would make it easier to relate to and get along with each other for sure, if she were a leftist. They could be a succdem and I could probably radicalize them.
If she were a conservashit we'd probably just piss each other off a lot and have make up sex so it's a win/win either way.
i just want a girlfriend either way. if she loved me it really doesnt matter.

Be honest, you wanted to create a stealth /r9k/ thread, didn't you?

Kek, if that's the case I imagine OP is on suicide watch rn

OP Here. no. I just wanted to know if other people here have comrade SOs. I also wanted ideas on how to meet a leftist girl so I can have a comrade gf.

snuggle me then :3

are you the same cutie who wanted someone to tell them they're cute and how they wanted to violate you in the positivity thread? :3

that's me, I didn't think anyone would remember that post

I remember because I was the one who reciprocated

I remember you, will you still read theory to me?? :)

And hold your hand

That's lewd are you sure that's okay to do

I want to fucking die

If you're a girl lose weight

If you are a guy lose a lot of weight

Femoids have NO EXCUSE for being alone. All femoids are volcel. Those who claim otherwise are dumb whores farming you for attention.

Actually, femoids have to do nothing. 0/10 hambeasts with chest hair have plenty of beta orbiters DTF.

If you are male, I suggest the following

1) Be rich.
2) Grow a 8'' dick at minimum
3) Be at least 6 feet 5 inches tall. Redo puberty if you have to.
3) Change your facial structure
4) Take 10 showers a day
5) Stand while you shit (really important)
6) Have an alpha personality like pic related.

Get a girlfriend.

Where is your country? Care to share, socialist?

btw, I am brown, so not letting me in is literally oppression.


The image said bf, so I was thinking a guy who wants a bf. Gay shit is easy af, even me a 30 year old loser who never has been on a date with a girl can do it

Not all incels "deserve" to be alone. You do.

tfw no anarchist gf that will be monogamous with me

why are anarchist girls always poly bros

youre just having bad luck finding them

where can i find one comrade

there's some on leftypol if trannies count anyways

There's some ciswomen here too,dunno if they're monogamous or anarchist though.

Why don't we have an occasional kik/discord sharing thread to make it easier to find our leftypolck SO?

Any time anyone mentions discord servers someone calls them an fbi shill
I didn't know anyone here used kik, I'd be down to reinstall it if I had someone to talk to

Well I'd personally be okay with any leftist gf tbh. I'm just an anarchist myself so it would be nice to have that in a SO but yeah

Kik is sketchy as shit, I mean discord isn't any better but I think it's easier to make throwaway discords than to make throwaway kiks, since one needs a phone/cant just use a computer for that.

I'd be down for a thread where we exchange contacts either way tho.

There's programs that let you run a virtual android device on a pc

yeah but at that point why not just use a program that runs on most OS'

Valid point
What means of communication would you consider to be least sketchy(I'm assuming you're the one calling kik and discord sketchy)

tbh, something like Wire or Signal or something using Signal needs numbers though which would be the downside but wire doesn't. I say those three because they provide encryption and aren't proprietary cloud shit.
I mean I'll use discord to meet people because that's the most common thing to use, but honestly, its kinda bad.

Alot of idiots use it for activism too which makes no sense to me.

Using discord for activism is retarded, I agree
I dont mind using discord for the purposes of talking to people largely because of how common it is already. I'll look into wire

I mean kinda same as long as we leftist realize that anything we say on there can be used against us because its all being logged somewhere I'm not totally against it. I think people should be more aware of the security /privacy implications but what can you do when its the dominant platform, ya know?

I'm already well aware of the risks, I avoid saying anything too revealing when at all possible for that reason
Any medium of communication where I can be less fearful of what I say is desired though

Ah yeah then totally look into e2e platforms. There you can speak more freely. I personally use Signal with all my friends IRL for communication only. And most of my online ones use private IRC networks (with SSL) or Matrix/Riot/Wire with me so I'm mostly covered.

The main reason I even have a discord is just meeting new people.

Well there's a polish ancom who I think is a woman. There's also the hooker anfem but I doubt you'd be compatible with her fetish for cuckqueaning, mff, and group sex.

I made a wire account
Someone should make a contact exchange thread and hopefully get some more comrades using secure methods of communication

Yeah I probably wouldn't be compatible. I mean I'm no prude, I could do group sex/threesomes but we'd have to be really secure in our relationship and both have to want it. It'd be just sex only though and no cucking/cuckqueening just doing it as a couple without any romantic shit for any person that might do it with us.

Now that's what I call mutual aid.

Right on, sounds like a plan to me. Hopefully someone makes it soon and frames it in a way that's not cancer.

Fuck, that reminds me, I need to make a Holla Forums choir song on valentines day.

