Questions for "Real" Socialists

Are SJWs just White Supremacists with a guilty conscious.
My reasoning behind this idea is, SJWs always say black people don't won't succeed in our society, even if it were 100% geared toward equality of opportunity.

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Were did I say anything about capitalism?

No, they are merely confounded by idpol. The starting premises of the "SJW" and the white supremacist are radically different.
This doesn't seem coherent. Eliminating racial prejudices would seem to go hand in hand with engineering a society that has equality of opportunity. SJWs, as far as I know, do not claim that black people would not succeed in such a society. Again, that doesn't seem coherent.

Much of what the SJW talks about isn't necessarily wrong. I'm speaking from an American perspective here but it's genuinely a disadvantage to be born black. It's really a problem of focus. That is, the rejection or side-lining of class consciousness in favor of identity politics. And that might manifest by a desire to see more black CEOs or representation in hollywood movies which are symbolic gestures, merely changing the face of oppression.

Sorry, by "SJWs" I assume you meant us like most crossboarders.

They both come from the starting premise that "race" is the fundamental divider in modern society, and that "races" represent real, genetically defined groups with some sort of common material interest. The ideologies have more commonalities than you'd think at first glance.

No, you guys are worse.

We have someone with some lick of sense in leftypol tonight.

Do they? I have never heard that before. They usually claim that racism is so extremely deep-seated that focusing on stuff like economic inequality is dumb for some reason, usually followed with liberal lifestylism to be a better consumer.

This video has one who essentially says that.

I'm skeptical of that. I would agree that much of SJW rhetoric is at its heart conservative (the idea of cultural identities belonging to certain ethnic groups) but the core distinction lies in the idea of racial hierarchy, which of course libs of all stripes reject.
There is some commonality but not enough to say that SJWs are "white supremacists with a guilt complex", that seems reductive.
Also, isn't part of the SJW rhetoric that Holla Forums complains of the idea that race is a social construct? I don't think biological essentialism is all that widespread in those circles. It can seem like it though because I have seen afro-centrist claims of weird, romantic racialism go basically unchallenged among them. I think this is more out of a fear of "whitesplaining" or some other dire term to a minority than it is agreement.

You see, the thing is they have a lot of cognitive dissonance, like religions. God kills 99% of life on earth, but he still love everyone. Race is a social construct, but you aren't a loud to attend a black only meeting.


I mean

This, they both work on the same premise, just taking different sides.

'Tism incoming:
You're misusing this term here. Cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort that occurs when you do something that you know is 'wrong'. As is "I know smoking is bad for me but I do it anyway." What you are talking about is someone holding two conflicting ideas in their head at once but not seeing the paradox. The term for that is 'doublethink'. (Not 'wrongthink,' which is a misquote of Orwell.)

doublethink = cognitive dissonance

Yes they are, but then again, so is Holla Forums or anyone for that matter who believes tribal people tucked away in the amazon rain forest should be left alone.

If only..

You don't agree, why?

The main difference is that someone experiencing cognitive dissonance is in a state of discomfort over their mismatched worldview.

Doublethink implies that the person in unaccepting of any conflict existing.

Not that I agree with them, but what I think SJWs mean when they say that is that even if the system were set up in a legal framework that guaranteed absolute equal treatment by the law, culturally ingrained biases towards minorities would still prevent them from achieving success at a proportinal rate.

The think you commies love doing.

no it isn't. and the pic you posted shows that

Arguing over minutia? You know it.

Arguing over what a True Scotsman is.

It's never the SJW's themselves who show any sense of guilt, they only know shame.

It's called white guilt.

Why do rightist beg for corporate dick to suck so much? Can't rightist just be content with having their wives fucked by the rich? Why do they have to be so servile? Why is literally everyone who buys into that crap a low autism level brainlet? You can't say that's not you because that would be no true scotsman falacy.

it would be funny if I were a gay cuck who loves humiliation.

White guilt isn't really guilt at all, at least not the white guilt of SJW's. Politics cannot be framed into emotional states, experiencing a superego red alert when a black gangster appears in a movie is entirely different from authentic guilt felt when personally witnessing poverty in africa.

But that is what it is called.

Straight white cis males is the original sin of cultural marxism.

It's a metaphor that becomes a misleading rhetorical trick when taken as is.

That's what both they and their detractors like to believe. It's completely wrong though, their original sin is human existence itself, which will always be oppressive by its very nature.

Dude it's a religion, just like how eating a fruit is somehow an original sin to Christians.

Do you think that culture is merely the result of politics and economics?

Genetics clearly has a part to play in culture.



So why do all you cucks still pretend like it's anyone but their own fault when someone doesn't make it in society when they have every opportunity to do so? Why do you guys just want to push blacks to the top when they're already doing as well as they possibly can? There aren't any laws saying they can't get better jobs

How old are you?

Old enough to not be a socialist. I haven't even met any socialists since I left high school last year

Why'd ya leave? Did you get kicked out or something?

No I just got out and never looked back. Academia is run by cultural marxists and SJWs, everyone knows that


Wait what's wrong with Molyneux? Do leftists just hate everyone who can make rational arguments?




seriously if you are going to feed from burgeoise ideology at least choose a respectable source.

You mean like Shapiro?

no, the trashcan.

Very yes
SJWism and nazism both represent petit bourgeois concerns and desires to be separated from the big other and so the same idea manifests itself with different ethos but the conclusion of it is the same, the separation of men along arbitrary lines

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I hate these people more than I could have ever hated sjws now. At least you can find someone trans who's read a god damn book about socialism.

on what?

Explains a lot. I was insufferable too, right after graduating.


I thought "le XDDDD social jastuus" boogeyman is supposed to be the liberals. Like, all those "I'm with her" fags.

I've never quite gotten the alt-right's obsession with testosterone. It's like they believe estrogen is useless and every man, woman and child on Earth should have the most insane test levels physically possible.

this accounts for their general lack of balls i presume

It's just another way in which their weird genetic determinist views can manifest.


What do you mean user I thought all trans people were mentally ill and need to go to a camp where we fix them so can be productive members of society.

They're not liberals, they're cultural marxists.

Nigga fuck your equality of opportunity.

We stand for quality of OUTCOME or death.

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They never talk about success in "the black community" unless it happens within the "plantation."

In the South socialism is associated with neo-Nazism. That's why Bernie Sanders can never win a national election.
Anti-capitalism was started by Southern slave owners. The US Socialist Party was started by laborers who were envious of the muh privilege of Black slaves. They barred free Blacks from joining and never published any "intersectional" or "multi-cultural" newspapers.

That's Holla Forums 101 you tard.

thats kinda hot

This sounds like a load of bullshit. Can I have some credible citations to these medication worthy claims?

They have, two times before.

Search for John C. Calhoun. He was a lawyer for slaveowners who blamed capitalism for forcing them to devote some of their land to cashcrops so that they could reluctantly pay property tax. Search for George Fitzhugh. He blamed capitalism for the abolition of slaverly, leaving Blacks socially and economically disadvantaged. Lefties double over in pain at the thought that these men actually existed. Their stories were scrubbed from that book by Howard Zinn about the People's History of the US or something like that.