Any Fallout NV Fans here?

If your legion please crucify yourself

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Yes. Yes man is best man.

yes and go play Fallout & Fallout 2.
Fallout 2 is the best Fallout.

We must stand with the Powder Gangers in their fight against NCR imperialism.

Are they /our guys/?

Bomb the Brotherhood of Steel.

Literally cyberpunk ISIS.

I prefer crucifying you op you filthy profligate

Yes, them and The Kings.

Anyone else know this feel?

I know

Yep. I'm in the process of recording a Let's Play with some friends. Mildly bummed that we missed Caesar's "It's Hegelian Dialectics™. Read a book." lines and my opportunity to sperg about how he's a brainlet with 4 INT, but I don't really want to get too overtly political so maybe it's good.

Pretty much. Arcade a best.

The Kings are mildly sexist though which is weird in context.

I dont think it is him who is a brainlet
His reasoning is on point

Yeah but so is Holla Forums



I feel pity for you

I would play that

Caesar is the canon victor no matter what. Read Hegel.

Thesis: NCR
Antithesis: Courier machete
Synthesis: Legion victory over Hoover Dam

No. He's a LARPer who learned to use big words. It has a leftist veneer but his ideology in practice is closer to pic related. And he canonically has 4 INT.

I wonder if Obsidian make another game they'll take a stab at the left, would be interesting to see.

Josh Sawyer is a chapofag so probably not.

Yes. It fucking crashed on me when I killed the great Kahn though I forgot how buggy this shit was.

Caesar's interpretation of Hegel reads like a fascist strawman of his ideas when they try to pretend he invented "progressivism" or historical determinism.

the kings are libertarian faggots who privatized the local water pump, their idea of freedom is basically libertarian "negative freedom"

They're generally quite sympathetic to all sides when writing so I don't see why not. You could probably outright inject the early Soviet Union and its problems straight into the setting, given the conditions the franchise takes place.
So far they've been sympathetic to eugenicists and the genocidal, criminals of varying strength and moral ambiguity, and outright fascists. They're not spooked when it comes to making the "good" guys do total shitbag moves either.

Dumb faggots, Caesar is basically poorly describing Marx's historical materialism using Fichte's dialectic while attributing it to Hegel. He's a pseud. is right

Yeah I find it pretty incredible this is the only place I've seen bully Caesar for it. I'm looking right now and I don't think any of the badx/askx redditors have called him out, and hbomberguy let's him slide on it too.

I think all those posts are taking the piss fam.

He did a fnv analysis?

I misread your to mean attacking the left. If they were to make a Fallout game I could see them doing that, but I doubt they will.

But dude, support comrade Pacer in his struggle against NCR imperialism.

Fools, the Legion, NCR, and House all look to the past for a way to shape the future when they do not realize that the old world is dead and should stay dead. The only path forward is for the citizens of the wasteland to shape their own new world that moves beyond the flaws of old societies. No Gods, no Masters.

figured I'd shill my mods while I'm at it

it's just a couple gameplay modifications (as that is basically the extent of my modding capabilities) but there might be something you find somewhat useful

I was really glad you could kill him

this tbh

gonna check this

Not quite but he did make comparative references to it in his video on why 3 sucks. One of which was praising Caesar as being a well-fleshed out villain with coherent ideas (he specifically praised the Hegelian dialectic thing) in contrast to 3's Enclave.

It's wrapped up in his FO3 one, he covers every game in the series in it but it's all revolving around bashing on 3. It's pretty comfy you should give it a watch.

Well you know any faction Obsidian do are going to have good sides and bad sides, although I would be more keen to see what they make the drawbacks because that's where the interesting plot points normally spring up such as the friction between internal factions, which drives the dialog aspect of the story.

Was china the good guys in fallout history?
Whatcha think

just like IRL the proles where the "good guys"

There is no good guys in fallout

Read Unruhe



I think it's pretty clear that the war was retarded and basically the result of peak capitalist porkery.

