The first real article of Spectre Rouge is now online, another three should be going up tonight. In the coming days I'll be putting together a pdf zine version of the best articles and content.

This particular article deals with the politics of loneliness and hopefully makes something positive out of all of it. Feel free to copypasta into /r9k/ threads when necessary.

For those who are unaware of what this is about see:

And you can check out this link if you want to support us or submit something:

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Great work on the loneliness essay. I'll check out the other one when I get the chance.

Article by Dr. Bones on radical reporting

I have to head to sleep soon, I'll be getting the rest of the articles up tomorrow hopefully. This week is turning out to be much more hectic than I imagined.

good read and good work.

I noticed the Times New Roman font for the title - is that a placeholder? You'll definitely want something else if you don't want the titles to look like a highschool essay. I'm a bit of a font snob so let me know if you want any suggestions, I can send you some font files to experiment with. Not sure how web rendering or copywrite would work though.

Hmm, I hadn't been thinking about it, I had assumed it had been updated to Day Roman like the body. We're using a plug in that allows us to upload our own font, but it only lets us use one if we're using it for free.

loneliness is such a good topic! I hope it features again in the future.
Good job.

Coincidentally, look what has just been published: bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-09/americans-face-a-rising-risk-of-dying-alone


Oh shit, sticky

What kind of subject matter do you want, generally. I'm moderately well-versed in theory, but if I was going to write something for you it would probably be more like a literary review with an implicitly leftist perspective. Currently the reactionary e-zines have a near-monopoly in Chan-oriented literary content, sooo….

Y'all can find out what I drew when I upload it, which will be in a few hours.

whats the relation between this publication and leftypol?

Will this be a second Jacobin were they support the police and give shit to evry socialist country ever?

Great job editoranon! Especially loved the Dr. Bones article

Incase this get’s deleated. web.archive.org/web/20171011041813/http://spectrerouge.com/index.php/2017/10/11/revolt-of-the-lonely-masses/

So it's now a Marxist blog? What a disappointment.

Not strictly Marxist, like bonsey's piece we'll accept anarchist pieces even if it's not exactly the editorial line

I thought it was going to be "general radleft" like Holla Forums but apparently Marxists have to make everything about themselves.

Am I missing something here?

its run by users from here

Like i said, not strictly marxist and it will be a platform for the general radical left, but unlike before there does exist an editorial line. I think that was a part of the problem with bunkermag, it didn't stand for anything in particular.

Maybe you could make it more explicit before any other anarchist wastes their time on you.

It's this madman

It's its not it's

Also you say BSS in one sentence and in the next define BBS

Yeah, but bonsey? Didn't you mean Bonesy?

He calls spookself "Ole’ Bonsey" in the article.

All the "continue reading" links on the front page are broken.

You're supposed to click on the images

passive-aggressively saging a sticky is so typically anarchist.

Please switch to a better theme mate

Translation :

Woah user, you just cracked publishing wide open.

Difference is, here, people are pretending it ain't like that also.

Seriously? Why is this trash stickied.

Because BO is tankie. Remember kids, behind every hammer and sickle, a mustache is hidden

You should had seen it coming, a written publication that actually discusses theory and viewpoints can't be anarchist since anarchist have no theory nor praxis
Crying and pouting like a toddler isn't going to change that but who cares, your sense of entitlement and love of shitposting already ruined the thread.


Read a book, faggot

Your praxis has given birth to nothing but dictatorships and autocratic rules. It's literally "socdem at the barrel of a gun", and yet you have the gall to compare a rose to anarchists? End your life, philistine

u mad

Anarchists are just edgy liberals, they love to criticism marxist states and marxism in general but they have such a soft spot for western democracies and liberal values. If they had any theory they will see that the present capitalist west in way worse than anything Comrade Stalin (pbuh) could had ever done.

How 'bout the anarchists put up or shut up? No point in whining about an editorial line when you never intended to submit anything.

Except the only article by contributors so far is from an anarchist, you fucking retard

Which kinda makes the whining of the two anarchists in the thread kinda pointless doesn't it.

No it's because Holla Forums always had a user-inputed online publication and I thought the first article of Spectre Rouge warranted a sticky. Stop being a faggot and go back to Reddit you little baby.


Are you ok user?

I think so that people aren't sperging out about this, it'd be helpful to say what the editorial line is and for what reason.

Personally I think anarchists make several good theoretical points, which is why I want to include them as contributors. I doubt the editorial line will make any single faction particularly happy, but that's the price of integrity I guess.

Marxists are against freedom. You heard it here first, folks

Not what I said, but feel free to keep strawmanning me

This is literally "u mad"-tier

On its most barebones, we are against idpol, and for socialist struggle. On a more theoretical level, I think it would be best to define our position as specifically struggle for a dictatorship of the proletariat, as a democratic dictatorship of class, and for any economic measures that bring us closer to the complete obsolescence of capitalism.

what is correlation?

Very good job my fellow spic comrade. It is refreshing to read a sane individual in these dark times.

