Why is antisemitism so frowned upon here?

Why is antisemitism so frowned upon here?

because it's retarded

It isn't really. Israeli involvement in politics is despised, nobody will question you for shitting on the ADL, and joking about Marx's remarks about Jewish niggers goes completely unchallenged.
People here have a problem with lumping in your literally who nobody Jew with the shitbags Holla Forums identifies.

I agree, but I have seen people banned for expressing these views.


Because of confusing the reflection of the moon on the surface of the lake with the moon itself.

Bakunin was spooked as fuck

Because butthurt Jews cannot handle the fact that the most successful socialist worker's party in existence was anti-Semitic.

Can someone post the Lassalle is a jewish nigger poem btw

To add onto the slanderous shit that the OP is implying and trying to trick us into getting involved with: Criticising shithead Jews is not antisemitism, the idea that doing so is is purely a creation borne of the money from Israel.


Oh no, what a shame.

I actually wrote it so I'll just write it up again

I joyously tip my hat
To the movement growing bigger
Everybody type in the chat
Lassalle is a Jewish nigger

It's something like that, I'm pretty drunk so it's a little different but I think in my current state this is my favourite version. The formula is what makes it decent, not the specific wording.

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Judaism is a religion based on idpol. Have you never read the Talmud?

also Willich, the uneducated, four times cuckolded jackass, when we're at it.

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This entire board is an affront to the term politically incorrect.

Bold claim. Source?

Got the original Marx reference?

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Holla Forums is a bunch of old minorities who unironically praise memes. Go draw cartoon characters in your moms basement you fucking faggot

Yes and people who come on here to shill religion are banned, with a few exceptions if they talk about it in an academic fashion or if they tie it into communism (christcommies for example).



Only what the bourgeoisie search engine told me:

Antisemitism and racism are both more or less accepted here as long as they're not political. Being racist is fine, but basing your politics entirely on racism isn't.

Yes, I'm sure these are politically correct positions any politician can have in public.

Uh wait … guys.. isnt.. isreal entirely a jewish state built on the tenants of jewish belief, custom, and society?

I mean it's the promised land, after all, just saying that any criticism of israel is a firect criticism of jewish society directly. It's fundamentally at it's core antisemetic by the very definition. At literally every level it is.

JIDF out

I really should read more marx.

I screenshotted it too, thanks my man



for complete lack of self-awareness and irony

It's quite possible to despise Israel without having anything against individual Jews as long as they aren't assholes, you know.

Fundamentalist Jews have a shit interpretation of their religion. Fundamentalists of any religion tend to be shit theologists.

His point was that right-wing opinions aren't the only socially unacceptable opinions. There's no irony.

Enjoy your ban Holla Forumstard :)

There is irony. Holla Forums is a right-wing hug box where only politically incorrect right-wing garbage is allowed. Leftypol is just the inverse. neither deserve the term associated with them.

Pic related is my opinion on the Jews as a people. As far as Israel is concerned, I don't get why they need a state and why it needs to be a land the majority of Jews haven't inhabited for over 1,000 years


Pic related is pretty much my opinion on the Jews as a people. As far as Israel is concerned, I don't get why they need a state and why it needs to be a land the majority of Jews haven't inhabited for over 1,000 years


If you want to be technical, Israel is an enforced ashkenazic ethnostate, completely enclosed by 25 foot tall, 10 foot deep, 10 foot thick concrete border walls (which America paid for, amusingly enough), with a requirement of DNA testing (or marriage) for immigration. So yes, an inordinately large portion of the Israeli population is what people colloquially refer to as "ethnically Jewish," though there's a difference between a corrupt ethnostate being propped up in the name of Judaism, and actual Judaism. But it's a whole lot of muddy water there, so I won't get into that.

More importantly, as pointed out, while Israel is a giant pile of shit, its people (so-called 'ethnic Jews') aren't necessarily, nor are religious Jews. It's every bit as silly to hate all Jews for the crimes of a government that hides behind Judaism as a shield ('BUT THAT'S ANTI-SEMITIC! SHUT IT DOWN!'), as it is when hardcore feminists assume that half the world's population is in on some giant conspiracy to screw over the other half of the world's population. Idpol in general is just fucking retarded.