I hate fallout 3, but you gotta give credit to operation anchorage DLC. The "evil commie" humor is funny af

The best Fallout 3 DLC other than Broken Steel is Point Lookout tbh


Mothership Zeta proves Posadas right.

It's pathetic how reactionaries actually take the cartoonish jingoism and mccarthyism in the games seriously and don't see how it's satire. The book chute in OWB also has lots of anti-communist commentary.

didn't get to the Pitt yet, is it good?
I thought broken steel was okay, liked point lookout a lot

for FNV Old World Blues reigns supreme
inb4 dead money fags

Honest Hearts > Dead Money > OWB > LR

One of the good things about fallout is that even when it's not trying to, it can't help but reflect on capitalist excess. Pre bomb drop civilization produced so fuckin much that a one global nuclear war and 200 years later and people are still living off the surplus.

ist that a good thing tho?

It's literally about class struggle. It's not fantastic but it's definitely my favourite out of the FO3 dlc's, except for that one Lovecraftian mission in Point Lookout. That one blows the rest of the entire game out of the water.

tbh my big problem with Broken Steel is that it totally ruins the already flimsy ending for 3. Otherwise it's pretty okay.

Agreed. All quality DLC's though.

Not when it pretty much kills the entire planet to maintain it, no.

The Pitt was a buggy mess. I could barley even play that shit. The atmosphere was great tho.
Broken steel made the late game slightly better. Honestly the game is more fun after finishing the main storyline.

I want to murder Todd Howard for making aliens a major part of Fallout lore. It's so much better when its more just a silly little easter egg.

That ending deserves to be retconned not just out of the series but outside of memory.
Fawkes is a super jewish nigger.

It was already shit. But making any choices you made absolutely and totally meaningless only makes it infinitely worse. Fixed the purifier or contaminated it? Doesn't matter, the contaminated water barely does anything and the fresh water is only slightly more freely available than before. Went inside to fix the thing yourself or got Lyons to do it? Doesn't matter, everyone involved is perfectly alright anyway. Unless this was some kind of nihilist bamboozle the writers were planning from the start I have no clue what they were thinking.

And it added even more immortal companions like Fawkes.

Maybe you're using a mod that expands on it, cause the vanilla version is lame as underwhelming

FO3 is better off with the broken steel ending tbh
wish FNV would actually do a thing with post-game changes (I know Broken Steel didn't change a whole lot but it's there)

Fonline Reloaded, it's fallout 1 + 2 map combined, MMO kind of thing, around 150 active players, pretty tight knit community,

they just started 3rd session, they removed FULL DROP, you just lose some durability on EQUIPPED weaps/armor. I don't think it's that bad tbh. solo players rarely got to loot any well equipped ppl anyway. but solo players with good gear got often looted by gangs.

I haven't played 3 since I was 14 but I remember absolutely loving that mission to death. I also really enjoyed the somewhat related quest from Fallout 4.

I didn't actually play the DLC but this explanation of it gave me a kek.

More like Russian gank simulator.

you seem upset, but no, you can just play the game and not worry about ganks. the russkies have their own server.

Stop this autism.
Ah, I think years ago they used to just have one interational one.

Drinking too much will kill you, and it kills a lot of fuckin civvies
If you send in Lyons to do it she dies

It was ridiculous nonsense though.
Also reminder if you haven't killed the riverboat captain yet at the end of the main quest you have to pay to get back to Point Lookout. Look, just give the spooked fuck the stupid book. Take advantage of the spooks, that's true egoism. You get a fuckton of caps and some moron gets to be happy thinking he's actually going to do anything.

Yeah but that's also true for literally everything in the wasteland.
Huh, didn't know that. Never actually done the ending where you send her in tbh.

But dude, spooky effects in the Dunwich building.

Hell yeah. Might even play it a bit later.

PS: The Powder Gangers are clearly the most revolutionary faction in the game.

are you saying autism is a choice??? MOTHERFOKER???
and what you do in FONLINE is hoard stuff basically anyway. but in the fallout universe.

whenever you craft smth there's a chance for bonus stats, 50% for 1 bonus, 25% for 2, 10 for 3 and 1% for 5(unique weapon).

