45,000 people die every year because they don't have access to health care

Why do so many Americans support privatised health care, when it is objectively worse than the alternative?


why can eastern euro shitholes have socialized healthcare (wait lines, sure, but at least no debts and bankruptcy) but in the US of A it's a deranged pipe dream?

Likeā€¦ physically? They can't reach a hospital? What does this mean?

The best part is that actual death panels already exist, its when your insurAnce company denies you coverage and you die because you can't afford the treatment.

babyboomers ruined everything

The best part is that actual death panels already exist, its when your insurAnce company denies you coverage and you die because you can't afford the treatment


Plenty of medicine and procedures will not be offered without the right insurance and/or payment. Being in a hospital does not magically compel doctors and nurses to give you what you need


also Germany, Sweden, France and the UK have public healthcare, and yet they aren't ethnically homogeneous as we hear every single day from you lot
so which one is it? Are they ethnically homogeneous or do they not have public healthcare?

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Are you so deep in the Holla Forums-hole that you think non-whites need different medical equipment or something? Also isn't most of your modern political thought predicated on the idea that those European countries are pretty brown?

Because some Americans would rather die than admit they're poor.


Cuz free markets drive prices down OP! America isn't a free market ya dunce, it's crony capitalism. Have you ever taken an economics class? Free market = competition which leads to cheaper options, though a combination of black magic and ignorance to actual realities

I truly want to know how your mind operates.

What about Canada?

Holla Forumsand is about as far from socialism as humanly possible but there's still state-operated healthcare. really makes you think.

With all that money the US spends on military you'd think that the government would at least provide SOME basic health services

Not in Ontario or BC, there's plenty of diversity. I'm not sure about Quebec, I've only passed through once and I can't honestly remember how many black dudes I saw there. But Ontario and BC make up approximately 70% of the population of the country and 99% of the english speaking country. I'm sure alberta and saskatchewan is full of all white areas, considering there's only one family for every thousand square kilometers.

Right wing people have low lQ


because any better alternative is LITERALLY COMMUNISM

Where did this meme come from?

Holla Forums's delusion that all their problems come from the darkies and jews.


it's used by more kosher rightwing-Americans as well though, those who pretend to not oppose social programmes out of ideological purity but 'just the facts' at least

Yet the notoriously ethnically homogeneous Russian Federation has a constitutional right to free healthcare.

The fucks up with UK? Everything's great but their people are still as fucked up as burgers?


Ah. That makes sense actually.

Alcohol + General Lifestyle + [probably] socio-economic factors (low job security, evil unemployment system, no huge cultural interest in families caring for relatives, abysmal economic productivity, etc.) driving people to an early grave.

Is that what he meant by that?

And obesity, never underestimate the amount of damage caused by obesity.

Not very objective categories. Maybe burgers just feel more entitled and answer more pessimistically such subjective questions


nearly 40 years of neoliberalism.

also all the drugs and alcohol lmao

The great majority of burgers want single payer. The idea that it's unpopular is a MSM meme being propagated desperately by insurance companies who want to squeeze as much profit as they can before they inevitably get relegated to the dustbin of history.

[citation needed]
"hmm, do I want to stay alive or do I want to shop around?"
too bad you don't get to make that choice, you die because you don't have the money to afford treatment. I wonder how good the healthcare all those 1st party purchasers in Somalia get, or why government provided healthcare in Canada and Europe have better health outcomes despite paying less.
Say Bob McEwen, you're a member of Congress, isn't your healthcare provided by the government? I'm sure you must not use such trash healthcare, right?

something I found on Holla Forums that I knew would get a rise out of folks

The most "western"ised part of the middle east right now is Kurdistan and its multicultural and socialist. The monocultural places are the big scary muslims you freak out about

The weather brings depression, we drink to feel happy and we take drugs to feel alive.

The cardinal sin of the Amerilard is to give up the dream that one day they too will be amongs the billionaires.

I'm so tired of reactionary burgers opening their class-cucked glory hole mouths to weigh in on European issues like they don't literally live on the other side of a fucking ocean.

You hear that, comrades? Americans can't have free healthcare like the rest of The First World cuz 13% of the population's black.

No niggers = Socialist utopia

actually its because we have freedum, unlike pinko europe

Freedom to go bankrupt paying for type 2 diabetes treatment from eating too many twinkies.

Okay, I get that part.
What. The. Fuck?
I've heard this meme repeated countless times. What the fuck does this have to do with anything? Is this an expansion on the old "okay, so communism works, but only with small groups" """argument"""? They do realise that the difference in scale between the US and Denmark is purely quantitative, right?
Now this is just openly taking the piss.

if Denmark is socialism then I'm not a socialist