Bat'ko add a line about all the trannies here


I had a girlfriend in Cuba. She self identified as a capitalist in a land that allowed her to mooch off of her senile grandfather's social security on top of the monthly rations and shit she is afforded.

holy shit those are godlike fetishes tbh

We're both teachers at the same school.
She's also a leftist but even if she weren't I'd be okay with it. I can't think of anybody else who I can connect with so effortlessly. I'm lucky to have met her.

have u ever fucked her in the teacher's lounge

I already did
I guess I'm just too unlikable

Girl or Guy?

She is, but she is also severely depressed.

Thats a plus. Less energy to cheat on you.

I know Im edgy but Im depressed and lonely



I know you're joking, but it's pretty difficult. I wouldn't recommend anyone get heavily involved with a depressed person, your actions end up taking a much greater significance than with somebody who isn't depressed. Might even say your inaction. You watch a person you've come to care about a lot do things that seem like they have the seeds for future disasters in them, and knowing this you feel like you have to do something to stop that from happening. You start thinking and living for two people. I guess any relationship is that way to some extent, but much more so when you have these mental health issues. It becomes a full time thing.

Though it also totally shaped me. I used to be a lot lazier, a lot more disorganized.

But user Im the depressed one. I dont wanna be alone.

shut the fuck up with your constant whining

It is kind of a self-defeating thing to say. I wouldn't want to isolate everyone who is struggling with some mental health shit, but there are also a lot of dipshits out there that genuinely think they can cure somebody with their dick. They just end up exacerbating negative thought patterns, they seem to see the depression as an attack on them. I'm still trying to understand if there is a way out of it for her, or at least some way to manage it better.

Depressed boys will absolutely cheat on you.

Not if I lock them in the basement.

My husband mostly doesn't care. When I tell some of my views he sometimes agrees, sometimes disagrees. I don't get mad if he disagrees with me because he gotta have his own opinion. We can't be the same in everything always. He says he will always vote for a party that will benefit us, so if we are poor (as we are not according to the standards of the country we live), he will vote left, if we get rich, he will vote right.

I agree with many views of radical feminism and he doesn't care but we like laughing at trannies together.

Don't bully or else

What country is that and how does your husband deal with you wanting to castrate him?

I always knew it was bullshit solidarity

would not recommend
good life experience I suppose, but if you are struggling to stay afloat yourself it is no good to become someone else's life-buoy.

Northern europe, I don't wanna castrate him, otherwise I would be fine with trannies removing their testicles and dick and later on regretting their surgery and committing suicide.

Criticising the trans agenda doesn't mean I don't acknowledge these people suffer. They are victims.

so, the Greer position of 'how can trans people claim to be a specific gender when non-trans can't really say what the essence of being a gender is etiher' or what?

who is greer?

Germaine Greer, I haven't read more than articles of hers and stuff about her but I believe that's her position.

We can brainstorm some ideas of how the thread OP can be organized.
Maybe a small survey of questions such as,
age, political ideology, and relative location (like country), and some hobbies/more info, as well as what they are looking for? i dunno.

Isn't KawoShin posting a sign of your incapacity to get a bf?
Please, tell me your secret.

Definitely a good start
I'd go as far as linking and explaining some secure methods of communication to get comrades up to date on what's available for them to use

What agenda? I thought Holla Forums was above thos IdPol bullshit. Cant wait to rape babies with my futanari cock.

So, uh, you seeing anyone?


Are you a suburban heterosexual white baby? Because that is the only thing that satisfies me. Also how do you feel about Satan?

Eh, I don't feel I'm struggling. Neither financially or emotionally, I've got a stable income and I can't imagine ever being exposed to any significant existential fatigue. Though there is an irony in all of this that while I want to hold back her depression, I see that much larger things are probably more determinate of it, and I simultaneously want to do what I can to address those things, but the individual expression of it is enough of a handful to basically make any political action on my part extremely limited. If I abandoned her to go on some crusade to end the conditions that perpetuate bad mental health (e.g., capitalism) then I feel like I'd be driven by a spook, because I'd have abandoned the concrete relationship I had to it in the first place in the form of the person I originally cared about. Not to be self-important, but I have some reason to believe she might have killed herself by now if I wasn't around.

