Sargon btfos idpol

Even you cynical fucks have to give Sargon credit for this, this is a thorough BTFOing. he gets the idpoling cuck to start chimping out at the audience for cheering Sargon and even pushes him to ragequit and walk out.

Can we finally accept Sargon as /ourguy/?

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No, commies will always hate him.

Never debate before an audience, the audience is always the winner of the debate.

No, fuck off.

Sargon seemed like the winner.

How about NO?

He was the winner, but ask yourself the question, what does winning a debate mean?

Showing intellectual superiority.

It's bait, dude. Sage this shit in the future.

Showing intellectual superiority to whom?

I don't even want to guess which cancerous part of the internet you're coming from.

It wasn't a debate.

Two fucks sitting in chairs arguing with each other isn't debate. Debate has structure, debate has a topic, debate has rules. This was a pissing match in front of an audience.

Structured debates are boring as fuck though, at least arguments test who is quicker on their feet

A attendent at mythcon.


It doesn't matter. Debate is a battle of ideas, not rhetorical tricks and fast talk, nor is it entertainment. Hence structure.

Sure, this is good if you want to see who can lay down the sickest burn on their uncle at Thanksgiving dinner, but not a good measurement of who has the strongest case for their position.


I thought you was a true comrade, son.

How is it even possible to have such shit taste?

The irony of you using the hell march to your "capitalism is bad" video is hilarious… you know because the communists and all that.

Fuck off.

Don't talk shit about RA3 they had nice waifus and best soundtracks. Yuriko sub-plot was basically anime put in RTS form.

jk m8 I just really loved RA3 back when it just came out and I was a teen, have some fond memories playing through the campaign mode till the very end, of course when I would play it now I wouldn't like it so much


I wrote the spoiler specifically to you, stache. Nonspoiler text was for fishing (you)'s from people just jumping into this thread.

tbh Red Alert 1 was where it was at.

That was a dark fucking game.

So you're saying it was actually a debate.

Seems like most of the audience were already on his side to begin with. Why do people think the audience to every debate is impartial and entirely neutral? They go in with their own biases, if they hear compelling ideas contrary to theirs then they just shut off and use mental gymnastics.


America should have been put down long ago, this is what happens when you let a tumor thrive.

It's funny that Americans decry the barbarism of other cultures while indulging in the most perverse, carnal culture on the planet. At least islam has principles that they adhere to, americans beliefs all share a direct or tenuous link to being a cunt. It was born of genocide and savagery; no reasonable person could say that birth could make a healthy, sane society.

Yes, because Sargon wouldn't.

sargon is british

Would've done the same if I was there.