I usually just hoard a lot of shit and then go bored, like now, but it's a very fun/addicting 2-3 weeks at least.

Caesar explained dialectics to me when I wasn't a leftist yet tho, that's pretty cool

I would want to see a Fallout game that takes place in the former USSR (still active when the bombs fell in 2077).

The Powder Gangers are overtly revolutionaries (slave revolt turned pirates fucking up the NCR), but one of the first quests potentially causes you to turn them permanently hostile so even if people wanted to, they wouldn't get to see their questline. They are massive dicks though since they raid and harass regular folks and potentially wipe out Goodsprings.

Dead money is the best yes, it has atmosphere

I just watched the new Blade Runner. The scenes in Las vegas felt like they were pretty much inspired by this DLC. No? or am I trippin

damn I never even considered it, first time I just lmao at how weak they are and massacre them all

m8 they are literally bomb-throwing anarchists
that's their gimmick

But its an inaccurate explanation of the hegelian dialectic.

I thought the Followers of the apocalypse were sorta the anarchists, even tho they are pacifistic obviously


what indication is there that Powder gangers are anarchistic other than what was already mentioned in this thread?

Samuel Cooke

he's a pseud dude, read the previous replies

When it comes to mods, its Project Brazil worth it?


I'm making a little mod which adds a few recipes for existing chems when you take the chemist perk.
Any idea for ingredients? The chems I wanna make recipes for are buffout, cateye, psycho and med-x. A recipe should have 3-4 ingredients.


It's been pretty heavily implied that the Dunwhich/Blackhall lovecraftian stuff is actually supernatural.

hello fellow revolutionaries I heard you guys were talking about fallout

would you by any chance be interested in playing fallout 4 in between smashing the state plotting an overthrow of the government ?

The Wild Card ending is the only ending that matters

You misspelled argue about semantics on imagebards

NV was the worst tbh. And i enjoy Fallout 4 alot.

t. pleb

t. odd

Its like my opinion man. Its just stupid that there are legionaries and cowboys gambling in a post apocalyptical game.

Fucking lel that's subtle. All that intellectual smokescreen and big words to convince the player Caesar has a point. It really is an intelligence test.


He all but tells you to look up "Hegelian Dialectics" and if you do wikipedia will tell you exactly why he's wrong. There is no way it's not deliberate and meant to filter people who pay attention and those who don't. Hell I just checked page history and this section on this article predates the game.

dogshit taste

confirmed for not having played the game

IIRC it's one of the devs actually being a pseud, it was unfortunately not deliberate. The chance of a player actually knowing he's full of shit is 0.0001%.

I have played both NCR and Yes Man endings. If Holla Forumsyps love it its shit like your tastes. Its nothing but a meme game.

yet you prefer Fallout 4, bethcuck

The DLCs makes this even more explicit, especially Dead Money which I hated first time played, but now always I shed a tear in the end

fuck Bethesda, join the Unity


lol wrong

was referring to fallout 4

I don't like the idea of Fallout becoming an international franchise like Assassin's Creed where each new game is about what's going on in a new part of the world. I'd prefer it if it entirely took place in the American southwest and each game was related to the events of the previous one like 1-2-NV.

I like it in post-apocalyptic fiction where you only get to see a small part of the world and everywhere is now so isolated that the rest of the world is a mystery, like before it was discovered in the first place.

Afroplasm is the kind of person who prefers Fallout 3 over New Vegas.

I prefer 3 but just tested 4 and it seemed nice. Or atleast better than that memegame.

In NV i always just killed house and sided with nobody.
Bethesda Fallout is shit

Take off the shib bosting flag

True Egosim

bravo obsidian

House >> Independent > Legion >>> NCR
I just wish that turning New Vegas over to a newly expansionist/interventionist Brotherhood was an option.

even if you never read anything, its an obvious contradiction right there.

if this is true there should be a dialogue option for it