I've thought about seeing a therapist/psychoanalyst to figure out more about my own unconscious motives and where they come from, but the notion of abandoning her when we've got such a history and she has never done anything antagonistic to me makes me feel bad. I think I rationalize it after the fact as distaste for an opportunistic or atomized view of social relationships. I've also always had issue with some of the other irl examples of that thinking, where people will often frame it in a way that it is obvious there is some capitalist ideology informing their view on what is a healthy or productive social relationship and what isn't. Basically "you need to focus on you (unexplained what this mean) and your career. Let the professionals handle that". Mental health just becomes another thing that has to be addressed by the market. Well, if you're in America anyways. I guess other countries might have more free mental health services. But inevitably the most "effective" kinds of therapy are those that get you back to work faster, so much of the mental health industry is devoted to that kind of approach. I think there was an article recently about data that showed widely used cognitive-behavior therapy in the UK wasn't linked to long term resolution of mental illness, but it has become the preferred therapy because in the short-term it gets people to a level where they can continue working.

kawoshin posting is a sign of being a weeb fag who wants to cuddle and comfort shinji
posting boys kissing until another cuteboy poster asks you for a twitter and you end up talking on discord for hours and days and fall in love and talk/read theory, binge watch evangelion together and do lewd things, its pretty great.

I guess it's just me, but most lefties I meet are at the very least bi-curious.


Do this shit on 4chan.

Why does everyone dislike her? I think she's very ni—
Jesus Christ, why didn't anyone tell me Holla Forums officially has the best person nomination taken?


don't lose hope fam
i never had any hope i'd actually find someone and all of that changed more rapidly than i could've ever imagined.

Because that's classic 4chan behaviour? Though the mods did come around to fixing that.



As in, "what you're doing is akin to discussing your fursonas in public, so if you're insistent on doing that, do it in some shithole where shitting the place up yet more won't make for any difference".

We've got a lot of spooked tankies imported from reddit.
If I'm not mistaken she's also into being degraded, abused, and bondage. Pic related was from her.


Why am I not friends with her, again?

Because she's an user on a chan and won't post any info for good reason.

Paranoia isn't a good reason.

Whoring is illegal user, if she were to get caught that'd be some legal trouble for her in addition to being outed. You can't blame her for wanting privacy and secruity.

You do realise that while no public communication service could provide full anonymity, quite enough services when used with the necessary precautions provide a good enough level of it, right?

Yes, unfortunatly a chan crawling with malicious stormfags isn't that.

Basic male. No amount of dresses and makeup can erase your male socialization.

Lots of stereotypes I don't fit in.
More like birthing children will kill Earth.
I don't need to do that, I'm secure my husband don't need porn because we have sex 5~6 times a week
Dicks are gay.
Why would I bother doing that?
I don't have conservative friends.
Because I'm bisexual.
Wrong, that would be boring.
Feelio when males feel threatened by your knowledge in male violence statistics and have to resort calling you an evil man hater TERF just because you are woke of the fact men do a lot more violence than women thus women should be careful near males.
What kind of bullshit is this? Do people believe radfems are some wicca tards?
The person who made this is projecting a bit. Like I wouldn't bother marrying a male if I wanted to cut his dick. I'd just go out in the middle of the night and wait until a male tries to rape me and cut his dick. Like I wish the "dick cutting male hater" stereotype was real and women actually cut dicks and shit. But no. It doesn't happen in real life.

Greer, like everybody else in radical feminism, believes that being a female is being born one. People are trying to separate gender from sexuality but gender was born from sexuality. One can't separate both because historically, what made women be oppressed is the fact we are XX and men are XY and that's how gender was created.
I think what you mean by this phrase is that trans claim the essence of being woman/man are stereotypes linked to the gender, when these stereotypes are not inherent and are simply nurture, not nature. There is no such thing as a female brain that makes you like taking care of people and wearing feminine clothes and there is no such thing as male brain that makes you more leader-like and violent. The only factors that define gender are a bunch of stereotypes that are taught to people since childhood, socialization. I could go further on this but I wanna play today so wtv, holla if you want to discuss it

So he's got a low libido.

Typical TERF.
Yeah, yeah, all trannies are hypermasculine/-feminine, you're the first TERF to ever propose that, nobody has thought of it before and concluded that it was nonsense. It's not like trannies themselves don't look down on tryhards among their number.
Like with any other kind of rightist, you do not posses any integrity, and all your arguments exist for the sole purpose of reaching a conclusion that you made based solely on emotional grounds. And then you wonder why all the leftists hate you and laugh at your claims of being victims.

t. feminist who isn't a rightist in denial

Once you get cancer from all the hormones you take and realize you will never be a woman anyway and get depressed think about what I said maybe


Top meme

Trannies and tranny agenda enablers are funny as hell.

Point proven.

Literally a conservative.

Literally where? The only "arguments" you presented were just attacking me and calling me a conservative because I disagree with you. It's like this literally everytime someone mentions trans people in a manner that is not coddling and enabling the shit out of their mental illness.

Holla me if you have actual arguments, otherwise I'm out.

"Why don't those leftie cucks just acknowledge that we just want to be left alone? Clearly, they're on the agenda of replacing white people with mudskins!"
Like any other kind of rightist, TERFs aren't interested in actual arguments, as I already said. You're idealists through and through, so any kind of attack on you other than physical is futile, and even then you don't learn. The only response to an infestation of your kind is at the nicest, ostracism, and properly, gulaging.