Except most of the politically incorrect things on here are facts of nature, and are only PI due to the efforts of the capitalist media.

6 million Jews live in Israel today, not to mention they're at the point where they're a distinct culture and Jewish ethnic divisions are slowly withering (e.g. it's not unusual to find Israelis who are 1/2 Polish and 1/2 Yemenite, or 1/2 Libyan and 1/2 Ukrainian). They aren't going anywhere.

100 million is an understatement.

60 million in the USSR+
70 million in Mao's China+
30 million in Nazi Germany+
5 million in Ethiopia+
6 million in Korea+
4 million in Vietnam+
1 million in the Warsaw Pact+
1.5 million in Afghanistan+
2.5 million in Cambodia+
1 million in Bangladesh+
500k in Angola+
400k in Spain/Catalonia+
300k in Somalia+
100k in Laos+
=over 185 million deaths.

Bold claim. How are the individual numbers broken down? Sources?

I like antisemitism if it's ironic. Kind of like back in the day in Holla Forums of mid 2000s.


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What EXACTLY did he mean by this?

Eh, I really don't, my point is simply that the Israeli government hides behind it. They stick their fingers in everyone else's pie and dismiss criticism with claims of "anti-semitism." My point is, Israel doesn't really give a shit about Judaism either, it's just their shield. Also, I made the distinction just because it's more technically correct to distinguish between "ethnic Jewish" and "religious Jewish," even if there is a massive overlap.


I think we should point out how a lot of prominent figures in banking, finance, academia, and media are Jewish (and probably Zionist too). We should figure out why that is the case, is it cronyism? Certain Jews being well-adapted to climb to elite positions within capitalism? Jews having a really high Autism Level? I don't know, but I think we should investigate.

But flat-out anti-semitism is dumb, reactionary, and racist as shit. Not all Jews are part of some global Zionist conspiracy. I happen to know some Jews and they are just regular ass people. Concluding that because some Jewish people are oppressive douchebags, that all of them are, is no different from some radical Black nationalists concluding the same about white people. In fact black nationalists probably have a better case for hating white people, than (non-Jewish) white people do for hating Jews. (leaving aside the fact that some black nationalists also hate Jews)

wtf i hate jews now




This is literally how the vast majority of the """communist death toll""" is calculated, according to the Black Book of Communism.

And the funny thing is that if you used this discredited methodology on capitalism, you'd get at least twice the number of deaths.

well memed famrade.

No it only counts wars started in the name of spreading communism.

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Lol no, go over Conquest's methodology for yourself if you want it's all bullshit and even stringent anti-commie historians know it is

i think anti-semitism and pandering to jews is equally as bad.

too often people give jews, black people, etc. a "free pass" on being reactionary shit heads "because history" and next thing you know, they're getting away with shit a white person could never dream of.

i am not saying that as Holla Forums either, its just something i've noticed with some people.

I've noticed this can be a problem with some liberals. it's like they are too pussy to call someone out for being an obvious shit head 'because they're black/hispanic/etc', like it's some kind of an excuse.

ok, i worded that poorly. obviously white people HAVE and DO get away with fucked up shit. all the time. no denying that.

What i mean more, is, people are often identified by their skin color far too much when they do something bad.

And, in the case of liberals, they seem to give minorities a "free pass" on stuff like this, because it would upset their voting base.

So what, like four?

Identity politics distracts from class struggle. Might as well bitch about the large concentration of rich Hibernians in America.

pan-Slavic nationalism is progressive and anti-imperialistic.

so what you are saying is both demonising and infantilising minorites and other groups is dehumanising and denying those people human agency and individuality? that racialism, "muh innocent refugees cannot tell rape is bad" and "rapefugees come to destroy Europe" are made out of the same, dumb, reductionist wood? that people are in fact people? that for example gays are as racist or even more so as the general population? that identity politics is trash?
yes, user. you are correct.

Unless it gets rid of Capitalism in all form, it is not actually anti imperialist.