I'll be writing a new article for the next issue, any news on deadlines?

Article is decent, but the ending is trash. Reads like a bunch of meaningless platitudes.

New article!


The Production of Rubble, an overview of the Syrian civil war by Point Zero.

If anarchists are allowed to contribute then I don't see the problem.

One already has friendo :^)

How many articles are left to post?

Link to intro article on front page is broken

you really got bonsey to write for you? congrats

The "continue reading" button on Bonsey's article is broken my dude

Stop putting these cringy "editors note" things before every article.


Does it really matter if it's just correlation or full causation? That's a massive improvement either way.

Loneliness is not a real problem, it's pure ideology. How can you claim to be lonely when you can instantly shitpost and get (you)'s? Truth behind this so called "loneliness" needs to be researched.

Nobody ever replies to my posts.


bmup for actual content



that was the last one.

5 or 6.

Bumping for webzine

I HATE READING THE REVOLT OF THE LONELY MASSES. I hate being alone. I want off the ride.

Same here.

I feel you friends. Why do you think I wrote the afticle. To do something about it.

When's the reactionary pizza chain owners article coming up?

Right now, check it

awesome, thanks

Zizekian slip.

Author here.
Just dropping some spooky-ass pics of Ave Maria.
Y'know, if you're interested in some tourism, or you're Woke Space Jesuit.

Also, don't miss your chance to see the Village People live and 100% heterosexual.


Anything good?

love it when leftists dance around the fact that women are exploitative classists and instead write long hand-wringing articles on things that are already public knowledge.

thots live better lives under capitalism, leftist women are counter-revolutionary.

Are you even aware of what are you typing?

Makes perfect sense to me. Capital allows women to use their sex as leverage.

Without capitalism, they will have to actually be productive.

Good article

Go outside and get a job you fucking loser. There are plenty of women who work long and hard hours

We're talking about thots, instagram whores and their ilk.

Yeah that's totally the majority of women lol.

Yes but the previews post was worded in a strange manner


I've recently come down with pretty serious sickness. My bones are really aching and i've been stuck in bed the last couple of days. The fatigue has made it difficult on pulling together that last couple edits and graphics, but I'm going to try to get some more articles out tomorrow. If not, I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on.

Don't die editor sama


Please don't die, I still have artwork to send you.

The articles are great OP but the site.. it looks like anus. Its so unpalatable to anyone outside leftypol

No one outside of leftypol has complained. But I'll take suggestions for improvement.

No 2010's sliding meme design. Why not a super simple navigation bar on one side and the rest being the content?

Ah but i really like the slusing thing whole reason I chose that layout. And I don't want a sidebar next to the articles since it flutters things up. If I was to put it somewhere it'd be at the top

*sliding thing

No new articles?

That pizza essay was fantastic!

Great job, you guys.


>Remember Herman Cain? Christ, do you remember Herman Cain. The 9-9-9 tax plan?
IIRC his economics are strongly informed by Sim City… Great article btw.

Pizza article is extremely good. I'm really impressed

Yep. I think Herman Cain was a deliberate and carefully thought out performance art. The man is ridiculous and I think it's done on purpose.

I'd originally thought that myself, and I'd admit it's still possible, but looking at so many of the people who said that was the same deal with Trump, with both people for and against him pulling out the 8-dimensional chess line, only for us to find he really is this idiotic even in private conversations, the idea that Herman Cain is performance art gets further and further away from me. I suppose I'm still a bit of a truther as far as the Pokemon line is cconcerned though. The 999 plan probably is from SimCity, but that's because the idea didn't come from Cain in the first place, but some young bank teller.

Since Revolt of the Lonely Masses offered no solution other than some quasi-religious salvation from the mythical Socialism, I'll propose one: lifestylism!

needs more cocaine

What did you do about it by writing a random essay?

collective political action is hardly quasi-religious salvation.

I wanted to mark out a leftist defense and place for the lonely men who the alt-right have been capturing and the left has thus far been alienating. It's just the start, and if you have suggestions and critiques for future articles, I'd really appreciate them.

Should have another article or two coming out tonight. The fatigue has hit hard and it hasn't really let up, I'll be seeing a doctor on Wednesday.

bamp hope you feel better

I hope you weren't overdoing those opioids, get well.

I hope you get well soon. I'm sorry it's taking as long as it has with the manga, I'm going through a crash course in GIMP and PaintTool SAI to get the editing finished. Any time not spent on personal maintenance has been sunk into editing.

DotP doesn't necessarily contradict democracy. Please apply yourself, Holla Forums

Is Editor-san ded?

If you'll briefly allow me to self-shill:

I've written a pretty fun interview with Commodore Gilgamesh from the found footage collective, Everything Is Terrible! and it's available in the print edition of the Religion issue of Pilcrow Pamphlet.
Subscription's for physical copies are free, and I suggest you take a look at the online articles as well, I know some of the writers IRL.
I've written for them before in the BC elections issue, and though the references to local politics may throw you off, I'm talking about broader recognizable themes.