Are you unaware of what the word "conserve" means? It's the root word of conservative. Conservatives are trying to prevent the loss of their customs, and the idea that males are men and females are women are among those customs. The idea that an individual can change which gender they are through hormones and behavioural changes is (as far as I can tell) relatively new, and rejecting HRT and transitioning as a whole IS a conservative stance. I disagree with a lot of the transgender agenda but a lot what you're saying is outright bullshit, including the idea that you're somehow not the one taking conservative stances in this argument.
For anyone who isnt the anfem poster, let this be a reminder that TERF truly stands for trans exclusionary reactionary feminism/feminists

I don't care about trannies but I think SWERF and TERF should be gang raped by tranny hookers.

If you think transitioning people who are gay or not gender conforming is not neo-conservative and reactionary I don't know what else to say I guess. Enjoy your gay cure.

I expect nothing less from males. Do you know what really looks like a right wing male? A left wing male.

"Radical", though "reactionary" does fit more properly.

This. Opposition to TERFs has never been about trannies, except maybe for when it comes from trannies themselves, but rather about TERFs themselves. They're rightists with paper-thin excuses, and so they should be treated appropriately.

What the fuck does that even mean? Are you off the pills again? The voices aren't real, stop listening to them and obey your psychiatrist.

l o l

I'm sure you'd enjoy it more than your soyboy husband's two pump dump.
Well no shit, being a communist or a fascist doesn't radically change one's appearance.

Reactionary fits more, which is why I wrote that instead of radical, because in no way do they have any radical tendencies

Elaborate, I don't recall saying anything about homosexuality

"Them commies are being violent again, that's against the First Amendment!"
If you're a feminist, then you recognise that rape is a form of violence, and if you're a leftist, then you should recognise that violence is the only real response to rightists.

Fair enough.


Reminder that TERFS and SWERFS will be sent to Alaskan work camps after the revolution

…along with the rest of the idpolers

This has just put a damper on my day.

A faggot of course

Probably because it is annoying as fuck to get pandered to. I've stopped telling people that I'm queer irl just because everyone where I live is an idpol progressive. The only problem is that now I can't say faggot in public.

TERFS and SWERFS are our allies and will be promoted to high positions after the revolution.

Cute as HELL

I only like orthodox marxist TERFS who are sympathetic to trans rights. Crypto-reactionariy TERFS will get the wall.

all terfs get the volcano my man


just get one fam

yeah just bee urself

Sex is intimate and sacred. Your body is a temple and you shouldn't share it with anyone who doesn't know Marx was right.

sad tbh

But I only care about politic because I can't get a gf

I'm trying, I'm trying, but Phallosan and Bathmate aren't cheap!

are you me?


anyone in a similar situation? and managed to find a partner?

This is the unofficial Holla Forums contact exchange thread.

For security and privacy reasons, we recommend any anons exchanging contact use Wire or Riot (, both if which can be created easily.

Please fill the following out:

How's this sound? Any user feedback here would be appreciated, anything that needs to be reworded, etc. Maybe giving out less information might be better?

i already have contact with a lot of users from here one doesn't has to be Holla Forums to be my friend or to be useful or anything anyway. what you say sounds good but discord already to an extent does that but your platform wouldn't be based upon a corporation/business so thats great.

My boyfriend is a very dominant conservative republican. I find it extremely hot. I hate his political views, but leftie men are too soft for me.

My gf really likes Corbyn but she doesn't really care about politics so that's fine I guess. She was completely fine with me being a communist too which is pretty good.
I'll try my best.

I raped a conservative bitch once she calls me everyday for more.

Here's your (You)

Anyone wanna smoke weed and read theory together?

I've fucked a few and without fail conservative women are the worst fucks who manage to be sluts and vanilla.

Sure, some things from pic related ok?

I was thinking more orthadox marxist, but I can do Ocalan and Bookchin if that's okay


You are absolutely right. Conservative women are awful. Women should be liberal and men should be conservative. It's the natural order of things.

Guess it's not gonna happen user.

both should be anarchist tbqh

sounds good
when are u gonna post, i'll have to be sure to post, I could use more lefty friendos

Probably later on today or tomorrow

Current GF is super chill, pretty much a succdem but that's better than I've dated in the past. It's also the longest and most stable I've had a relationship. Libs tend to be fucking insane. Also, rich cunts get the bullet first. Nothing worse than dating someone with great tits and a trust fund more than I've made in my short life.

Damn you some dumbass spooked motherfuckers.

I've radicalized her pretty thoroughly. She was your typical apolitical de facto liberal prior that.

I'll keep an eye out, link it in this thread if you can, please (if it's still up ofc)

here it is. I hope I did the formatting okay

got bumplocked oh well

Why love bros