White House Now Unironically Believes "Cultural Marxism" Controlling the State

It's not new. In case Holla Forums hasn't seen it…If it has, sage the thread.


Here's the original document,

Did Holla Forums just meme Cultural Marxism into the White House?

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"Cultural Marxism" predates Holla Forums by a decade at least.

Keep memeing it. We need to bring back interest in the Franks.

CIA really does control the adminstration huh
not quite in the way they thought it did but anyway. must have given quite a few chuckles in Langley

Just nuke us plz

i-it's just people cherishing their post-african repetitions, r-right?




Here's to hoping kim pulls through

This is just theater.

This one's from 2003.


This one is from 1992.

I'm ready to die if it means we never spread capitalism into spacel

homo sapiens as a species will never spread past the heliosphere, the distances are too vast. delete this post.

calm down fellow wageslaves its not like were approaching yet another crisis of capitalism or something and the U.S gov has finally decided to stop even pretending to be a democracy…

say it with me:

fuck i posted it twice

Human Extinction Project is the only answer.

That's for sure, but Holla Forums, altright-tards and "rational skeptics" tend to be the ones really pushing the meme on Reddit, fedbook, twitter and youtube. Even though they often like to say "hey, those alt right assholes don't represent my views" and "Hey, those unironic nazis and fascists don't represent my views" and let's not forget, hey, those skeptics and altright cucks don't represent my views" there are many common threads of thought that link one to the next.

forgot shitposting flag. sorry.


Wew lad. Human Extinction Project is codeword for W** G***. The only real answer is Human Voluntary Nuclear Apocalypse Project, to end the cycle of Samsara once and for all.


The "new right" has retreated into a spiral of previously unthinkable post-modernism, they can be nazis but not nazis, fascists but not fascists, obviously racist but then claim they're not racists, etc.

>W G*
What's this mean?

Pull NBC's broadcast license!

i was talking about a funny concept for a book I'm writing, what are you on about?

Capitalism is the one thing currently preventing us from going into space so no problems there, fam.
Porky stopped giving a shit about it when it stopped being a pissing contest with the Soviets, so he'll have every human being who ever lived die on his personal planet sized toiled and have you thank him for it.