Is it true what the third worldists have been saying that when capitalism strikes a crisis...

Is it true what the third worldists have been saying that when capitalism strikes a crisis, the first world would rather turn to fascism than socialism?

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I don't think thirld worldists are unique in claiming this, since it's an undeniable fact

because of the social systems in place in the first world that have killed class consciousness a first world worker would be more likely to blame some scapegoat then capitalism itself
in the third world these systems are limited to outright non existent which makes people in the third world more class conscious

But what if they don't turn to straight-up fascism because "muh brown peoples and gays" but instead turn for centre-right strongman figures like Trump?

Trump is a classic corporatist who mimics the movements and expressions of Mussolini in public. He's as fascist as you'd get in a PC western society

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I mean his rhetoric about the nations rebirth (make america great again) and "draining the swamp"(remember that Mussolini literally drained Italiy's swamps to eradicate malaria for the first time since ancient Rome, which also acted as powerful symbolism) are straight out of a fascist textbook. In the age of symbolic spectacle politics, Trump is as "real" fascism you can get.

Interesting, haven't observed this before.

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Yeah. Compare videos of the two and you'll know what I'm talking about

I've thought the same. "Make america great again" is a sincerely fascist-sounding slogan, even if in practice all Trump does is Hillary but more incompetent and less apologetic.

Do you have a specific viideo in mind you can link to?

Of course they would, in a crisis people are more adamant to defend what they have, giving up all because they're told this would somehow bring a political system in which everyone owns everything in common yet gives people the full product of their labour doesn't match well with what. That only appeals to people who view politics as a nerddom and the poor sods with nothing to lose who don't really get it but like the idea of telling their landlord to fuck off.

It's like you're not even talking about actual people, just supposed consequences. Socialism exists in an ideological realm which is alien to the third world, this is like a pygmee tribe debating if Europeans would try to appease this spirit or that spirit when their hunters bring back little meat.

I think the fascists should run with that one; if you want to make america great again, you're a fascist, so fascism is the ideology for having a great america.

Not any specific, he uses the same body language in most speeches. Trump seems to mimic the way he tilts his chin up and pouts, but I rewatched som Trump speeches now and it's more subtle than I remember. Oh well

Parenti once stated that a 'fascist' movement resembling that of 20th century Europe will not happen in America, because the American state is so thoroughly subservient to the interests of capital, and left-wing opposition is so nonexistent, that the objectives of a fascist movement can be accomplished within the bounds of normal government institutions and without any kind of coup or organized street movement.

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When you look on the current political climate in the US and Europe, I would definitely say yes.

Based Parenti strikes again.

Also, fascism as we know it from the 20th century is dead. What we will see is literally just nationalism with a social safety net and semi-authoritarian family planning policies (tax breaks and/or other economic incentives for having big families, shit like that).

Yes. And after that comes Anarcho Capitalism.


The first world is fascist

tbh, it's a jewish form of fascism. The poor people are kept like that with cheap food and free entertainment. And who's fault is it in the end?

it's the poor peoples' fault for not overthrowing the class system by which they are being oppressed

Mind = blown