Memes aside are there any leftist subreddits worth browsing?

Memes aside are there any leftist subreddits worth browsing?
I'd prefer small but active ones as large subreddits are generally just cancer reposting the same shit for upvotes or 'reddit gold'
Also any philosophy subreddits not related to leftism/politics such as metaphysics subreddits etc

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If you're a leftcom you would probably enjoy r/marxism_101 and maybe r/leftcommunism. The Chapo Trap House sub used to be a pretty good place for all kinds of leftists but now it's complete cancer.

Why is the Chapo Trap House sub cancer in your view?

It's never worth going to reddit

Eh. It can be good for digital art and it helped me learn pixel art. I mean I haven't acc used it for months now. The community is acc cancer

It's decent in very specific discussion subreddits. The vast majority of reddit is just absolutely terrible memes however.


Ah yes and North Korea is a democratic paradise by that same logic, I mean it says right so in their name and constitution.

Its a den of filthy socdems.

They don't practice democracy. Vene practices socialism, and the people voted them in to do socialism.


Except that's obviously not true. What a stupid meme.


alright fam

Stop taking the bait

'the left can't meme'



/r/leftcommunism, /r/UltraLeft, /r/shitleftistssay and /r/shittankiessay are alright if you're a leftcom.

/r/chapotraphouse used to be good even if you didn't listen to the podcast when it was smaller but now there's a bunch of libs in it.

/r/Marxism_101, they're very helpful and generally knowledgeable on Marx.

r/chapo is the only decent subreddit even if they are kinda liberal. They're also seemingly the only place on reddit that doesn't instinctively hate leftypol.

They're okay but they're big on IDpol and don't tolerate it when you make fun of liberal bullshit

I don't even know what this means. How does one "do" a mode of production. Like what would it mean to "do capitalism"? Do you know what that means? What does socialism mean to you besides "whatever the venezuelan government does"?

With chapo you trade insufferable tankies and weirdly rigid anarchists for succdems. Honestly it's a more tolerable place to talk about shit even if I do end up rolling my eyes a bit when it gets down to theory.



Like, capitalists dont do socialism so, like, do the opposite I think

This is what happens when you accept meme-tier definitions of socialism like 'worker control of the means of production'.

From best to worst

Literally all of leddit aside from one or two controlled opposition subleddits.

If that's not enough for you, there's even bigger torture chamberes like

this is my gripe too.

i mean, for a bunch of people that talk about neoliberals and how they "don't get it," and take pride in being the "dirtbag left," they really don't fit the label or live up to it all that well.

they are still ultra PC and miss the mark on a lot of stuff. if you even vaguely question the prevailing narrative around "POC" or "trans" issues you are downvoted to fuck, no matter how legitimate your question is.

/r/anime_ira/ is a thing.

/r/gcdebatesqt if you like to talk to terfs

terfs are more communist than the entirety of /r/fullcommunism

literally nowhere. There is some, and by some, I mean extremely rare, good discussion. It's filled with succdems/leftcoms who recently joined the Democratic Cops of America and think a revolution can happen peacefully. Most believe the mainstream narrative of other countries' class struggles. But leftcoms will leftcom. r/badphilosophy and r/shitliberalssay are decent. A good socialist sub for gun owners is great also– /r/sociaslistRNA

sorry the gun sub is socialistRA

I think the structure of Reddit is not conducive to meaningful exchange.

You could have a sub run by Lenin himself and it'd still devolve into a shitshow simply because of the way the site was engineered. Threaded replies and karma are always going to produce a struggle for attention that only rewards the most base and pandering commentary.


There is nothing on reddit worth browsing.

That's not true, I found this on reddit

r/communism101 is also worth checking out

what is it with reddit and being so obsessed with arts and crafts?
if I made my computer look like a bunny rabbit or something it gets the front page.

r/leftwithoutedge and r/anarchismonline are relatively non-crap spaces, or were the last time I looked a couple months back

/r/anarchotranshumanism is all you need